Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again-Chapter 2242 - Do You Know That Tianyi Wants to Send Xinyao Out of the Country?

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2242 Do You Know That Tianyi Wants to Send Xinyao Out of the Country?
At this moment, she looked up and saw an additional person in the living room. Her mouth opened in shock and she said, “B-Bright Gate…”

However, Ye Wangchuan only glanced at her from the corner of his eye, as if he did not care about her. He walked to the fridge, opened the door, and took out a bottle of water.

Opening it, he took a sip and looked at Mother Xie as if he had just seen her. He raised his eyebrows, his handsome face indifferent, and asked in a playful tone, “What are you doing here?”

Madam Xie felt as if someone was choking her, and she could not say a word.

She knew that Qiao Nian knew the people from Bright Gate, but she did not expect the two of them to be living together!


Apart from being surprised, she also had a strange feeling. She seemed to understand something when she thought of the girl’s overly eye-catching appearance.

Could it be that Qiao Nian relied on her looks to get close to Bright Gate’s young boss?

What about Feng Yu?

Why was Feng Yu always defending her?

A trace of disdain and disgust flashed across Madam Xie’s eyes, but she did not dare to show it. She only lowered her head slightly and thought about how to resolve the awkward situation.

At this moment, Gu San called Qiao Nian outside her room.

“Miss Qiao, your friend came to look for you. She’s waiting for you downstairs.”

The girl seemed to have just woken up. She put on her sweater. As she did not plan to go out, she did not wear a cap, revealing her fair and exquisite face.

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes and followed Gu San downstairs. She was a little surprised. “My friend?”

“That’s right.” Gu San still did not know Mother Xie’s identity. He thought that she was a friend Qiao Nian had made in the independent continent like Zhou Zhou and the others. He said happily, “She said that she’s your friend and came to look for you.”

Qiao Nian did not need him to finish speaking. She had already seen Mother Xie standing up silently in the living room. Only coldness and surliness could be seen in her dark eyes.

She did not blame Gu San. Instead, she walked over with no change in expression and asked concisely, “Why are you here?”

Ye Wangchuan did not expect her to come down so quickly. He looked at Mother Xie again, and the killing intent in his eyes intensified.

Mother Xie could feel his gaze. She forced herself to approach her and said politely, “Nian Nian, why didn’t you answer my call? I’ve called you several times in the past two days, but I couldn’t get through.”

Qiao Nian walked past her and walked straight to the sofa. She sat down and said lazily, interrupting the sense of familiarity the other party was trying to fake, “Oh, I’ve blacklisted you.”

Mother Xie’s well-maintained face immediately turned red. After a while, she pinched her palm and forced herself to say, “You don’t have to be like this. We’re all family. I don’t have any ill intentions…”

No matter how slow Gu San was, he still realized that something was wrong.
He seemed to have made a mistake.

Gu San was no longer as polite as before. With a straight face, he stood quietly behind Qiao Nian and looked down at Mother Xie with an unfriendly expression.

Impatient, Qiao Nian looked at her directly. “Why are you here? If you have something to say, just say it. If there’s nothing, I don’t have time to host you.”

She still patiently exchanged a few words with Mother Xie only because of Xie Tingyun and Nan Tianyi.

Otherwise, she might not even do that.

Mother Xie took a deep breath and forced a fake smile on her face, then forced herself to say, “You, have you heard that Tianyi is going to send Xinyao overseas?”