Leveling Up Alone-Chapter 297 – Second Dimension Earth (2)

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Chapter 297 – Second Dimension Earth (2)

Riru looked in the direction that Han-Yeol was pointing.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

[Bwahaha! Let me have more fun with you, kid!]

Kandir was thrilled to face an opponent capable of blocking his ax, and this excitement drove him to attack even harder.


On the other hand, Tayarana activated all of her items and fought with all her strength. Her competitive spirit wouldn't allow her to back down upon observing how relaxed her opponent was.

[Hmm? Why don't we just let them be?]


[It's been a long time since Kandir had fun like that. He hasn't been able to let loose while chasing down the hyenas.]

[Oh... I see. N-No, wait, Riru.]

[Y-Yes, Harkan?]

[No, I am not Harkan… Never mind, what do you mean by chasing down the hyenas?]


Riru was jolted back to reality by Han-Yeol's words. She had embraced him upon seeing his eyes, initially mistaking him for Harkan. However, she soon realized that his current appearance bore no resemblance to Harkan; instead, he looked like the creatures from the dimension that had recently crossed into the second dimension.

[Harkan... I think we have a lot to discuss.]

[Well, I agree with you on that one.]

Both of them gazed at each other with a troubled look.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

[Bwahaha! Show me more, kid!]

On the other hand, Kandir was thoroughly enjoying himself. He had accumulated a great deal of stress from chasing hyenas around and not being able to fight to his heart's content.


Tayarana felt ashamed, not only because she was currently losing to her opponent but also because she knew that her opponent was deliberately holding back, which added to her humiliation.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

[Hohoho! You're quite skilled, but it's time for you to make a journey to the afterlife!]


Kandir readied one of his ultimate skills, gathering mana into his heart before explosively releasing it.


Tayarana abruptly sensed imminent danger from the overwhelming mana her opponent was emitting, realizing that survival was unlikely.


[Farewell, nameless creature!]


Kandir unleashed 'Halving Slash,' one of his three ultimate skills.

Bastrolings possessed various abilities and skills, just like humans did. Lycanthropes had the unique ability to gather an immense amount of mana within their bodies before releasing it at their target. Kandir's skill, 'Halving Slash,' almost guaranteed that he would bisect enemies weaker than himself.


Tayarana had an instinctive understanding that she couldn't defend against the attack from this otherworldly creature. Being caught completely off guard only increased her certainty of impending death.

It was then.




Kandir's ax halted just millimeters away from Tayarana's neck, thanks to Riru's command. To human observers, it might have appeared as if he had stopped at the last second, but Bastrolings possessed superior reaction times and physical abilities, enabling them to instantly halt their actions when necessary.


Nevertheless, Kandir expressed his displeasure at being deprived of his excitement by growling out of frustration.

[That is enough, Kandir.]

[But Riru-nim! Our objective is to conquer this new dimension and eliminate those wretched hyenas to avenge Harkan-nim!]

The Bastrolings appeared to be in pursuit of the hyenas, forcing their passage to Earth in their pursuit. During this process, three sorcerers perished while trying to pry open the dimensional gate to Earth.

The task of breaching the dimensional gate was believed to be impossible, as Earth had not fully matured. Infiltrating it would have been unfeasible if not for the relic left behind by their Dimension Lord. The barrier dividing the dimensions was not easily penetrable, requiring considerable effort on Han-Yeol's part and a treasure he obtained from the ruins of an ancient god to create the relic.

The Bastrolings resolved to force their way to Earth, recognizing that even for them, complete conquest would be challenging if Earth had the chance to mature fully.

[No, we have discovered hope in this place.]

[Pardon me, Riru-nim...?]

Kandir tilted his head in confusion, unable to comprehend Riru's words, and the human in her embrace appeared equally bewildered.


In the end, Han-Yeol could only manage an awkward laugh.


The situation naturally resolved itself, but this was only evident to Han-Yeol. A colossal dimensional gate materialized in the heart of Seoul's Gwanghwamun Square. This was already surprising to many, as it was widely believed that dimensional gates would no longer manifest. What shocked them even more was the defeat of Tayarana, considered one of the strongest humans, at the hands of the creature that emerged from the dimensional gate. It went without saying that her defeat was captured by the cameras.

[Do the gods have something against our country?]

[What are those monsters?]

[Monsters? Aliens? What are they?]

Fortunately, the cameras failed to capture Riru and Han-Yeol as they were concealed behind a large billboard.

Regrettably, the government's deployment of Hunters to quell the protesters became a minor concern in the wake of the dimensional gate's appearance. This event posed a significant threat to the survival of humanity once again. Consequently, the government breathed a sigh of relief and chose to downplay the matter with the protesters. They then declared a nationwide emergency and prepared to confront the monsters emerging from the new dimensional gate.

Although the dimensional gate had appeared in Seoul, it didn't take long for the news to spread globally. Nearby countries such as China, Japan, Russia, and Taiwan reported the event extensively, and even South Korea's ally, the United States, broadcast live news about the situation.


Videos of the new dimensional gate began circulating on video streaming sites.

[A gigantic dimensional gate has appeared in South Korea! What does this mean for the country?]

[A strange occurrence in South Korea! What does the future hold for them?]

[The gate that appeared in South Korea! Is this the end for the country?]

