I'm Leveling Up Too Quickly-Chapter 161 - : A Better Distance (1)

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Chapter 161: A Better Distance (1)

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The number was about three times that of the other party!

Its mass was also about three times that of the original!

When the two were combined, the power of Zhu Wuyang’s Dao Beginning True Qi was about ten times that of an immortal cultivator of the same level. In other words, an immortal cultivator of the same level had to use ten times more True Qi than Zhu Wuyang to defeat a wisp of Zhu Wuyang’s True Qi.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for Zhu Wuyang not to be powerful.

The reason why he could surpass his peers to this extent was naturally because of the blessing of entering the Dao with martial arts. Secondly, it was the benefits brought by the Dao Beginning Jade Book. Thirdly, it was the advantage of a flawless Dao foundation.

The combination of all kinds of advantages created Zhu Wuyang’s strength and combat power that far exceeded those of the same level. The two could not be mentioned in the same breath.

Cultivators of the same cultivation level were basically trash in front of Zhu Wuyang.

The surging strange power was still rolling over. Zhu Wuwan circulated the Dao Beginning Jade Book with all his strength and continuously absorbed these strange powers. The Dao Beginning True Qi quickly expanded to the limit of the fifth level of the Qi Refinement realm.

Zhu Wanwan paused for a while to refine and improve the sixth immortal meridian. After confirming that it could absorb more and stronger Primordial Dao True Qi, he began to break through the bottleneck.


Along with the sound of a bottleneck being broken through, Zhu Wuwan’s strength crossed a realm and advanced to a new stage. The Primordial Dao True Qi also expanded to a radius of 600 meters at this moment.

The sixth level of the Aura Refining realm!

As long as he could break through the last realm of the middle stage of the Qi Refinement realm, it meant that Zhu Wanwan had stepped into the late stage of the Qi Refinement realm, which was equivalent to being an immortal cultivator on the same level as Zhu Wanzi.

Zhu Wanzi had spent more than a hundred years to cultivate to the ninth qi layer with great difficulty. However, Zhu Wanwan had used only about a month to break through the bottleneck of the first qi layer and step into the sixth qi layer.

If Zhu Wanzi knew about this, he wondered what she would think.

However, even though Zhu Wanzi lied about how it took her several years to reach this level, she was still extremely ashamed. When she was seventeen years old, she was still at the second qi layer.

Compared to Zhu Wuwan, it was not just ten times or a hundred times worse. The two were not on the same level at all. Moreover, Zhu Wuwan was an immortal cultivator who entered the path through martial arts. The difficulty was ten times or a hundred times higher than ordinary immortal cultivators.

“Congratulations to the host for breaking through to the sixth level of the Qi Refinement realm for the first time in his life. You have received 30 breakthrough stones ?”

After reaching the sixth qi layer, he had gained a total of 30 breakthrough stones. 15 breakthrough stones were forcefully poured into Zhu Wuwan’s strength, which was enough for Zhu Wuwan to stabilize his strength at the sixth qi layer and advance a little.

Under the effect of the purer and stronger Dao Beginning True Qi, Zhu Wuyan’s skin, muscles, bones, and organs…After obtaining a deeper level of tempering and improvement, he became even more powerful.

At the same time, it could also slow down Zhu Wuyan’s metabolism, and naturally, she would have a longer lifespan.

A meditational cultivator could generally live to more than 150 years old, close to 200 years old. However, that could only happen after reaching the great circle of the meditational level.

However, although Zhu Wuan was only a cultivator at the sixth layer of the Aura Refining realm, with his physical fitness, it should not be a problem for him to live to two hundred years old.

Not to mention anything else, just this point alone was far better than when Zhu Wuyang was on Earth.

Although Zhu Wanwan was a fitness expert on Earth, she could at most live to be close to a hundred years old. How could she compare to now?

The lower dantian was also nourished and improved by the Primordial Dao True Qi, becoming stronger and able to accommodate more Primordial Dao True Qi, making Zhu Wuwan’s reserve warehouse even more abundant.

After absorbing all the breakthrough stones and stabilizing his strength at the sixth level of the Aura Refining realm, Zhu Wuwan’s overall strength had increased by at least two times compared to before the breakthrough.

With his current strength, he could easily suppress ordinary cultivators of the seventh qi layer and fight enemies of an entire realm.

If he added the advantages of various immortal martial arts techniques and spells, Zhu Wuyan was even confident that he could fight against immortal cultivators at the eighth or even ninth qi layer.

At the very least, a cultivator at the ninth qi layer could not kill Zhu Wuyan, but it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens for Zhu Wuyan to kill him.

With the resources and wealth of the Nine Zhao Country, the most they could do was to raise Zhu Wuyang’s strength to the sixth layer of the Aura Refining realm. Zhu Wuyang had basically come to all the projects that could earn a large amount of breakthrough stones.

As for the remaining special projects that he hadn’t done, the breakthrough stones that each of them could bring Zhu Wuyan were too few. It was far from what Zhu Wuyan had gained from going to Myriad Insect Valley’s Hundred Poisons Sect.

Moreover, the Nine Zhao Nation did not have any higher-level cultivation techniques or spells. It was extremely difficult for Zhu Wuwan to improve the immortal martial cultivation techniques she had mastered. There were only some very common spells in the Jade Book of Dao Beginning (upper part), and its main content was still cultivation techniques.

Although Zhu Wanzi was able to teach Zhu Wanwan some spells and the like, the number was extremely limited. Zhu Wanzi could easily learn them all.

If he wanted to continue learning and improving, he would have to go to the Hundred Poisons Sect.

After discovering that Jiu Zhao Country was no longer of much value, Zhu Wuwan began to consider the arrangements after she left.

At this moment, the thing that concerned Zhu Wuyang the most was naturally the two hundred or so concubines he had after transmigrating. If Zhu Wuyang left, he would definitely have to abdicate.

The person who would replace him had to be able to protect his concubines. Zhu Wuwan carefully selected a princess to succeed him and let her succeed the throne of the Nine Zhao Country after he left.

This woman had a gentle and magnanimous personality and was not a bloodthirsty person. She was able to protect the Nine Zhao Country and take good care of the concubines.

Moreover, as long as Zhu Wuyan was alive, no one in Jiu Zhao Country would dare to touch his concubines. Otherwise, who could face Zhu Wuyan’s anger?

This princess had also helped Zhu Wuyang a few times when he was down and out. Although it was just a little effort, it was enough to show her character.

After arranging his concubines, Zhu Wuwan arranged for the original owner’s mother’s family. These people were good to the original owner and were not people who fawned over power. Zhu Wuwan gave them a piece of land so that they could become Taiping Junwang in the future.

There were also some people in the royal family who were slightly worthy of his trust. Zhu Wuyang also made different arrangements. Repaying kindness and revenge was Zhu Wuyang’s usual style.

After arranging everything, another half a month passed. On a sunny morning, Zhu Wanwan quietly followed Zhu Wanzi and left the Imperial Palace and Moon Capital, rushing towards Ten Thousand Insect Valley, which was ten thousand miles away.

When they walked out of the Moon Capital and looked at the shining Moon Capital under the sun, Zhu Wuwan felt a little emotional and could not help but sigh softly.

He hoped that he would be able to obtain what he wanted in this trip to the Hundred Poisons Sect. However, why did he feel that Zhu Wanzi’s words were unreliable? Was it just because of the flag?