I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop-Chapter 732 - : The Next Step

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Chapter 732: The Next Step

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When he arrived at the room where Lin Hai was arrested, Qin Yuan saw Team Leader Jin leading a group of police officers to the scene.

“Captain Qin, are you alright? Who are these two?”

Team Leader Jin asked with concern.

“This is my friend Weiwei. This is the person who was imprisoned in this underground prison. They seem to be injured. Quickly get the medical staff to come and take a look!”

Qin Yuan said anxiously.

The situation of the two people in front of him was indeed not optimistic.

The other unknown girl was covered in blood. She was wearing a long coat that was also tattered. From her clothes, she looked like a medical worker.

Vivian was also covered in wounds. Not only her limbs, but even her face was covered in blood. It was obvious that she had been tortured inhumanely.

Both of their bodies were extremely weak, and their situation was extremely critical.

Team Leader Jin nodded and immediately called two medical staff over. Two professionals in white coats, masks, and white medical caps immediately ran over.

They opened their pupils and observed them for a while. Then, they roughly checked their external wounds. They turned their heads and said to the few of them,

” They have indeed fainted. According to the preliminary examination, they must have been mentally stimulated and suffered varying degrees of damage to their bodies. However, in general, there are no major injuries.”

“But we have to send him back to the hospital immediately for treatment. Otherwise, it will cause irreparable consequences.” the medical staff added.

“Okay, bring some people and send them back immediately. Just leave a few people here.”

Team Leader Jin instructed.

A tall and older medical staff gave a few instructions to the people around him.

Then, a few medical staff took out stretchers and carefully carried the two girls out.

“Captain Qin, this mission is all thanks to you. All of us have to thank your logistics team.”

Team Leader Jin said to Qin Yuan with a smile.

“This is what I should do.” “It’s our job to eliminate the evils.”

Qin Yuan said humbly.

“I’ll leave the follow-up work here to you. Settle the injured. I’ll go back and explain the work to my colleagues.”

Qin Yuan continued.

Alright, don’t worry, Captain Qin. Leave it to me!”

Team Leader Jin agreed.

Qin Yuan nodded at him and walked out.

His brothers in the company were still waiting for his news.

Although the situation with Vivian was quite serious, he still had to report the completion of the mission to his superiors as soon as possible.

More than ten minutes later, Qin Yuan returned to the logistics company.

Geng Hu, Long Xiaoyun, Liu Ye, and the others were all waiting for him inside.

“Captain Qin is back!”

The people outside saw Qin Yuan’s figure from afar and immediately reported to the leaders inside.

When they heard the news, they all came out to welcome Qin Yuan.

“You’re back!”

Geng Hu laughed.


“You look really relaxed! Your clothes aren’t even dirty!” Geng Hu exclaimed.

“They’re just a few thieves. What’s so difficult to deal with?”

Qin Yuan raised his eyebrows and said.

“But your speed is shocking! He had only been out for less than an hour, and he had already completed the task! You’re really something!” Long Xiaoyun couldn’t help but praise.

Hey, is this the first day you’ve met me? It’s just a routine.”

Qin Yuan smiled.

I’m just here to inform you that I’ve settled the matter. However, Weiwei’s condition hasn’t stabilized yet. I still have to go to the hospital to confirm it so that I can explain it to her father.”

Qin Yuan said seriously.

‘ Alright, I understand. We will take care of the company’s matters. You can go ahead. When you’re done with your work, we’ll have a celebratory feast together and have a good drink!” Geng Hu laughed.

“Alright, I’ll remember that.”

Qin Yuan smiled and left the military camp.

He immediately called Team Leader Jin.

“Team Leader Jin, how are Weiwei and the others?”

Hey, Captain Qin, they haven’t woken up yet, but the doctor said that their condition has improved.”

Team Leader Jin’s tone was gentler.

” Alright, he’s in that hospital. I’ll go over and take a look.”

Qin Yuan said.

” The First Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army.” “Okay, I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Qin Yuan put down the phone and immediately rushed over.

After all, Wei Wei was a very important friend of his. He had to make sure that she was well taken care of so that he could be at ease and give Elder Huang an explanation.

More than ten minutes later, Qin Yuan arrived at the hospital.

He went upstairs and came to Wei Wei’s ward.

He went in and saw that Vivian was on an IV drip. Her mental state was much better than before, but she was still unconscious. Qin Yuan slowly walked over and carefully asked the nurse beside him, “Is she better? How long will it take for him to wake up?”

The nurse saw that Qin Yuan was dressed in a military uniform and was different from the ordinary soldiers under Team Leader Jin. She knew that he was also a famous figure in the army.

He said to Qin Yuan seriously,

“They suffered both physical and mental torture. The main reason is that the mental trauma is more serious, which is why they haven’t woken up for so long. ” freewe(b)novel

‘ Compared to physical treatment, he needs the care and help of his family and friends more. Only then can he make up for the mental damage.”

“Okay, thank you for your advice.”

Qin Yuan nodded at the nurse and thanked her..

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