Let’s Divorce As Agreed-Chapter 393 - : Slander

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Chapter 393: Slander

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But did the truth matter anymore?

Some stories were untrue to begin with, and when people spread them around, they got increasingly ridiculous. Eventually, who could tell if they were true or false?

But Shu Pan had to deal with this head-on eventually. She took a deep breath and gently patted Tang Wei’s hand to tell her not to worry. Then, she straightened her back. With her head held high and her chest puffed out, she walked toward the big screen in her high heels.

She had a small smile on her face as she looked around the ballroom.

As she expected, everyone had gloating expressions on their faces as they watched her humiliation.

Their eyes were filled with contempt and disdain, as if she was really the shameless homewrecker.

She steadied herself before she said in a firm tone, “I know very well who was behind this today. I will take legal action against this person for defamation.”

“You have the cheek to call this defamation? It’s the truth and we’ve seen the evidence. You still want to quibble?” Someone in the crowd said. novelbuddy.c om

Shu Pan was standing quite far away from the voice, so she couldn’t tell who it was, but she saw MO Lan looking at her with a half-smile.

Shu Pan then replied calmly, “Then let’s wait and see if I win the defamation suit. ”

As Shu Pan was looking at MO Lan when she said this, MO Lan finally opened her mouth. “You’re such a shameless b*tch. How dare you say such things?”

Shu Pan already knew that MO Lan was capable of defamation, but she didn’t have any evidence. However, she wasn’t about to take it sitting down. f(r)eewebn(o)vel.com

“I have a clear conscience about the kind of person I am, but everyone here also knows the kind of person you are. Let’s not confuse our characters.”

Shu Pan felt that MO Lan’s personality was really warped to be able to distort the truth like that.

Just as Shu Pan was about to speak again, someone in the crowd suddenly shouted, “A woman like you should resign and leave so you don’t embarrass yourself anymore.”

Everyone treated Shu Pan with so little respect because they felt that even if she was in a relationship with the CEO, she was probably just another plaything that would be tossed when the CEO got bored.

Because if the CEO had admitted that Shu Pan was his girlfriend, she would probably be showing off to everyone and doing whatever she liked. After all, being the CEO’s woman was a privilege; she wouldn’t be sneaking around like this.

Another person then said, “Should we inform the CEO about this? After all, this involves the CEO’s private life too.”

Shu Pan couldn’t help but shudder when she heard this. In her mind, she was thinking how Gu Shaoting would react when he found out about this.

At this thought, Shu Pan felt a little resentful towards him. After all, he was the culprit.

If he hadn’t called her into his office, would this have happened?

Shu Pan suddenly felt a little wronged, but she still puffed out her chest and said fiercely, “It’s fine as long as you can bear the consequences.”

She then walked back to her table. When she walked past MO Lan, MO Lan lowered her voice and said proudly, “Shu Pan, I told you that I won’t let you have it easy no matter the price.”

MO Lan smiled smugly. Her smile hurt Shu Pan deeply. Why must MO Lan mess up her life?

What right did she have?

Shu Pan glared at her, then raised her hand and swung it at MO Lan.


The slap was very loud, and everyone was stunned. Obviously, no one expected the usually elegant and refined Shu Pan to slap someone.

The ballroom fell silent; no one made a sound..

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