Leveling Up Alone-Chapter 296 – Second Dimension Earth (1)

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Chapter 296 – Second Dimension Earth (1)



Han-Yeol was so surprised by the sudden turn of events that he released the Death Snake raid party member he had been choking.




The Death Snake raid party members lay strewn on the ground, shivering after their bodies had been frozen.


“W-Why… is it so cold…?”

Han-Yeol didn't even bother using Cold Chain on them, as the mana released by Frozen Field was more than enough to freeze them. Now, he was doing what he did best, which was beating the living daylights out of his enemies.

Unfortunately, his fun was short-lived due to a strange phenomenon happening in the sky that distracted him, giving his prey time to escape from his clutches.


The Death Snake raid party members crawled with whatever strength remained in their bodies to get away from Han-Yeol.

‘I need to escape from here!’

‘R-Run! That’s the only way I will survive this…!’

Han-Yeol refrained from killing the Death Snake raid party members, and he made no attempt to do so. Nevertheless, they trembled in fear, deeply apprehensive for their lives, even though none of them had perished.

This reaction was only natural, as humans tended to respond this way when confronted with overwhelming violent power.

Despite their fleeing, Han-Yeol paid them no heed. Instead, he remained focused on the peculiar phenomenon unfolding directly above the statue of King Sejong in Gwanghwamun Square.

‘T-That is…!’

He was taken aback to discover a familiar trace of mana.

“D-Dimensional rift?!”

“In the middle of the city?!”


“Run for your lives!”

People panicked and fled for their lives upon recognizing the strange phenomenon as a dimensional rift. They realized that the only kind of event that occurred in this manner were dimensional rifts, and there was nothing else in this world capable of creating such a phenomenon.

However, Han-Yeol had a different perspective.

‘That’s not a normal dimensional rift!’

The type of mana emitted by the phenomenon was entirely distinct from the mana released by a dimensional rift that unleashed monsters into the world.

‘Damn it! What’s going on?!’

Whoosh! Thud!

Han-Yeol propelled himself from the stage and leaped toward the location of the strange phenomenon. Upon arrival, he promptly employed his skills.

‘Demon Eyes!’

[I will start analyzing it, Han-Yeol-nim.]

‘I’ll leave it to you, Karvis!’

Considering this as an emergency, he entrusted the analysis to Karvis and extended his hand to employ Psychokinesis.


The police commissioner, who had been standing in bewilderment, was drawn toward Han-Yeol's hand.


Han-Yeol seized him by the collar and said, "Hey."


“What the hell are you doing right now? Get a grip! You need to evacuate the civilians and call the Hunters, right?!”

“A-Ah… I… I understand!”

Seuk… Thud!

Han-Yeol released the police commissioner only after he had received a response. The police commissioner adjusted his hat and hurried to his vehicle to report the situation.



The crowd began to panic.

“What are you guys doing?! We are the police! We need to maintain order in times like this!”

“Yes, sir!”

The police commissioner completed his report and organized the police forces to take action.

“Please evacuate in an orderly manner!”

“Please do not run and maintain order!”

“You could get hurt if you fall down!”

“Please maintain order!”

While everyone around him was occupied, Han-Yeol grimaced and examined the strange phenomenon. It seemed more like he was engaged in a mental battle against the mana emitted by the peculiar occurrence.

He was visibly troubled by the sight of the strange phenomenon.

‘It’s not possible… That’s not possible…’

He detected a familiar mana emanating from the phenomenon, and he was certain about the identity of that mana.

‘We still have a few months left before thirty years are up!’

That mana was unmistakably from the Bastro Dimension.

Some might question how he could discern this through mana, but that was only because they were unaware that all mana had subtle distinctions. This contrast was even more pronounced between Earth and the Bastro Dimension, as their mana possessed distinct characteristics.

The mana from the Bastro Dimension had a wholly distinct sensation compared to Earth's mana.

Han-Yeol bit his lips and thought, ‘Just what in the world is going on right now…?!’


The mana began to grow denser, casting a shadow over Han-Yeol's countenance.

Whoosh… Bam!

“Han-Yeol!” Tayarana rushed over to him after realizing the severity of the situation.


“What’s going on?”

“I’m not sure, but if I were to make a guess then… This must be a dimensional gate leading to the Bastro Dimension that Yulia was talking about.”

“A dimensional gate?!”

Tayarana was shocked by his revelation. Initially, when this phenomenon first began, she thought a dimensional rift was forming and presumed it was probably just a large rift based on its distinctive characteristics.

“But I thought dimensional gates no longer appeared on Earth?” she inquired.

It was widely known that dimensional gates ceased to manifest after the Transdimensional Space Association helped humans subdue the monsters from these gates and sealed them within the hunting grounds. So, the sudden mention of a dimensional gate was surprising.

Tayarana couldn't conceal her astonishment. Noticing her abrupt change in expression, Han-Yeol clarified, “Ah, it's not a normal dimensional gate. It's a dimensional gate leading to the Bastro Dimension, which is a parallel dimension. Hmm… You can think of it as a pathway to another dimension.”

