Monster Paradise-Chapter 1935 (END) - A Grade-S Foothold with 1010 Streets

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Chapter 1935: A Grade-S Foothold with 1010 Streets

Lin Huang was quite happy when he returned to the Sword Alliance.

He was initially worried that something would go wrong on First Liege’s side.

After all, the other party possessed Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao’s Heavenly Dao authorization. It was entirely possible for him to use the authorization to do something unexpected.

Clearly, Lin Huang had been overthinking things.

First Liege had merely used the Heavenly Dao authorization to integrate chaotic cosmoses maniacally. He did not pull any other tricks. The mission to take care of him went unusually well.

Although Lin Huang could not kill him due to his Heavenly Dao authorization, he had assimilated almost all of First Liege’s over two quindecillion chaotic cosmoses that he had integrated throughout the 40 days or so day period into his own Kingdom.

He specially left First Liege with one chaotic cosmos.

He did not do that out of kindness, but rather because he acted in accordance with Bloody’s suggestion.

According to what she said, doing that would prevent First Liege from using some special techniques to overtake Lin Huang if he dropped below dominator-level.

If he had one chaotic cosmos left, there was a high possibility that he would not find another way to come up with other tricks. He would only follow what he did before, which was to continue integrating more chaotic cosmoses to elevate his combat strength.

It could be said that Bloody was viciously not giving the other party any chance to make a comeback.

In reality, Lin Huang did not think much of those things at all, but he followed Bloody’s suggestion anyway.

Clearly, First Liege had not realized he had fallen into the trap that Bloody set.

He only thought Lin Huang left one chaotic cosmos for him so that he would harvest the chaotic cosmoses that he would integrate a month later.

After all, it would take time for him to elevate to dominator-level again if he dropped down to heavenly dao-level. By then, he would have to spend a couple of days to elevate to dominator-level. The number of chaotic cosmoses he integrated would not be as many if Lin Huang did not leave one chaotic cosmos for him.

“Lin Huang, as long as you haven’t become a Transcender, I’ll still have a chance to turn the tables!”

First Liege began to integrate chaotic cosmoses all over again while cursing Lin Huang.

Although he possessed Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao’s Heavenly Dao authorization, he was only left with one chaotic cosmos in his body. His integration efficiency had significantly dropped.

A Dominator’s integration efficiency was affected by their combat strength and the strength of their God’s soul.

When he had a hundred nonillion chaotic cosmoses in his body, he could only integrate a hundred nonillion chaotic cosmoses on the first day. Now that he was only left with one chaotic cosmos in his body, he could only integrate one chaotic cosmos on the first day.

Although this number still multiplied everyday, the rate of integration had undoubtedly dropped like a rock.

With one chaotic cosmos as the base number, even if the integration efficiency was multiplied over the next 30 days, he would only have integrated some 500 million chaotic cosmoses at most by the end of the month.

That was why Lin Huang allowed him to grow for a month peacefully.

After all, it would not take much effort to harvest what First Liege had integrated with.

Naturally, First Liege knew this very well as well. It was impossible that he could turn the tables around even if he was given three to five months.

He thought hard, seeking a solution to break through this conundrum as he continued integrating chaotic cosmoses.

To Lin Huang, the current First Liege was no longer a worry.

For the next one month, he remained immersed in integrating chaotic cosmoses.

His current goal was no longer to defeat Aza or First Liege. Instead, it was to integrate all of the chaotic cosmoses in the entire infinite universe, master them, and become a Transcender!

Naturally, apart from cultivation, Lin Huang’s clones did not stay idle either.

As the war ended, the entire infinite universe had entered a period of high-speed development.

Lin Huang got Aza to open His entire Kingdom.

Mystic territories of all levels were opened accordingly. They had completely become the new instance dungeons for cultivators of all levels in the infinite universe.

No matter what, due to Aza’s abilities and the characteristics of His Kingdom, the Abyssal creatures in His dream could be produced endlessly.

The opening and adjusting of Aza’s dream became the three Outer Gods’ new job.

Meanwhile, the dominator-level Abyssal powerhouses became the mystic territories’ bosses.

Among them, most of the mystic territories were situated around the Sword Alliance.

From lord-level, dao-level to dominator-level, there were mystic territories here of all levels.

Given that most of the Sword Alliance members came from Lin Huang’s Kingdom, and that they had the characteristics of leveling up by grinding, they grinded away happily in these mystic territories every day; their abilities were skyrocketing rapidly.

This caused the top organizations like Snow Domain, Sword Palace and Dragon Island to come to the Sword Alliance, getting them to help with the opening of the exclusive mystic territories.

They had also signed an agreement with Sword Alliance to pay an annual rental fee to access these mystic territories.

