Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion-Chapter 1252 - Leaving the City, Breaking the Refinement Immortal Array (4)

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1252 Leaving the City, Breaking the Refinement Immortal Array (4)
On the altar, three divine lights rose.

They were just ordinary Gods at the Heaven Immortal Realm. With a flash of the sword light formed by Han Muye’s sword array, they killed these Gods.

Below, there were cries of surprise around the altar.

“The God Clan is so weak?”

“Then why are we still cultivating the cultivation techniques of the God Clan?”

Someone stood up and spoke loudly.

“Hurry up and leave. The divine race will send experts to hunt you down,” an old immortal cultivator shouted.

Han Muye raised his hand and slashed down with his sword.


The altar shattered.

Below the altar, jade bones appeared one after another.

The bones of great cultivators were piled up into an altar!

This altar was set up with the bodies of Immortal Cultivators and converted Immortal Qi into divinity.


At the bottom of the altar, there was a rumble, and a burly man covered in knife marks stepped out.

“It’s Golden Immortal Lu Zhenxi!”

“Golden Immortal Zhenxi is not dead!”

Exclamations sounded around the altar again.

“Thank you for the rescue.” The burly man cupped his hands at Han Muye and the others, then looked up at his surroundings.

“The God Clan set up a Refinement Immortal Array in my Zhenyuan Immortal World to transform all cultivators into the God Clan.”

“This is slaughtering the living beings of my Zhenyuan Immortal World.”

He clenched his fists, and immortal light rose from his body. “Every altar is built with the bodies of immortal cultivators, using at least the Void Transformation realm immortal cultivators as nourishment.”

“The altar here suppresses three fellow Daoists. I’m the only one left alive.”

This was to exterminate the entire Immortal World!

Killing intent appeared in Han Muye’s eyes.

Behind him, Bai Tu and the others also had gloomy expressions.

If the Overwhelming Rain Immortal World was occupied by the God Clan, then all cultivators like them would die.


Explosions came from the sky.

It was the God Clan experts who were chasing after them!

“Let’s go and break through the other altars.” Han Muye shouted and activated the sword array to move forward quickly.

Lu Zhenxi also flew up and followed them.

In just a moment, several gods flew over and looked at the broken altar with fierce expressions.

A Daoist in a green robe raised his hand, and a fire dragon scattered, burning all the cultivators kneeling on the ground below who still wanted to become gods.

“Chase after him!”


In front of him, tens of thousands of miles away, a golden pillar of divine light shattered.

Another altar collapsed!

“It’s over…” The God Clan cultivator standing in the void turned pale.

Han Muye and the others did not stop. They shattered the altar along the way and saved dozens of Golden Immortals.

Although these Golden Immortals had suffered heavy losses in combat strength, their strength could withstand the siege of the God Clan experts if they fought together.


An altar exploded, and a white-bearded old man in a green robe flew out. When he saw Han Muye and the other Golden Immortals behind him, he shouted, “Everyone, the main immortal refinement array is at the entrance of the Luyang Dao Sect. The seven Immortal Lords are surrounded.”

Seven Immortal Lords!

Even Han Muye and the others’ hearts tightened at this number.

There were only dozens of Immortal Lords in the Fuyu Immortal World.

This Zhenyuan Immortal World had been attacked for so many years, and there were still so many Immortal Lords. How many Immortal Lords would there have been in the Zhenyuan Immortal World back then?

“Everyone, let’s use all our strength to break the refinement immortal array. With the power of the Immortal Lord of the Luyang Dao Sect and the sect’s ultimate treasure, we still have a chance of survival.”

The Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Daoist below shouted and pointed in the direction of the golden light that filled the sky in the distance.

Without hesitation, Han Muye activated the sword light and left.

He had come to the Zhenyuan Immortal World to cause trouble.

How could he let go of the opportunity to break the Refinement Immortal Array?

The sword beam advanced rapidly. More and more gods blocked the Dao, but they could not stop it at all.
Experts from the Zhenyuan Immortal World who had been rescued along the way had already gathered and formed an army.

Not only were the Golden Immortals and Zenith Heavens suppressed, but many Heaven Immortals and Human Immortals followed closely behind.

They knew that the altar could only be transformed before 200 years old. Before the altar, they would eventually transform into dark demon beasts and Immortal Slaying Envoys. Without their own intelligence, who would be willing to become such a god?

When they had flown for thousands of miles and saw the countless pillars of light piercing into the sky in front of them, they had already gathered tens of thousands of cultivators.

Among them, there were eight Zenith Heavens and 31 Golden Immortals.

However, their current cultivation levels had been reduced, and their strength was too different from when they were at their peak.

“Ant.” In front of him, an Immortal Lord expert took a step forward and slashed down with a long saber in his hand.

“You guys break the array, we’ll block it!” Standing beside Han Muye, Zhang Yue, a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal from the Zhenyuan Immortal World, shouted and flew up.

The other seven Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals were also covered in immortal light as they rushed out.

Only they could withstand an Immortal Lord. The others did not even have the qualifications to fight an Immortal Lord.


With a single strike from an Immortal Lord, the eight Zenith Heavens were blasted apart and sent flying everywhere.

Han Muye narrowed his eyes and moved, leading the sword formation behind him towards the pillar of light in front of him.

The others also ignored the God Clan members approaching from the front and quickly used their techniques, bombarding the pillars of light.


Countless explosions resounded.

But those pillars of light didn’t even fluctuate.

“Hmph, do you ants think you can comprehend our divine clan’s methods?”

“Don’t even mention you, even if a hundred Immortal Lords come, they won’t be able to break this Refinement Immortal Array.”

The Immortal Lord of the God Clan, who was holding a long saber, laughed. Divine light exploded behind him as countless gods lined up and descended.

Despair appeared on the faces of all the cultivators from the Zhenyuan Immortal World.

Most of them had died once before, suppressed beneath the altars.

They had risked their lives to save the Immortal Lords this time.

However, they now realized that their strength couldn’t even shake this Refinement Immortal Array.

“A hundred Immortal Lords?” Han Muye’s battle intent erupted, and lightning flashed behind him.