Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion-Chapter 1251 - Leaving the City, Breaking the Refinement Immortal Array (3)

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1251 Leaving the City, Breaking the Refinement Immortal Array (3)
This was a commonly used method in the Divine Realm.

While the fiend and demon races could stealthily leave the city, the Immortal Burial City remained heavily guarded, and they rarely ventured beyond its walls to investigate.

Currently, there was very little information that Han Muye could provide.

“From the looks of it, this Zhenyuan World might not have been completely taken over by the God Clan.”

Han Muye’s eyes shone.

Previously, when he wanted to engage Spirit Sword, Golden Immortal, and others in a major endeavor, he needed a substantial bait. Looking at it now, an entire Immortal World would serve as sufficient bait.

Looking at it now, an Immortal World was enough to be bait.

Putting away the jade slip, Han Muye moved and walked out of the tent.

Outside the tent, Bai Tu and the others, who were cultivating, flew over.

Han Muye raised his hand and waved it. Sword light rose, leading the Wind Spirit Sword Immortal, Su Jian, and the others to form a battle formation and head towards the city wall.

On the city wall, the elites of the Sword Sect occupied a section, while tens of thousands of immortal cultivators gathered below the city wall.

It couldn’t be helped. After all, the Sword Sect was the most unrestrained, and there were all sorts of different defensive equipment placed on the city walls.

All kinds of powerful combat equipment that he had seen and never seen could bring a sense of security to the immortal cultivators who were leaving the city below.

Some time ago, the God Clan had arranged a counterattack, preparing to flatten the Immortal Cultivator battle formation under the city.

In the end, a few golden lightning beads fell from the city wall.

It was said to be a new treasure called the Mystic Heaven Lightning Bead.

In any case, this thing’s explosive power was extremely strong. Not only did it block the God Clan’s battle formation, but it also gained a lot.

Zhao Shaodong had already contacted the Fuyu Immortal World to speed up the production of these lightning beads.

Han Muye did not stay on the city wall for long. He quietly left the city with Su Jian and the others and stepped into the void under the cover of the surrounding chaotic streams of light.

This was the first time Han Muye and the others had ventured out from the city’s protection, delving deep into the territory defended by the God Clan.

After traveling for 10,000 miles, one could see military formations similar to those in the Immortal Burial City.

Each of these military formations had tens of thousands of gods, hundreds of thousands of Dark Demon Beasts, and Immortal Slaying Envoys. Once they formed an array and fought in the void, Han Muye and the others would not be able to withstand it at all.

To confront such a formation, the Immortal Burial City would require at least a million cultivators, various war machines, and a powerful Immortal Lord to oversee it.

However, for the gods, there were at least a hundred such military formations in the void.

For a field battle outside the city, the Immortal Burial City alone couldn’t secure victory.


A strange cry sounded, and a three-feet-long black fox with a long tail fled into the distance.

“It’s a hidden warning beast!” Daoist Ku Xu, the Heaven Roar Sword Immortal, exclaimed softly as the longsword in his hand flashed.

A green sword light appeared 100,000 feet away and killed the black fox.

Although the black fox was killed, it had already transmitted a warning.

Several figures flew over.

“Let’s go.”

Han Muye shouted and led everyone forward quickly.

Behind them, the gods continued to gather and chase after them.

They rushed for 100,000 miles, and there were no signs of God Clan formations in the distant void. However, a hundred figures were already chasing Han Muye’s group from behind, with experts among them, at least Golden Immortals.

This was because they sensed that Han Muye’s group had not yet reached the Golden Immortal realm and had not encountered any real experts.

“That way.” Han Muye pointed towards a conspicuous void shimmering with immortal light in the distance, and they hastened towards it on their swordlights.

“Stop them. They want to go to the Zhenyuan Immortal World!”

“Could it be spies from the Zhenyuan Immortal World?”

“No matter who they are, stop them!”

Exclamations sounded as the gods sped up. Someone began to turn around and outflank them.

Although the sword beams of Han Muye and the others were fast, they were not faster than the flying speed of Golden Immortals.

In front of the six of them, three Golden Immortals of the God Clan holding golden flags flashed with a dazzling light and transformed into golden chains.

The six of them exchanged glances and raised their swords.


The sword light instantly gathered and transformed into a 100-foot-long green sword. Without dodging, it slashed at the Golden Immortal in front.

The swordlight was faster than a shooting star, reaching the Golden Immortal in an instant.

The speed was so astonishing that the Golden Immortal was taken aback, hurriedly raising his golden flag to create golden light screens in front of him.


The light screen was torn apart by a sword.

By this time, the other two Golden Immortals realized what was happening.

This sword formation was incredibly powerful!

“I can’t stop it!”

The leading Golden Immortal shouted as he rapidly retreated.

However, the sword light did not let him off. It followed closely behind and quickly struck him down.


One strike, and a Golden Immortal expert coughed up blood.

The longsword swept horizontally, cutting in all directions.

The sword beam forced the two Golden Immortals back and descended into the world below.

“This sword formation is incredibly powerful.”

“Oh no, the Immortal Refinement Array is at a critical moment. This sword array will definitely change when it enters!”

The expressions of the three Golden Immortals outside the world changed.


At this point, Han Muye’s group of six had already landed in this world and sensed the information.

The heavens and the earth trembled.

The entire world seemed to wail.

In the distant sky, beams of divine light supported the sky and turned into pillars of light.

A strange look flashed in Han Muye’s eyes.

An altar!

This was the same as the altar he had seen in the Divine Realm.

These altars could awaken the divine potential in ordinary gods, transforming them into powerful cultivators.

In this world, the altar transformed immortal cultivators into gods.

However, only one in 10,000 could undergo this transformation.

Moreover, cultivators older than two hundred years with fixed innate abilities had no chance.

In such a world, only a few could truly become gods.

The others would be turned into Immortal Slaying Envoys and Dark Demon Beasts!

An immortal world was a place where the gods ravaged and slaughtered.
“Destroy their altar!”

Han Muye shouted and activated the sword formation, flying towards the nearest altar.