illicit relationship-Chapter 1675 Unexpected Incident

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Chapter 1675  Unexpected Incident

Li Family House, Living Room.

As the full moon illuminated the dark night, a gorgeous lady sat alone in the living room while reading some documents.

That lady was so beautiful to the point that any man would call her an angel if she wore fake wings on her back.

Her gaze could captivate men's hearts, while her smile could make any man fall in love with her.

Anyone who saw her would praise her beauty continuously because she did not look like a human being but an angel or goddess.

The name of this gorgeous lady was Li Mei, a genius businesswoman from the Li family.

Li Mei was currently reading some documents about Xiao Tian.


She was not in love with him.

She read documents about him because she wanted to make up her mind whether she would use him or not.

Her actions would determine the future of the Li family, so she couldn't act recklessly. That was why she read the documents about him because she wanted to know more about him.

"It seems like his father is protecting him from shadow." She could not get all information about Xiao Tian, so she believed his father was protecting him from the shadow.

'He is genius in martial arts and business. Even though he is the Xiao family's enemy, but he is close with the Qing family.'

Li Mei put the document on the table and touched her chin.

'This is a big gamble.'

She knew it was a big gamble to choose Xiao Tian because the Xiao family would be unhappy if they saw her with Xiao Tian, especially Xiao Jianhong.

'But there are three advantages. First, Xiao Tian can help my family. Second, the Xiao family will focus on Xiao Tian. And last, I can take advantage of the situation when they fight each other.'

Even though the Li family looked like they had a good relationship with the Xiao family, but it was only on the surface.

They always monitored each other every day because both of them wanted to be the king of China.

'Alright. I will use Xiao Tian.'

After thinking carefully, she decided to use Xiao Tian.

When the attention of the Xiao family was focused on Xiao Tian, she could prepare something to destroy the Xiao family.

With this, the Li family would become the King family in China.

'I will meet him tomorrow.'

With that idea in mind, she headed to her room and slept.


The following morning, Li Mei invited Yun Xin Er and Xiao Tian to have lunch with her. At first, she only wanted to invite Xiao Tian, but she changed her mind.

She did not want Xiao Tian to realize everything, so she decided to invite Yun Xin Er too.

During lunch, Li Mei baited Yun Xin Er to talk about business.

Yun Xin Er took the bait.

Yun Xin Er began to ask whether her company was doing well or not.

As Li Mei was answering Yun Xin Er's question, she baited Yun Xin Er again.

If previously she baited Yun Xin Er to talk about business, this time, she baited Yun Xin Er into suggesting she cooperate with Xiao Tian in some business.

Like before, her plan went smoothly.

Yun Xin Er always said what she wanted as if she could control Yun Xin Er.

Of course, she felt bad for using Yun Xin Er.

However, she had no other choice but to do that because she wanted to make the Li family the king of China.

And she did not hurt Yun Xin Er, so it could not be said she did something bad to Yun Xin Er because she only baited Yun Xin Er to say what she wanted, nothing more than that.

After having lunch together, Li Mei went to her company, while Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er went to the Shanghai River to enjoy themselves.


The following day, Xiao Tian met Zhao Sheng at a bar. To his surprise, he met Li Mei right after Zhao Sheng left the bar.

The duo then headed to a private room to chat and drink. At first, they only talked about business, but everything changed when they were drunk.

They kissed passionately in a private room!

Not only that, but Xiao Tian also squeezed her big breasts as they kissed hungrily.

At that time, they looked like a couple who did adult things in a private room because Li Mei let him do whatever he wanted.

She even played with his penis through his trousers.

After doing adult things for several minutes, they decided to leave the bar and go to the Li family hotel because they could not control themselves anymore.

And like what normally happened in this situation, the duo had sex after stepping into their room.

Of course, they had drunken sex.

This was the reason why Xiao Tian and Li Mei could not control themselves because they were hammered when they did it.


The following morning, Xiao Tian woke up first. His body was much better than that of an ordinary person, so he was sober first.

"My head hurts!" He touched his head when he felt pain in his head.

'Hmm? Where am I?'

He was shocked when he found out that he was in a luxurious bedroom.

'Who brought me into this room? Did I call someone last night?'

He believed he was at a bar last night, not in a hotel.


The expression of deep shock blossomed on his face when he was about to get out of bed.

The reason for his shock was simple.

He saw Li Mei sleeping on his left side!

'Lady Li Mei?! What is this? Why is she sleeping with me? Why are we in the same room?'

Countless questions appeared in his mind.


He immediately looked at his body.

The corner of his lips twitched when he found out that he was naked.

'Don't tell me…'

He suddenly suspected that he had drunken sex with Li Mei last night.

'Let me confirm it.'

With that idea in mind, he pulled up the blanket covering Li Mei's body.

'She is naked too.'

He let out a deep sigh after finding out that Li Mei was naked like him.

'It seems like we really had drunken sex last night.'

Li Mei was naked, so he believed they had sex last night.

'But how did we end up like this?'

He tried to recall everything, but he could not remember anything He immediately shook his head.

'No, no. I'm not a coward. I won't do something cowardly like that.'

because he was blackout drunk last night.

'How should I explain this later?'

They had only known each other for less than a week, so this was an awkward situation, especially when he remembered that Li Mei was Yun Xin Er's best friend.

"Should I leave now?'

He immediately shook his head.

'No, no. I'm not a coward. I won't do something cowardly like that.'

As Xiao Tian was thinking about what to say to her later, Li Mei woke up.

"My head hurts!" she immediately touched her head after sitting up.

Li Mei still did not realize that she was naked.


She was shocked when she saw Xiao Tian sitting naked on her right side.

"Xiao Tian?" Li Mei said in surprise.