I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop-Chapter 733 - : The Next Step

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Chapter 733: The Next Step

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He came to the bed and called Vivian’s name. Vivian was lying quietly on the bed with a calm expression. There was an IV tube in her hand and she did not respond.

Qin Yuan’s expression was solemn. Then, he walked to the side and asked Team Leader Jin,

“Have you found out the other woman’s personal information?”

“She doesn’t have any identification on her. From her clothes, she looks like a medical staff from the research institute. She probably had some dispute or conflict with Lin Hai and was plotted against by Lin Hai. I’ve already sent people to the research institute to continue investigating.”

Team Leader Jin said seriously.

“Yes, thank you.”

Qin Yuan replied.

“The people from the research institute have all been arrested and brought to justice. They will be punished to varying degrees.”

“We will also interrogate Lin Hai as soon as possible. We will investigate all the information he knows.’

Team Leader Jin continued.

“Yes, I’ll have to trouble you with these things. I still have to discuss the next step of the work plan with my team members.”

“This matter has come to an end. Our logistics company’s work has basically ended. It has been hard on all of you for your support and cooperation.” Qin Yuan thanked him.

“Don’t worry, the main credit this time is still yours, Captain Qin! Without your bravery, we probably wouldn’t have been able to successfully take down this matter for half a year. We have to thank you!” “Leave the rest to the police station!”

Team Leader Jin said gratefully.

“Oh, right! We’ll hold a celebration party tonight. I wonder if Captain Qin and the brothers from the logistics company have time to come and have a meal together?”

Team Leader Jin sounded sincere. It seemed like he really wanted to get to know his brothers from the logistics company.

Although Qin Yuan rarely participated in such dinner events, the other party was also a police officer here after all. He could be considered a colleague and had a certain common topic with him. Moreover, his attitude was very sincere and sincere. He had no reason to refuse.

“Alright, I’ll go back and inform them. Let’s go over tonight.”

Qin Yuan agreed readily.

‘ Alright, there aren’t many good restaurants in the small county. Let’s have a gathering at the farmer’s restaurant next to our bureau in the county tonight!”


After bidding farewell to Team Leader Jin, Qin Yuan returned to the company. Seeing that Qin Yuan had returned, Geng Hu, He Chenguang, and the others were very happy.

“Captain Qin! You’ve made a great contribution this time!”

He Chenguang, who had not seen Qin Yuan before, revealed a happy expression.

“I didn’t expect to barge into the enemy’s lair alone and wipe out the enemy’s camp by myself! You’re really something! ”

As he spoke, He Chenguang patted Qin Yuan’s shoulder in admiration.

“They’re all just a bunch of mobs. There’s nothing difficult about it.” Qin Yuan raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“You’ve set a good example for our brothers in the company this time! The higher-ups will definitely praise you!”

Sigh, we brothers are in the military. We don’t covet glory and wealth. It’s enough as long as we have a few close brothers who can live happily and punish evil for the motherland!”

Qin Yuan smiled.

These were his true thoughts. After all, who would go to the military for money?

“Well, you’re still the one with the correct style! Be it civil or military, they are the best role models for our company!”

“That’s right! From the first day I joined the logistics company, Captain Qin

Yuan has been our good role model and idol!”

The few soldiers standing guard outside also felt great respect for Qin Yuan from the bottom of their hearts.

‘ Alright, alright. Save it, all of you. Spending your energy on training is better than anything else.”

Qin Yuan smiled. freewebn ovel.c om

Qin Yuan gathered all the soldiers in the army.

In the conference room.

“Tonight, Team Leader Jin is holding a banquet in the county to celebrate the success of this incident. He invited us all over. How is it? Are you all free tonight?”

Qin Yuan stated Patriarch Jin’s request.

“Captain Qin, do you think it’s okay? If we can, we’ll go over! After all, he invited us warmly, so we’ll listen to him!”

“That’s right! Captain Qin is our captain. We should obey his arrangements unconditionally!”

The comrades below said one after another.

I’m your leader, but eating is a personal matter. It has nothing to do with the army. It’s your own choice. I don’t have the responsibility or obligation to ask you to make any choice.”

Qin Yuan smiled.

“I don’t care! Anyway, we’ll follow Captain Qin! Follow the leader, there’s good food to eat!”

The warriors below were all in high spirits. When they heard that there was going to be a feast, they were very excited. “Okay, let’s gather at the restaurant over there at 7:30 pm! Don’t be late!”

Qin Yuan made an appointment with everyone.


After everyone dispersed.

Only Long Xiaoyun, Geng Hu, Liu Ye, and He Chenguang were left behind.

The reason why Qin Yuan asked them to stay was to discuss the next step of the logistics company’s operation.

The few of them sat on the chairs.

Long Xiaoyun spoke first.

“We originally planned to start the autumn conscription plan after this operation is completed. If everything goes well, we’ll start conscription in two days. What do you think?”

“I think it’s fine. It’s the season for the school’s graduates to graduate. It’s the best time to recruit soldiers at this time. It can also replenish the army with fresh blood. After all, our logistics company hasn’t had any new blood in two years.”

Geng Hu agreed.

“Yes, there’s no problem with this plan.” freew ebnov el

Liu Ye added.

“But there’s one more thing that needs to be dealt with first. Captain Hongyi of the 808th Brigade has also made an appointment with our company. He wants to talk to Captain Qin Yuan. This matter has been on the agenda for many days. I hope Captain Qin can take it seriously.”

In fact, Qin Yuan had always been thinking about Captain Hong Yi. After all, he had met him once before. In Qin Yuan’s eyes, he was also a rare military talent. The two of them hit it off and appreciated each other. This time, Qin Yuan had to go no matter what.

After thinking for a moment, Qin Yuan slowly said,

“How about this? We’ll deal with these two matters separately.”

“Long Xiaoyun and I will go receive Captain Hongyi.”

“Geng Hu, Liu Ye, He Chenguang, you guys go and prepare for the recruitment.”

“How is it?”

When everyone heard this, they lowered their heads and thought for a while.

The few people present were all Qin Yuan’s trusted friends and good comrades. Their ability to do things had all been recognized by Qin Yuan, so Qin Yuan could not be more assured to leave this matter to them. “I don’t think there’s a problem with this suggestion.” Long Xiaoyun was the first to raise her hand in agreement.

“I also think that this matter is feasible.”

He Chenguang agreed.

Seeing that half of the people agreed with this point of view, the remaining two people were too embarrassed to refuse.

They all agreed.

“Alright, it’s decided then. We’ll split up and contact each other if there’s anything.”

Qin Yuan said.


The few of them agreed.

In the evening, everyone was invited to a small tavern in the county. They ate and drank, spending a happy and unforgettable night.

This was very rare in military life.

After all, as a soldier, their daily life was usually filled with training and drills. This kind of life was very rare.

The next day, because the incident in the sea of trees had just ended, the logistics company planned to rest up for a few more days.

Therefore, Qin Yuan had nothing to do that day.

In the morning, he got up as usual. After running and eating breakfast, he patrolled the training ground. The soldiers were still training hard as usual. Qin Yuan nodded in satisfaction.

At this moment, his phone rang.

Qin Yuan picked it up and saw that it was from Team Leader Jin in the county.

“Hello, Team Leader Jin?”

“Hey! Captain Qin! Good news! Miss Wei Wei is awake!”

Team Leader Jin’s excited voice came from the other end.

“Come over quickly! She has something to tell you!”

“Good! I’ll go over now!”

Qin Yuan immediately replied..

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