“I see…”

Tayarana had some familiarity with the concept, as one of the Egyptian elders, a member of the International Hunters’ Association, had lectured her about it for hours during her younger years. Earth was scheduled to enter the second dimension after the thirty-year grace period provided by the Transdimensional Space Association came to an end, which would allow for interdimensional trade. However, Tayarana had one question.

“But is the thirty years already over?”

“No, we still have five months left.”

“I see…”


Tayarana unsheathed her sword and muttered, “Then that must be a suspicious dimensional gate.”

“Yeah, I think so.”

Shiiing…! Chwak!

Just as she had suspected, the dimensional gate was indeed suspicious.

Han-Yeol unsheathed his sword and readied his chain. Regardless of what might emerge from the dimensional gate, Tayarana and Han-Yeol stood as the first line of defense against them. They were right in the heart of Seoul, and being overrun by monsters would put the ten million population of the city in grave danger.

Whoosh! Bam!


The dimensional gate began to rampage, and both Han-Yeol and Tayarana couldn't help but nervously gulp at the sight.

‘I’ll stop anything that steps out from that dimensional gate…!’ Tayarana steeled her resolve and pulled down her visors.

The dimensional gate started releasing an enormous amount of mana, causing the ground to shake. Then, as if an earthquake was happening, the ground trembled, and suddenly, everything fell into silence as if nothing had occurred.


“It's open!”

The dimensional gate swung wide.

‘Alright! Bring it on!’


The sound of thousands, no, millions of footsteps emanated from within the dimensional gate.


Both Tayarana and Han-Yeol prepared to confront whatever might emerge from the dimensional gate.

“They’re coming!” Han-Yeol exclaimed.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Something leaped out from the dimensional gate, but Han-Yeol was stunned upon seeing what it was. He couldn't react or attack; he simply stood dumbfounded in place.


[Kill everything in this place! Kyaong! Kill!]

Han-Yeol was quite familiar with the creatures that emerged from the dimensional gate.

‘Riru?! Kandir?! Versel?!’

They were the loyal subordinates of Han-Yeol when he lived as Harkan in the Bastro Dimension, and they served as his three generals during his reign as the dimensional lord.

It was no surprise that the one that caught his eye was none other than Riru. Her fur was still as pink as he remembered, and she remained as beautiful as ever.


The Bastrolings that emerged from the dimensional gate charged toward Han-Yeol.

“Han-Yeol!” Tayarana shouted.

However, Han-Yeol was too distracted as his eyes met with Riru's.


He had to employ his sword against Riru; there was no alternative. The Bastrolings were charging toward him with lethal intent, and failing to halt them would result in human casualties.

Ironically, the entire situation was a series of shocking turns of events.

The murderous intent in Riru's eyes vanished the moment her gaze met Han-Yeol's, and she came to a halt. She was leading the Bastrolings, so it was natural that the rest behind her would stop as well.

[Riru-nim, what is the matter?]


Riru completely disregarded her subordinates and remained fixed in her spot. Then, large teardrops began to form in her eyes.

‘H-Huh…?’ Han-Yeol was taken aback by what was happening.

It was then.



Riru pushed off the ground and rushed toward Han-Yeol.

“Han-Yeol!” Tayarana screamed as she attempted to shield him.

Not understanding the language of the Bastro Dimension, she assumed that Riru was trying to attack Han-Yeol.

[Not so fast, kid!]

Kandir suddenly materialized and intercepted Tayarana's sword with his ax.



It was only a single exchange, but Tayarana could feel the impact of Kandir’s immense mana, which resonated all the way to her brain.

[I will be your opponent!]


Clang! Clang!

A series of blows were exchanged right after.

[Hahaha! You’re quite skilled with the sword for a greenhorn from a new dimension!]

Kandir was as enthusiastic as ever. Being in battle excited him more than anything, and he unleashed a flurry of attacks that gradually cornered Tayarana.

Meanwhile, Riru clung to Han-Yeol, crying profusely.

[Harkan…! Harkan! Where have you been all this time? I missed you, Harkan!]

‘H-How…? I’m not Harkan right now… I’m Lee Han-Yeol… but how did she…?’ Han-Yeol was completely stunned.

He might have spent twenty years of his life as Harkan, but he was not Harkan. He was merely a 'visitor' who 'borrowed' Harkan's body during the twenty years he spent there.

‘Is she mistaking me for Harkan because of something…? But that’s not possible?’

Yulia might be powerful, but she wasn't powerful enough to expel a soul from a creature's body and replace it with someone else's.

In the end, Han-Yeol found himself hugging Riru, completely unaware of what was going on. Or, it was more accurate to say that Han-Yeol was being held against his will.

The Bastrolings were at least twice the height of humans, and Riru was a Lycanthrope, which was considered quite large among the Bastrolings.

[H-Hey, Riru…?]

[Y… Yes, Harkan?]

[Can you stop Kandir?]


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