Only Snow Domain was exempted from the rental fee due to the friendship Lin Huang had with Xue Luo before.

The Abyssal Tribe slowly became an emerging tribe in the infinite universe. The mentally disabled members had their Abyssal aura hidden. They would appear in public occasionally.

The Bug Tribe was disliked by all tribes in the infinite universe all this while mainly because they would destroy wherever they go.

However, as they had become part of the allied army in fighting against the Abyssal Tribe, everyone began to change their perspective regarding them.

Given that Lin Huang had an agreement with the bug horde’s will, and most of the powerful rank-10 Queen Mothers and Bug Emperors were imperial monsters under his command, he gave the Bug Tribe a portion of land for them to maintain their ecosystem, so that they would not need to obtain resources in a destructive manner.

This allowed the other tribes to start trading with the Bug Tribe.

Not only that, Lin Huang got Lin Xin, Lin Xuan and his disciple Wu Hao to lead a human talent cultivation program for humans, which was still one of the weaker tribes. Not only would they train humans who were gifted in cultivation, they would train talents who were gifted in other aspects too.

Meanwhile, the Sword Alliance would take in talents and geniuses from all tribes. It did not matter what their combat strength was. They would be accepted as long as they had the requisite talent and right mindset. This included the Bug Tribe and Abyssal Tribe as well.

Time flew by and, very soon, two months had passed.

The number of chaotic cosmoses in Lin Huang’s body had surpassed 100 quinvigintillion. The figure had reached 120 quinvigintillion now.

He had only found out throughout the past ten days that there was actually a limit to the number of chaotic cosmoses in the infinite universe.

As for the chaotic cosmoses that he had mastered, it was close to one-third of the total number of chaotic cosmoses there were in the entire infinite universe.

He was almost certain that he could integrate all of the chaotic cosmoses in the entire infinite universe within the next six days or so.

As promised, Lin Huang projected a clone into the dimension where Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao was.

First Liege did not pull any new tricks. He merely said horrible things. After Lin Huang tortured him and assimilated the chaotic cosmoses in his body and left behind one for him again, he recalled his clone.

However, when his clone arrived again later, he could not help but frown.

“Where is he?!”

First Liege was gone.

To be exact, it was not only First Liege, Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao was gone as well!

“He’s hiding?” Lin Huang squinted. “Why is Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao gone as well?!”

Lin Huang’s clone extended his Divine Telekinesis and scanned the entire dimension and the places nearby tens of times. However, he did not find anything.

Feeling helpless, his Primordium finally took action.

At that moment, his Divine Telekinesis spread through the chaotic cosmoses in the entire infinite universe, the concealed dimensions, the time gaps…

However, he found nothing despite scanning hundreds of times.

“So he pulled a trick after all!”

Lin Huang frowned. He had not expected First Liege to have done something like that.

Not only did he hide himself, even Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao was gone as well. Clearly, he had done something to Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao to prevent it from revealing his whereabouts.

“I’d like to see where you can hide six days from now!”

Lin Huang did not waste time dwelling on where First Liege had gone exactly. Apart from searching by extending his Divine Telekinesis a few times throughout the entire infinite universe every day, he focused all of his attention on integrating the remaining chaotic cosmoses.

147 quinvigintillion!

173 quinvigintillion!

205 quinvigintillion!

Time flew by. Another five days had passed. The total number of chaotic cosmoses Lin Huang integrated had reached 285 quinvigintillion.

Until now, the number of chaotic cosmoses he had integrated with was close to 87% of the total number of chaotic cosmoses in the entire infinite universe.

Throughout these five days, he had not found any signs of First Liege at all, and Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao did not show up either.

Nevertheless, Lin Huang did not panic at all. He looked into the air with burning desire.

“One more day, and I’ll have mastered all of the chaotic cosmoses in the entire infinite universe. By then, no matter where you’re hiding, you won’t be able to escape my eyes!”

On the sixth day, Lin Huang continued to integrate the remaining chaotic cosmoses calmly.

At midnight on the sixth day, he had integrated all of the 328 quinvigintillion chaotic cosmoses in the entire infinite universe.

Suddenly, Lin Huang’s God’s soul and physical body began to transform crazily.

His consciousness seemed to have been detached from the infinite universe. It had reached a height that was endlessly far away.

When he arrived there, he finally saw what the entire infinite universe really looked like.

It was a sphere that was exuding a glaring white light…

With a thought, he could see everything in the entire sphere easily.

It was made of a great amount of chaotic cosmoses, and it almost seemed like lights of various colors made up the entire sphere.

