Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor-Chapter 907 Tribulation's Secret

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Chapter 907 Tribulation's Secret

(Unedited Chapter)


Wang Wei clenched his fist, feeling the power surging in his veins.

His strength did not change much, but he felt complete,

unbothered, and unrestrained.

After proving the Dao, people who cultivate as Qi Refiners and Body

Refiners are an anomaly or a paradox. Great Emperors are

essentially Conceptual Creature, their bodies composed of the very

concept they cultivate.

Although their flesh and blood appeared the same as ordinary

people, they were not. However, body refiners are flesh and blood

creatures; it's just their flesh has reached an unprecedented level.

As someone who walked both paths, Wang Wei is both a flesh and

blood creature and a conceptual life form. This paradox previously

had a subtle influence on his body. However, after the tribulation,

everything was solved.

His concepts were not deeply fused with his flesh, forming a

perfect balance. The concept and flesh now work together in

harmony, granting him the advantage of both while also removing

some of the flaws of the others.

Wang Wei exhaled deeply as clothes appeared on his body.

"Why do I feel this test was weird?" After experiencing this

tribulation, he had a feeling that there were some secrets as to why

it was in such a manner.

So, he took a moment to gather his thoughts and deduce the truth;

the answer did not elude him for long.

'The Old Gods,' thought Wang Wei, thinking about his experience of

meeting Cthulhu during the Cleanup. 'In most iterations of the Old

Gods' myth, people will lose their sanity after meeting them. The

spiritual aspect of this test seemed targeted to resist their influence

in the mind.

'Furthermore, in some iterations, people will mutate into

abominable creatures. Could Grand Dao have designed this test to

resist the influence of the Old Gods?'

As he continued this line of thought, many ideas popped into Wang

Wei's mind.

'According to my theory, Body Refining was the first cultivation

path of the universe that led directly to the Paragon Realm. If

Cthulhu appeared during that era, it's understandable why Grand

Dao would change the test to fight against the Elder God's power.'

Suddenly, Wang Wei felt he had come close to the truth. He could

predict the chains of events. The body refining path prospered,

Cthulhu appeared, Grand Dao changed the tribulation to deal with

his problem, and finally, Cthulhu was sealed, and the test remained

in the present.

'Could Cthulhu be why the first Gate is missing? Or does that

involve something else?'

Wang Wei did not have an answer yet as there were too many

possibilities for this answer, and he lacked too much information.

'Let's not focus on this for now. The truly valuable information from

this deduction is where Cthulhu originated from. It's obviously not

a creature originating from this Chaos Universe – unless it escapes

from the Prehistoric World.

'So, there could be only one answer – from Hongmeng.'

This deduction validated one of Wang Wei's most important

theories–there are other Chaos Universes. After achieving

transcendence, a cultivator can escape the Chaos Universe and

enter Hongmeng.

In Hongmeng, there are other Chaos Universes and other

cultivators, even creatures who might be born there.

Cthulhu was one of these creatures, but it accidentally discovered

this Chaos Universe and took a look. However, the result was its

defeat and eventual sealing.

'No, things are not so simple. If the myths about the Old Gods are

true, Cthulhu is not this weak and should not be captured so easily.

So, the fact it sufferers such a fate can mean three things:

'First, this Chaos Universe is one of the best, so the power ceiling is

terribly high. However, this theory does not hold up. No matter how

high its power, can it compare to a transcendent creature?'

Wang Wei shook his head; based on the information he knew, he

felt it was impossible for Grand Dao and all the universe's citizens

to deal with a transcendent.

'The second possibility is that this universe has cultivated a

transcendent, thus considering its home part of their territory. So,

after Cthulhu broke through this Chaos Universe, another

Transcendent dealt with it.'

Wang Wei felt this theory had more substance for multiple reasons.

The first is the parameters he attributed to Transcendence. Once a

cultivator reaches that step, they should have truly achieved

immortality and eternity, meaning nothing can kill them.

