Monster Integration (Web Novel)-Chapter 3701 Eemor Palace I

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Chapter 3701 Eemor Palace I

?Poison Dragon Realm

"Prime," I said as I opened my eyes.

I advanced up to the Prime, but there was not much joy in my eyes. I am happy, but the joy is missing, likely because of how easy it was.

My progress was fast, even compared to the people of this realm, considering how strong my base is. It would have been even faster if I had not intentionally slowed down to get familiar with the power.

Due to the little one inside me, I had no problem advancing fast. If I had wanted to, I could have much faster and reached the Prime within a year, but even the guardians didn't recommend it.

I couldn't help but wonder how Michael was doing. How much progress he made.

The people in the prime world advance much slower compared to the people in the realms. With many guardians commenting that he would still be in Primary.

They are wrong. He might not be advancing fast as me, but his speed won't be slower, than members of the realm.

I miss him a lot and I wish he would be with me, but he is safer in the prime world. It is extremely risky here for him, especially with the forbidden power, which many desire.

It took me a while to get out of a melancholic mood and focus on my new power, most importantly, the laws. I could sense them clearly, feel them, and it wouldn't be long before I grasped them.

It is one advantage we crashers have against the natives.

Unlike them, we had comprehended the rules before, which makes it quite easy for us to comprehend the laws. Especially a person like me, who is sitting in the core of the realm, which has a powerful connection with universal quintessence.

Making comprehending the laws tens of times easier compared to other natives of the realm.

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I walked out of the abode before storing it in my core. The night passed peacefully in study and sleep, and now it is time for me to gain some strength.

I am excited, but also a little nervous.

My clones have studied the data and created a method that will give me maximum benefits, but to gain the maximum benefits, I will have to take some risks.

Some of the risks could seriously whack me up. Kill me, if I am not careful.

My first destination is the second building, Eemor Palace. It is a square building, with six circular domes over it. It is huge and, in its days, used to be beautiful; even now it is beautiful, even when it is faded and cracked.

It took me a minute to reach near its gates, which are big enough that several Grimms could walk through it.

I admired the faded work on it, before walking inside.

The moment I stepped inside, I felt the heavy aura that my seed had sensed. It was so powerful that it stopped me in my tracks.

It reminds me of the presence of the prime. It is the level of prime, but it is weak enough that almost all the Earth Sovereigns could bear it.

This place used to be for the Primes, but if the Sky Sovereigns could enter, if they have enough will to bear the aura and reach the other side. Now, as long as an Earth Sovereign doesn't have a pitifully weak will, they can enter inside.

A few seconds later, I crossed the invisible boundary and the aura disappeared.

I saw the people everywhere around me, some were preparing to enter the treatment, while others had come out and managed the effects of it.

I picked up a corner and covered myself with energy. Soon, my armor was deactivated, and my clothes disappeared.

I took an out-blue pearl and touched it across my body. Immediately, it activated and turned into a liquid and began to spread across my body; within a second, it covered my whole body including each strange hair.

I checked it and saw there was not the slightest gap and brought out the other pearl. It is colorless and spread over the bluish layer.

After seeing it spread perfectly, I removed the energy covering me and walked ahead.

I didn't get any strange looks, because nearly everyone looking like me. To not arouse any suspicion; I had intentionally colored it similar to most people's solution.

A minute and a half passed, and I took another turn before walking into the huge door, reading the inner sanctum of the palace, and saw the thing I saw through the seeds.

In front of me is a huge black-stone pyramid with huge six steps on it, where hundreds of people are sitting. Especially the first step, where there is not even space to stand and a line of people waiting to get in. 𝒻𝘳ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝓃𝘰𝓋ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝑚

All of them are Earth-Sovereign.

The second step is mostly filled with the Sky Sovereign, but there are three Earth Sovereigns on it.

On the third step, there are only Sky Sovereigns; the same as in the fourth step. Though there are only two Sky Sovereigns on it. I was quite surprised, most of the seeds showed it empty and where there were people, there was only one.

The fifth and sixth steps are empty. It is a death sentence for anyone below the Prime.

I looked up at the top, there was a huge purple stone, every second, a large ball of purple liquid fell down. It would be broken on the second dome as it fell, and energies of blue crystal would mix in it.

Then it will reach the third dome, where it will get purified by the energies of the red crystals.

The purification is weak now, more than half of the crystals have disappeared. So, the purification isn't to the level it was used to be.

It is the reason the treatment has become more dangerous than it was, and we need to apply this thick alchemical mixture to our bodies for extra protection.

When it was working fine, there was no need for us; one only needed to get naked to enter inside.

After getting purified on the third dome, the liquid becomes thin and nearly colorless and land on the first step, before flowing down.

I looked at the pyramid before I flew toward it. I didn't go on the first step, instead; I went directly to the second.

The edge of the second step is completely occupied, and not even a small space remains. It is the least dangerous spot-on step, the deeper it is, the more dangerous it will be. Even the most Sky Sovereigns are staying at the edge.

I am taking a risk here, because of all the people, I inserted the seed on stayed on the first step.

If I had to come to the second step, I should have waited for the place on the edge to free up, like many are doing, but like always in things like these, I am throwing caution to the wind.

I landed on the closest spot, I could find near the edge. It is not that close, seeing there are three people in front of me and all of them are Sky Sovereign of Initial and High level.

I only got a chance to think about them for a moment before I swiftly sat down and closed my eyes as the energy started coming at me.

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