Let’s Divorce As Agreed-Chapter 392 - : Their Relationship Exposed

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Chapter 392: Their Relationship Exposed

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These people all sat on their moral high horses and criticized Shu Pan without realizing that they were just following someone’s lead to hurt her. They had no clue what was happening at all.

“Why would the CEO like a woman like her? She looks okay and has a good figure but no matter how good-looking she is, she can’t compare to a supermodel, right? I guess men are just greedy for novelty. He’s just playing her and may dump her soon.”

Somehow, there was a hint of jealousy in their words.

It was exactly why MO Lan was so upset. How was she worse than Shu Pan? Why did the CEO only have eyes for Shu Pan whenever they met?

That was the reason she was jealous. Her external attributes were clearly superior to Shu Pan’s but the CEO never looked at her.

Shu Pan heard the crowd’s criticisms. Although she felt sad, words couldn’t physically harm her.

But she was more concerned about Gu Shaoting’s opinion. She wondered what he would think if he saw such a video.

Just as Shu Pan was lost in her thoughts, someone suddenly jeered, “Director Wang, this is someone from your department, right? Do you want to weigh in on this?”

Director Wang stood up as everyone expected and said, “Actually, everyone knows the kind of person Shu Pan is. She does very good work. As for her private life, that’s her business. Moreover, this kind of video doesn’t prove anything. ”

Director Wang didn’t want to get involved at all. He knew that the CEO and Shu Pan had some kind of relationship. It was obviously something serious when the CEO called in sick on Shu Pan’s behalf.

He wasn’t sure if they were in a relationship, so he couldn’t say anything. However, what he said clearly defended Shu Pan.

As soon as he finished speaking, MO Lan complained, “Director, you’re too biased.’

Her words were filled with deep resentment. novelbuddy.co(m)

Everyone knew that the director had reprimanded MO Lan when her boyfriend’s wife came to find trouble with her at the office.

And now, the director just brushed it off when Shu Pan was accused of seducing the CEO. novelbuddy.c om

Wouldn’t the staff be lawless in the future? What code of conduct would exist then?

“Your situation is different from Shu Pan’s.” Director Wang frowned. MO Lan was having an affair with a married man and ruining the company’s reputation. Also, was Shu Pan’s involvement with the CEO something he could comment on? He wasn’t bold enough to do that.

MO Lan was so angry that her face turned red. Ultimately, the director favored Shu Pan over her.

But on second thought, she figured that Shu Pan would probably leave Sunrise after such a fiasco. Everyone at the office would gossip about her after this scandal. Her only way out was to leave.

A male colleague who was once interested in Shu Pan also shook his head in disappointment. It was as if he was lamenting his disappointment at Shu Pan when he worshipped her like a goddess.

Shu Pan stood there quietly with an indifferent expression on her face.

MO Lan, on the other hand, was staring at Shu Pan. Although she was angry at Director Wang’s favoritism, she couldn’t help but smile when she thought about Shu Pan’s fate.

It was as if it was her turn now to watch the spectacle.

Like how the others were watching Shu Pan’s show now.

“Shu Pan…” Tang Wei looked at Shu Pan worriedly and gently tugged at her sleeve. “I know it’s not true. There must be another explanation.” “Thank you for your trust.” Shu Pan replied with a helpless smile..

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