However, sealing them might be different. After all, there should be

a difference between each Transcendent. So, in a battle where no

one could kill their opponent, sealing and humiliating them might

be how to dictate the victor and deal with contradictions.

Wang Wei did not think Transcendents were enlightened beings

who were above mortal desires and influences. He's sure many are

as such, but many others also achieved transcendence to be able to

do what their hearts desire.

With these two opposite mindsets, he did not doubt there would be

conflicts in Hongmeng – even with the default setting that none of

them could die.

Another reason supporting his theory was the Ultimate Taboo. He

had long realized this event involved achieving Transcendence.

However, without anyone achieving transcendence, how could

such a thing appear in the universe?

Of course, there is also the possibility that Grand Dao deduced a

path to transcendence without achieving it. Then, it used the event

to elevate the power ceiling of the world by allowing these methods

to flow out of the world.

Wang Wei's intuition told him the event of the Ultimate Taboo

involved both this Chaos Universe's past transcendence and Grand

Dao's scheme. His ancestor, Qiyuan, either took advantage of the

situation to open a path of transcendence for all sentient beings in

the Chaos Universe or Grand Dao used him as a pawn.

Things could also be more complicated, and he willingly became a

pawn just to see the way forward. After all, many of these pinnacle

Paragons who have not moved a single step forward were willing to

die just to know the possibility that there was a path forward.

To these people, death was nothing; the truly scary thing was

knowing there was no way forward.

The third explanation for the fate of Cthulhu is that it was a clone.

According to myths, the Old Gods have infinite clones. Some of the

well-known Old Gods are nothing more than the clone of another,

more powerful Old God, forming a weird chain.

The captured Cthulhu in this Chaos Universe might be one of the

infinite weakened clones of the real Cthulhu, who scattered his

essence throughout Hongmeng, hunting for Chaos Universe to

conquer and destroy.

'This theory is the one most likely to be true,' thought Wang Wei.

'However, if that's true, this world is truly a dangerous place.'

Wang Wei's own theory scared him. He was nothing but a little

Emperor. Although he almost reached the battle prowess of an

Empyrean, such a fact did not make much of a difference.

He was nothing but an ant before a Paragon, and Paragons are ants

before Half-Step Transcendence, who are ants before people on

the level of the Six Cardinals. But even the Cardinals are not at the

level of Grand Dao.

But can Grand Dao deal with a transcendent being like the Old

Gods? The evidence does not show it could. After all, despite being

sealed, Cthulhu could still influence the universe by creating

followers or places like the Abyss Gap.

More evidence of this conclusion is the fact that Grand Dao did not

exile the sealed Cthulhu back to Hongmeng. The logical thing to do

is get rid of such a hot potato, but Grand Dao did not do this, which

showed it was not confident in hiding its world coordinates from

Cthulhu's main body.

So, it sealed the clone with the hope the latter would just ignore it

and no longer intervene. Such a line of thought also indicated that

the transcendence from this Chaos Universe might not be on the

same level as Cthulhu.

'Damn it, being too smart is not a good thing,' cussed Wang Wei,

controlling his mind to not get out of control; he hated nothing

more in this world when things were completely out of his control,

and he was powerless to do anything about it.

Unfortunately, he was worse than the ant in a confrontation on the

level of Transcendence.

'There is no need to scare myself. Who knows how long this

Cthulhu's clone has been sealed, and the Chaos Universe is still fine.

So, the situation is not as bad as I imagine. I only need to continue

walking forward until I can become a true chess player.'

He used his immense Dao Heart to calm down, preparing for the

long journey ahead of him. Furthermore, his current deduction

might be extremely crucial for him in the future.

After all, he might have discovered the mystery of the 13 Taboos of

this world; such information is extremely valuable, whether he uses

it for himself or trades with some interested people.

'Alright, let's cultivate. Only true strength can make me feel


Wang Wei exhaled deeply as he continued his retreat.