Different countries had varied reactions to the news, but Japan significantly benefited from the emergence of the dimensional gate in South Korea. While they were still grappling with internal conflicts and turmoil, their government managed to gain a much-needed respite by diverting the public's attention to the dimensional gate. Additionally, Japanese Hunters were known to become particularly enthusiastic whenever new hunting grounds and monsters were mentioned.

While many countries were still considering their options, Japan was already taking action. They dispatched a diplomat to the Blue House in South Korea for discussions on the matter.


The Bastrolings who emerged from the dimensional gate were escorted by Han-Yeol to his mansion, as it was the only place where they could rest without being disturbed by others.

[You can rest here.]

[Yes, Riru-nim!]

Han-Yeol glanced at the Bastrolings and thought, 'Oh? It's not just the Bastrolings that are here?' There were approximately five hundred Bastrolings that had crossed the dimensional gate, a small number compared to the Bastro Dimension's glory days when he ruled as Harkan. To make matters more challenging, half of the Bastrolings were not warriors but ordinary citizens.

"H-Han-Yeol...? W-What are these creatures?"

Han-Yeol's father was shocked to see the beast-like creatures roaming around the mansion.

"Ah... Hmm... They are not monsters but my guests from far away, or something like that," Han-Yeol replied.

"W-What? Guests?"

His father was completely taken aback by the response. He had many questions but sensed that there was no point in asking, as Han-Yeol didn't seem in the mood to provide answers.

"A-Alright, take care, Han-Yeol..."

"Yes, father. Please don't worry about it and go get some rest. I'm sure you're quite tired from running your business these days."

"Y-Yeah, I will..."

In the end, his father had no other option but to return inside. Han-Yeol watched him go and thought, 'I'm sorry, father. I don't want to lie to you, and I'm sure you won't believe what I'd say. I'll keep this complicated situation to myself for now.'

He realized that sharing the truth with his father would only cause more worry.

[Come here, Riru.]

[Yes, Harkan!]

Whoosh… Whoosh… Whoosh… Whoosh…

Riru ran over to Han-Yeol, her tail wagging.

‘Hahaha… This is quite awkward…’ he thought while sweating profusely.



Because Kandir was currently glaring and growling at him. He was only behaving this way because Riru had instructed him to, but he made it quite obvious that he was displeased with the entire situation.

'Why is she referring to that human kid as Harkan-nim?!'


‘H-Hey, you might end up mauling someone with your eyes.’

[Oh right, Harkan.]


[What is this dimension’s name?]


[Yes, we can't keep referring to the creatures here as nameless creatures, can we? I'm certain this dimension has a name, just like our Bastro Dimension does.]

[Ah, Earth.]



[Then Earthlings?]


Han-Yeol barely managed to suppress his laughter.

[W-Why? What's wrong, Harkan?] Riru asked, appearing flustered.

On the other hand, Kandir trembled with anger upon witnessing the insignificant creature insulting his current master, Riru. However, he could do nothing but exercise remarkable self-control to restrain himself, as Riru had not yet given any command.


'I'm going to kill you the moment Riru-nim gives the command...!'


Kandir's killing intent pricked at Han-Yeol's back.

'Hey... You still haven't fixed that bad temper of yours, Kandir...' Han-Yeol thought, feeling the palpable bloodlust behind him.

He was aware of how volatile Kandir's temper could be, and the current bloodlust was less intense than when he was Harkan. Nevertheless, it didn't bother him, as he couldn't help but feel relieved to see Kandir unchanged.

'Well, it's not as if I can approach him first right now...'

[Ah, it's just that you referred to us as Earthlings, right?]


[Earthlings is an outdated term. We now use the term 'humans' to describe the race that dominates this dimension.]


[Yeah, humans.]

[I see… Then, are you a human too, Harkan?]

[Yes, that’s right.]

[Hmm… I see…]

Riru gazed directly into Han-Yeol's eyes, and he found her unwavering stare quite burdensome. This aspect of her had not changed even when he was in Harkan's body.

After providing the Bastrolings with a place to rest, Han-Yeol invited Riru and Kandir to his house.


Tayarana was, of course, with him, but she remained silent, sulking. Right behind her was her trusted aide, Mariam.


Han-Yeol settled into his comfortable luxury sofa, and Riru sat down beside him, clinging to him.


[It’s been a long time since I saw you, Harkan. I want to stay like this until I get used to having you around.]


Han-Yeol nervously stole a glance at Kandir, who still appeared visibly upset. However, Kandir refrained from taking any action as his loyalty to Riru remained steadfast.


Of course, this didn't mean he refrained from expressing his anger further by snorting loudly.

[But Riru…]

[Yes, Harkan?]

[How did you know I was Harkan?] Han-Yeol asked.


Kandir flinched at the question, and his ears perked up, showing his curiosity.

[Hmm... Your eyes?]

[My eyes?]

Han-Yeol was a bit puzzled by her response. What did she mean by his eyes?

‘W-What nonsense is that…?’

[Hehe... I'm sure it sounds like nonsense to you, right?] Riru said while awkwardly scratching her head, finding her own words rather absurd. Then she added, [Hmm... I'm just mentioning this, but...]


[Actually, I already knew you were not the real Harkan even before.]



Han-Yeol was shocked by Riru's revelation, but Kandir appeared even more taken aback.

[Since when?]

[Hmm... I had a hunch at first, but... Oh, right, the first time you entered Harkan's body was in the forest before the tournament, wasn't it?]


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