Monster Integration (Web Novel)-Chapter 3700 Five Palaces

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Chapter 3700 Five Palaces


I sighed as I saw the petals passing through the group of three people without any reaction.

It is afternoon, and I have got no cultists and now even if I got it, I would rather not fight it. I am only a few hours away from my destination and there are a lot of people. fre(e)webnov(l).com

I am not fighting, but that doesn't mean I would let the cultist go scot-free. They will die, if I find them.

The petals returned from the group of three, and I resumed my journey toward the destination. I moved fast, seeing there were not many monsters here; the people had killed them.

I had even stopped hiding from the Sky Sovereign.

There are enough people here, I do not need to hide it. The Sky Sovereigns won't do anything to me unless they don't like my face or are crazy.

I moved the petals through every Earth Sovereign I came across and I wanted to do that to some weak Sky Sovereigns, but I controlled that.

If I really found the cultist of the divine beast cult, they might discover me too through those petals and I would be no match for them. They would be able to finish me off, before I could let out a single word.

I would rather not take risks.

An hour passed and then another and another forty minutes, when I crossed the hundred mark, and every minute, the Earth Sovereigns, I have come across are increasing.

The place I am going to is pretty popular, more popular than the tower.

It had taken me another hour and twenty minutes to reach the destination and I was able to scan over a hundred more people before I stopped.

I decided to pause scanning people; there were a lot of Sky Sovereigns, and some might sense my petals. Though it will be hard, I rather not take the risk and focus on doing, what I had come here to do.

"Five palaces," I said as I looked at five huge buildings in front of me. All of the different designs, from a circle to a pyramid.

There are nine buildings, to be honest, but four are broken beyond recognition and only crazies entered there for the treatments.

Unlike the tower, I went to, where there were hundreds of treatments. Here there are only five, both Sky Sovereigns and Earth Sovereigns could try them at their own risk.

The risk here depends on the person; the kind of preparations they made and how long they want to stay in the treatment.

There are thousands of people around me from all races. They have even established a market, where they are not only selling information but also goods.

"How much?" I asked the information broker. An elvish woman with deep purple hair and shining blue eyes.

She is a beautiful woman, but also powerful, a Sky Sovereign and grade 6 alchemist. The badge from the alchemy guild is clear across her chest; I am not going to ask her whether the badge is real or not.

"Twenty, olist stones or things of equal value," she said, and a surprise couldn't help but flash in my eyes.

"It is ten times more expensive than others," I said, and she smiled. "My information is better than others," she said with confidence dripping from her every word.

I thought for a moment and placed the box in front of her.

She took the box and opened it, before a tiny information crystal came floating toward me. The crystal may be tiny, but it contains a massive information.

I sent the crystal into my core after a cursory glance and went to another store and brought the information. One by one, I brought the information from eight different people, five Sky Sovereigns and three Earth Sovereigns.

After buying the information, I sat down on the wooden bench and started to study them with my clones.

Most of the information is similar, but as I studied it, I noticed the differences between them. First is that the information from the Sky Sovereigns is of much better quality than the one from the Earth Sovereigns.

Even the information from the Sky Sovereign is of different quality and Elf's is the lowest quality.

It is clear by the information, that she is an alchemist, but she isn't a Level 6 as she is showing, but Level 4. If she had been a Level 6, her information wouldn't be so basic.

The other information is better compared to her.

I studied the information until it was evening before walking toward the market. It has things that I would need for the treatment.

Unlike the treatments in the tower, the treatments here need strong alchemical support and thus there are many quacks, sitting and selling their stuff.

Thankfully, most of the people already have the information on the kind of stuff they need. Still, many buy the stuff from the quacks.

I have no intention of exposing myself to them. I already spotted a couple of familiar auras and would stay clear of them.

Last time, I was able to escape, this time I won't be that lucky. They will not give me a chance to escape.

By the time I finished buying the things I needed for the treatments; it had become completely dark, but people were still out.

Unlike other places, here there are some protections, which lessened the effect of the energy, but still, all Earth Sovereigns would need to be at their abode by eleven.

By that time, the energy become dense enough that even broken defenses couldn't stop them.

I stayed in the market for nearly two more hours. I had finished buying the things I needed for the treatments; I hadn't finished with the things, I needed for myself.

When I was finished, I walked to the empty plot and brought my abode before entering inside.

My clone had already started to work on things, I would need for the two treatments. Why two? Well, they are short ones, and I had information only about them.

Earlier, I had inserted the seeds in the people who entered the room, those five buildings, and only those in the two have returned. The treatments in the three are much longer, but I would have the data, I need by the morning.

It was risky using the seeds with all those Sky Sovereigns present, and I might have mistakenly used the seed on the beast god cult member, but I had no choice than to take the risk.

It was the only way, I could get the data.

With this data, I don't need to follow what others are doing. I could tailor the alchemical goods to my needs or even use others if I found the better option.

I left my clones to work and freshened up, before cooking dinner.

I tried a particularly difficult recipe and failed, but it was still eatable and tasted quite good, despite me messing it good.

It was a complex recipe that demanded high skills. I will need to keep practicing if I want to cook it perfectly as my other recipes.

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