He could even clearly see the internal structure of each chaotic cosmos. The great worlds, mini worlds and the gravel worlds. Within each of them, he could see the stars, clouds, whether they were cold or hot, whether there were living beings in them…

The planets had tribes living on them, there were people who were either busy or relaxing. The night where lights were lit, during the day when pedestrians filled the streets, small towns where the cicadas chirped, the mountain ranges where snow accumulated, the rushing rivers, the peaceful and beautiful red desert that got its color from the sunset…

Lin Huang saw all of these details.

He even saw First Liege who was hiding deep in the Heavenly Dao, as well as Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao that had fallen into a state of deep sleep. He did not mind that at all. He had immersed himself in this special feeling completely.

Lin Huang only sighed emotionally when he suddenly snapped back to his senses after a long time.

“I’ve become a Transcender…”

He realized that he had become a Transcender.

At that moment, a voice spoke up from behind him.

“Congratulations on becoming a Transcender.”

Lin Huang was stunned when he heard that voice.

He had not sensed that there was someone behind him at all. When he turned around, he saw a young man with short, black hair looking at him while smirking.

The young man looked to be the same age as he was. He had a sincere and warm smile on his face.

Lin Huang suddenly recalled something, after which he asked immediately, “You’re Virtual Sovereign?!”

“Yes, and no,” the young man said with a smile, “Let me introduce myself. My name’s Gu Ding, I’m also a Transcender. Virtual Sovereign is just one of my clones.”

“Senior Gu Ding!” Lin Huang nodded at him. He could feel that the other party had no ill intentions.

“Don’t call me senior. Call me Gu Ding, or captain.” Gu Ding clasped Lin Huang’s shoulder while speaking. He was very easy-going and friendly.

The very next second, they appeared in a quaint-looking pavilion.

Tea was boiling on the stone table. The fragrance of the tea lingered in the air.

Lin Huang sat on the stone stool across from Gu Ding.

“Captain?” He could not get used to Gu Ding’s over-friendliness.

“I was an interstellar pirate before, so this form of address has stayed with me,” Gu Ding explained while smiling. He picked up the teacup and took a sip. “We’ll talk about that later.”

“Let me tell you about this infinite universe first. Where do I start…” Gu Ding only put down the teacup after thinking for a while. “I’ll start from the beginning.”

“I actually planted this infinite universe with a universe seed hundreds of eras ago. I used nine seeds in total. Only this one remains though. Now that you’ve become a Transcender and have successfully mastered the infinite universe, I know my efforts didn’t go to waste.”

“So I inherited… the captain’s legacy…” Lin Huang really had not imagined that the infinite universe had been planted.

“You don’t have to be so polite. It’s your destiny.” Gu Ding waved while smiling.

“Are there many Transcenders like us?” Lin Huang could not help but ask.

“We’re the only ones.” Gu Ding shook his head with a smile.

“So few?!” Lin Huang did not expect that there were so few Transcenders.

“Do you know about the second law of thermodynamics?” Gu Ding picked up the teapot and poured himself another cup of tea. He asked this question with a smile while drinking it.

“I’ve heard of it.” Lin Huang nodded. He picked up the teacup too and took a sip. “During the natural process, an isolated system would always have an entropy increase. The chaos would grow continuously, and the disorder would grow as well.”

As Lin Huang explained, he felt his bond with the infinite universe strengthened by an invisible force when he swallowed the tea.

He could now understand some of the rules that were hidden deep in the infinite universe.

“Even a universe would be doomed in an entropy increase. What more the mini worlds, great worlds and chaotic cosmoses? What about the infinite universes that are even more complicated?” Gu Ding asked while looking at Lin Huang.

“So those infinite universes were destroyed due to the entropy increase?” Lin Huang instantly came to a realization.

Gu Ding nodded lightly and corrected him, “In reality, only the one that we’re in can be called the infinite universe. Those that were destroyed aren’t considered infinite universes.”

“Among the nine seeds I planted, six of them were destroyed when they achieved one trevigintillion chaotic cosmoses.”

“If we were to compare that with the law of biogrowth, it can be considered that they were destroyed during the embryonic stage. There were two that had more than one trevigintillion chaotic cosmoses. They were considered to have entered the infancy stage. However, one of them was destroyed when they had one quinvigintillion chaotic cosmoses, while the other one was destroyed when it was going to break through the 100 quinvigintillion chaotic cosmoses mark.”

“The one that you mastered is the only one that successfully surpassed 100 quinvigintillion chaotic cosmoses. It even has 300 quinvigintillion chaotic cosmoses. However, were it not for you, it would have been destroyed already.”

“Before you really mastered this universe, it actually wasn’t considered a legitimate infinite universe. Only when it has a master, forms an order, and when entropy reduction happens and is no longer chaotic and messy, can it be considered an infinite universe.”

