Martial Peak-Chapter 5996: Defeat

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Chapter 5996: Defeat

The Azure Dragon Spear was given to Yang Kai by Ah Da when he was still living in the Star Boundary. In other words, the spear had accompanied him for thousands of years, during which they experienced numerous battles and slaughtered countless enemies together.

As the spear was an artifact refined from the body of a Divine, its Grade was so high that it was practically unmatched. Be that as it may, Mo had managed to cause a crack to appear in such an amazing spear. It was easy to imagine the intensity of this battle; after all, even the body of a Divine Dragon could not withstand the force of Mo’s attacks.

After the first crack appeared on the spear, a second and third crack quickly followed. It did not take long before the entire body of the spear was covered in fine cracks. The spear was on the verge of shattering to pieces.

When Mo noticed the cracks on the spear, a hint of mockery appeared in his eyes and his attacks became fiercer and fiercer.

Yang Kai suppressed the reluctance in his heart and summoned his Dao Strengths with all his might; then, he thrust out with his spear. As soon as the violent forces collided with each other, the impact caused his body to freeze for a moment. The spear that had accompanied him for thousands of years simultaneously shattered into a million pieces in his hand.

Mo had been waiting for this very opportunity. When the Azure Dragon Spear shattered to pieces, he jumped forward and punched Yang Kai. This punch was meant to become the deciding factor of this battle. He strongly believed that Yang Kai would be forced to avoid his blows after losing his weapon. If that was the case, then he could steadily press forward and gain complete control over the flow of the battle until Yang Kai became powerless to fight back.

Contrary to expectations though, Yang Kai did not retreat from the blow even after the Azure Dragon Spear shattered to pieces. The Space-Time River, which was originally wrapped around the body of the spear, seemed to have gained spirituality and clung tightly to his arms. Facing Mo’s attack directly, Yang Kai threw a punch in Mo’s direction.

The Dao Strengths fluctuated violently.

At the moment when both forces collided with each other, a powerful impact manifested as a visible halo of light centred around the two opponents flashed. The halo of light swiftly spread out in all directions. Everywhere the light passed, space shattered and collapsed. It was quickly followed by the appearance of numerous enormous Void Cracks…

The Ninth-Order Masters who had arrived at the periphery of the battlefield turned pale with fright. Faced with the approaching fallout of the battle, they quickly summoned their strength to defend themselves against the impact. Nevertheless, they were still sent flying.

They, who were no longer at their peak strength, were instantly thrown into disarray by the impact. Luckily, the two Giant Spirit Gods stood in front of them and bore the brunt of the shockwave. It was only thanks to the protection of Ah Da and Ah Er that there were no casualties.

Once the effects of the aftermath passed, they couldn’t help looking slightly flustered and bitter.

They originally came here intending to help Yang Kai. Halfway into the journey, the allied Army was forced to stop at a distance and discontinue their forward march because the troops could not withstand the overwhelming pressure of the battle.

At this moment, they were horrified to discover that even Ninth-Order Masters like themselves could not approach the battlefield. They would be torn apart by the aftermath of such powerful attacks. As things stood, the only ones who could be depended upon were the two Giant Spirit Gods, Ah Da and Ah Er…

Mi Jing Lun looked up at the two behemoths and instantly realised that the two Giant Spirit Gods could not be counted on either. The survivors were exhausted after the arduous battle. Even Ah Da and Ah Er were no exception. While the two Giant Spirit Gods managed to resist the shockwave just now, they were still pushed back significantly by the impact.

Under these circumstances, it was impossible for any of them to intervene in the battle. They would only be a burden for Yang Kai if they recklessly charged forward. Mi Jing Lun was abruptly struck by a saddening realization. The only thing they could do after coming here was to witness the unique battle with their own eyes. That was an unimaginably heartbreaking truth.

When the aftermath fully dissipated, everyone looked towards the battlefield from behind Ah Da and Ah Er. The scene that greeted them made their hearts tighten with fear. Yang Kai was steadily being pushed back, seemingly at a complete disadvantage. Compared to an ancient entity like Mo, Yang Kai’s heritage was simply too shallow. The slightest negligence or careless mistake could become fatal.

