I'm Leveling Up Too Quickly-Chapter 162 - : An Unauspicious Premonition (1)

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Chapter 162: An Unauspicious Premonition (1)

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Although Zhu Wuyang didn’t have a good impression of this majestic ancient capital, after all, ever since she transmigrated here, she had no choice but to hide in her bedroom most of the time, and her life was in danger at any time.

However, Zhu Wuyang still felt a lot of reluctance to leave suddenly. She could not bear to part with those beautiful women who could topple countries, could not bear to part with those strange courtiers, and could not bear to part with the feeling of having power in her hands…

However, Zhu Wuan also knew that this bit of power was nothing compared to the power he had. As long as his power was strong enough, he could control unimaginable power and wealth.

Therefore, Zhu Wuyan knew what to choose. She had heard too much about the principle of a hero’s tomb being in a gentle place in her previous life.

However, in his previous life on Earth, he could only listen. No one would say such things to Zhu Wuwan in his previous life. She was just an ordinary citizen. How could she be gentle? As for the Hero Tomb…Who are you laughing at?

“After staying in the Moon Capital for so long, are you still a little reluctant to leave suddenly?” Zhu Wanzi couldn’t help but say, “” If you can’t bear to, you can stay for a while longer. The path of immortal cultivation is better than doing as you please. That way, it’s easier to comprehend. ”

Looking at Zhu Wanzi’s expectant gaze, Zhu Wuwan shook his head. “” No need, I’ve already done what I needed to do. There’s no point in staying any longer. Let’s go to Myriad Insect Valley and Hundred Poisons Sect. ”

“This is good too.” Zhu Wanzi’s words carried a hint of disappointment. To be honest, she sincerely hoped that Zhu Wanwan would stay for a while longer, even if it would make her suffer for a while longer.

However, as long as Zhu Wanhao could gain another epiphany, he might be able to break through to the late-stage of the Qi Refinement realm. A seventeen-year-old prodigy at the late-stage of the Qi Refinement realm, and one who had entered the Dao through martial arts, one could imagine what kind of commotion it would cause when he brought her to the Hundred Poisons Sect.

As the third great aunt who had dug out Zhu Wanwan, Zhu Wanzi was bound to receive a huge reward. Compared to these rewards, there was no harm in staying in the mortal world for a while longer.

Thinking back to a month ago, Zhu Wanzi was still eager for Zhu Wuyan to leave as soon as possible. However, it had only been a month, and Zhu Wanzi’s thoughts had taken a drastic turn.

With their speed, it only took them a few days to leave the Nine Zhao Country and enter another secular dynasty.

This secular dynasty did not belong to the Hundred Poisons Sect, but this was not a big deal. With their strength, no one in this dynasty could threaten them.

Along the way, Zhu Wanzi even brought Zhu Wanwan to visit the immortal cultivators guarding this secular dynasty. The other party’s strength was only at the sixth qi layer, which was the normal strength of the immortal cultivators guarding the dynasty. It was rare for a late-qi layer big shot like Zhu Wanzi to guard the secular dynasty.

As they got closer to Ten Thousand Insect Valley, Zhu Wanzi started to talk more.

” My dear grandnephew, when you reach the Hundred Poisons Sect in the Ten Thousand Insect Valley, you must show your talent as much as possible. Only then can you get more resources from the ancestor and the family, whether it is the spiritual pills needed for daily cultivation, the immortal cultivation methods and secret techniques that can be comprehended, the living environment ??You will be far superior to ordinary Immortal Cultivators, and the two cannot be mentioned in the same breath. In this way, you will be able to step into the shackles of the meditational level as soon as possible and advance to the Foundation Establishment stage, gaining nearly three hundred years of lifespan.”

” I’ll repeat it once more. Once you’re in the Hundred Poisons Sect, you don’t have to worry about being targeted because of your talent. Our Zhu Clan hates people like this the most. As for the other Zhen Clan and neutral cultivation powers, they don’t dare to deal with the prodigies of our Zhu Clan either. Therefore, you just have to show your strength to the fullest. Only then will you receive better treatment. ”

” If you’re not arrogant, you’d be wasting your youth. There’s no need to be so low-key. The Hundred Poisons Sect isn’t the Zhu royal family, and our ancestor isn’t that idiot, Zhu Zhenwu. No one will target you because of your extraordinary talent. All you need to do is to show off to your heart’s content. Only then will you be able to obtain enough cultivation resources. ”

Although he was quite moved by Zhu Wanzi’s earnest teachings, Zhu Wuan was not a one-track-minded youth who was easily hot-blooded. Having lived two lives, he had a mature understanding of the world. Whether it was his worldview or values, he was not inferior to any adult.

Therefore, Zhu Wuyan was well aware of the principle that an innocent man’s possession of a treasure would cause him to be punished. Even if the Zhu family was harmonious internally, Zhu Wuyan would not reveal all of her natural talent. In fact, she would only reveal a fraction of it, or even a tenth of it.

Moreover, Zhu Wanhao still hadn’t stopped cultivating the Concealed Immortal Mustard. During this period of time, he had comprehended and fused a few concealment spells, making the power of the Concealed Dragon Mustard even stronger.

Zhu Wanhao was even confident that he could use the Concealed Immortal Mustard to fool Foundation Establishment cultivators, and the chances of success were extremely high.

After all, if he didn’t have any scruples, Zhu Wuyan’s cultivation progress would be too astonishing. Zhu Wuyan couldn’t always explain it with epiphanies, right? If he had too many epiphanies, it would also arouse suspicion, especially those high-level immortal cultivators.

Therefore, Zhu Wuyang had to hide her strength. At most, she would not have to deliberately suppress the growth of her strength in the future, just like how she did in the Crown Prince Palace.

However, to be honest, although Zhu Wuwan had been deliberately suppressing the growth of her strength in the Crown Prince Palace, under various coincidences and special encounters, not only did Zhu Wuwan not suppress the sudden increase in her strength, but she also earned breakthrough points several times faster than usual.

This was a classic case of overreaching oneself. However, when one looked back after becoming invincible in the Innate Realm, they would realize that the so-called suppression of strength was actually a coincidence.

The mysteries of the world’s fate were truly breathtaking. Zhu Wuyang did not expect such a thing to happen.

Zhu Wanzi’s teaching continued. She explained the situation of the Hundred Poisons Sect and the various rules to Zhu Wuyang in detail so that Zhu Wuyang could be mentally prepared in advance so that she could better integrate into the Hundred Poisons Sect.

Occasionally, Zhu Wanwan would ask him about things that he was interested in. Zhu Wanzi would basically explain these things to him. Unless it was related to the secrets of the Hundred Poisons Sect, Zhu Wanzi would not speak carelessly. She treated Zhu Wanwan very well.

Time passed quickly and they were getting closer and closer to Ten Thousand Insect Valley.

” Good grandnephew, remember what your great-aunt told you. We will be able to enter the Hundred Poisons Sect in an hour. I will bring you to see the Great Elder. I have already sent your information to the Hundred Poisons Sect in advance. Everyone is waiting for you to return. ” Zhu Wanzi couldn’t help but remind Zhu Wuyang again, “” When we meet the Great Elder, we should try our best to show off ourselves. Only then can we receive better treatment. ”

Flag again!

Zhu Wuyang had an ominous premonition!