“Can’t the outside world trigger the entropy reduction? Just like the time when you suppressed the chaos as Virtual Sovereign previously?” Lin Huang could not help but ask.

“I thought I could in the beginning, as long as I got the universe into order.” Gu Ding nodded. “But later on, reality proved that such a method would not work. The more I interfered, the more chaotic it became.”

“Among the nine seeds, seven of them descended into out-of-control chaos in the end due to my interference and were destroyed,” Gu Ding explained, “That was why I didn’t kill all of those people who created the chaos when I was Virtual Sovereign back then. Apart from the few of them who were too terrible, I merely suppressed most of them. Not only that, I didn’t interfere with the universe you guys were in over the next hundreds of eras.”

“The result of my interference was… If you hadn’t shown up in an overbearing way, the second Transcender who would be standing before me the day after tomorrow would be Aza, the person that I suppressed back then,” Gu Ding explained in all seriousness.

Lin Huang peeped at Aza, who was hiding deep in the Heavenly Dao in distress. He said with a smile, “Unfortunately, I stopped him from doing so.”

“That’s right. He found the two unique mechanisms of the Heavenly Dao authorization. Not only did he make the original Heavenly Dao’s will fall into a state of deep sleep, He accelerated the integration efficiency to the extent that there was a billion times boost in the number of chaotic cosmoses He integrates with every day.” Gu Ding took another sip of tea while smiling. “Unfortunately, He was two days too late.”

“I did not expect Him to pull off such a feat.” Lin Huang drank all of the tea in the cup and put it down. “If I didn’t integrate all of the chaotic cosmoses, given His current integration efficiency, He could integrate one trevigintillion chaotic cosmoses a day today, and 100 quinvigintillion tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, he would have integrated all of the chaotic cosmoses in the entire infinite universe within half a day.”

The next second, Lin Huang waved, and a figure appeared before them.

It was First Liege, who had been hiding deep in the Heavenly Dao.

First Liege was startled to find himself in a different place all of a sudden.

He saw Lin Huang as he focused, as well as the man who was sitting across from Lin Huang. He could not help but exclaim directly, “Virtual Sovereign?!”

“That’s right. You were too late after all.” Lin Huang nodded and smiled.

“If you gave me two more days… no, a day and a half, I would have been the one to become a Transcender!” First Liege had an unwilling expression on his face.

“It’s too bad that you don’t have that opportunity anymore.” Lin Huang waved his hand as soon as he was done speaking. He put First Liege away into his Kingdom directly.

Inside Lin Huang’s Kingdom, First Liege’s physical body and God’s soul began to collapse at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. In the end, only a massive Kingdom remained. It integrated itself into Lin Huang’s Kingdom gradually, becoming a part of his Kingdom.

First Liege, whom he had not been able to kill before, finally turned into dust.

After killing First Liege, Lin Huang chatted with Gu Ding for a long time. He learned many secrets about the infinite universe. Only then did he bid farewell to him and return to the infinite universe.

As soon as he returned to his infinite universe, Lin Huang woke Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao up.

He then allowed it to retain its will and integrated it into his Kingdom.

Now, Lin Huang was considered to be the legitimate master of the infinite universe. He finally felt completely confident now.

“An infinite universe that has 300 quinvigintillion chaotic cosmoses is only considered a budding seed?” Lin Huang looked far into the sky. He mumbled softly with a smile, “Seems like I’ll be busy cultivating this bud.”

“You have your crew, and I have my friends and family…”

“Xin Er, Xiaoxuan, let’s visit the gravel world. It’s been a long time since we last visited…” Lin Huang suddenly said to Lin Xin, Lin Xuan and Mr. Fu through voice transmission.

“Have you settled that First Liege?” Lin Xin quickly asked.

“I have!”

“I knew it! You’re the best, brother!” Lin Xin appeared before Lin Huang in a flash as soon as she was done speaking. She grabbed his arm and looked at him with a bright smile. “Shall we depart now?”

At that moment, Lin Xuan walked into the courtyard as well. “It’s been a long time since we visited the gravel world indeed. I’ve been thinking of going back.”

“Let’s get Boss Chan and the rest, pick up Master, and then we’ll go.” Lin Huang smiled while nodding.

“I wonder if Wulin Town is still around…” Lin Xin suddenly felt sad.

“If it’s no longer around, we’ll build another one!” Lin Huang patted her head with a smile. “We’ll make Wulin Town a grade-A foothold with 101 streets!”

“No, we’ll make it a grade-S foothold with 1010 streets!” Lin Xin shouted in excitement.

“Sure, let’s make it a grade-S foothold with 1010 streets!” Lin Huang agreed while smiling.