“Waste!” During the battle, Mo suddenly yelled in frustration.

Yang Kai flew backwards like an arrow released from the bowstring following a vicious strike. The Space-Time River wrapped around his arm suddenly emerged behind him and he fell into the river, diffusing some of the impacts from the blow. It did not take long before he stepped out of the river once more. His complexion was pale, and a trickle of blood dripped from the corners of his mouth.

Mo did not pursue Yang Kai. He simply stared coldly and calmly stated, “My offer from before still stands. Give up your futile resistance and hand over Mu’s inheritance. I guarantee that the Human Race will have a place to live in the future!”

Yang Kai turned his head to the side and spat out a mouthful of blood. Then, he grinned wickedly, “Kill me, then you can deal with the Human Race as you please!”

Mo closed his eyes gently. When he opened them once more, his murderous intent overflowed. He did not bother to speak again, and his figure abruptly vanished from where he was standing. By the time he reappeared again, he was already standing in front of Yang Kai. The sudden disappearance and reappearance were not a trick of Space Principles; rather, his speed had simply reached such an extreme.

Yang Kai did not seem surprised by these movements. With a backward grab, the Space-Time River that was originally flowing behind him transformed into a whip and appeared in his hand. The long whip then lashed out towards Mo.

Mo frowned slightly but did not dodge aside, he simply threw a punch instead.

The punch struck Yang Kai squarely in the head. The blow made his head arch backwards, and his skull seemed to crack from the impact. He was immediately drenched in blood; nevertheless, the long whip wrapped around Mo…

Standing so close to each other, the blood-drenched Yang Kai grinned at Mo, “I finally caught you!”

He seemed to have been waiting for this moment. After he finished speaking, he gave the long whip in his hand a sharp flick. The Space-Time River manifested once more, and the raging currents instantly engulfed the two figures.

Before their figures vanished from view, the Masters standing in the distance vaguely heard Mo’s mocking voice sounding in their ears, “Since you’re so eager to die, I will fulfil your wishes!”

Afterwards, the Space-Time River that stretched out into the void suddenly boiled and bubbled violently. Meanwhile, the Grand Dao Strengths trembled agitatedly. These were the results of the battle between Yang Kai and Mo in the Space-Time River.

The Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters couldn’t help being extremely nervous at the sight.

The Space-Time River was the condensed crystallization of Yang Kai’s 10,000 Grand Daos. Even if fighting in the Space-Time River would give him a considerable advantage over his opponent, that was not enough to overcome the fact that Mo’s cultivation was in a higher Realm than his.

Besides, the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had seen the previous battle with their own eyes. Under Mo’s powerful offensive, Yang Kai could only parry and defend at most; he had no strength to fight back whatsoever. That was the result of the undeniable gap in their strengths. Rashly dragging his enemy into the Space-Time River was both an opportunity and a danger. If he failed to defeat Mo in the Space-Time River, then he would not be able to guarantee his own safety in the Space-Time River.

The churning of the river waters became increasingly turbulent. Waves rose and fell, splashing around fiercely. At the same time, countless Dao Strengths appeared and disappeared mysteriously. Although the Ninth-Order Masters could not see the ongoing battle, they could deduce that Yang Kai was at a disadvantage just by looking at the changes in the Space-Time River.

The situation lasted for several days. The Ninth-Order Masters were about to rush forward to help when the churning river suddenly turned calm. With their hearts in their throats, they watched the Space-Time River intently. They knew that the outcome of the battle had been decided.

Mi Jing Lun immediately sent a transmission to his companions, ordering them to be ready for action at any time.

A figure suddenly stepped out of the river… To their horror, the figure that stepped out turned out to be not one but two figures. Mo held Yang Kai by the head, dragging him with one hand. Yang Kai hung limply from Mo’s grasp as though every bone in his body had been broken.