Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss-Chapter 842 - : 842 Murder in Public

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Chapter 842: 842 Murder in Public

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“Oh my god, so it’s true that she abused cats. She said that she could kill cats and even concoct perfume after killing cats. It’s too scary!” The timid girl was almost disgusted by He Xi.

“No, I’ll call my mom now and ask her to throw away the perfume I bought. I don’t dare to use perfume made by a cat killer.”

Another girl who had bought He Xi’s perfume before said in disdain, “I bought the perfume she made back then, but when 1 bought it, 1 felt that it didn’t smell very good, so 1 didn’t use it again. Fortunately, I didn’t use it anymore after, or else I would have vomited.”

“I seem to smell the fishy smell of cat blood. Could it be coming from that crazy cat killer?” A contestant said with ill intentions. She might not have smelled cat blood, but she wanted to cause trouble. Since her work could not get ranked, she might as well do something else to have some fun.

“I didn’t kill the cat!” He Xi’s expression was very painful. “I’m first place!” The scene of her torturing and killing small animals appeared in front of her eyes for a while, and then the scene of her getting first place in the fragrance competition and getting on the podium.

“She wouldn’t kill someone like that, would she?” someone asked worriedly.

“What are you afraid of?” A man said, “She’s just a little girl. How strong can she be? If she comes up later, I’ll protect you.”

He Xi’s ears and mind were filled with the word ‘kill’. The hatred in her heart was infinitely magnified. She had to do something to alleviate her pain.

“Kill, kill!” He Xi whispered and looked around for the poor kitten. However, this was the venue of the Fragrance Festival. Pets like cats and dogs were not allowed in. There was no one she could torture and kill.

He Xi, who couldn’t find any small animals, set her target as a weaker girl. When a psychopath acted up, they would always target weaker creatures, small animals, or women and children who were easier to hurt. He Xi was no exception.

Since it was a fragrance convention, many fresh flowers and other spices would be used. Scissors would be used when dealing with flowers and spices, so there were scissors in every fragrance room.

He Xi’s eyes were searching for the scissors. The others didn’t know what she wanted to do, so they all made way. By the time she got the scissors, it was too late to stop her.

“Ah!” The girl closest to her was frightened by He Xi. She screamed and fled in all directions. “Help! The cat killer is going to kill someone!”

“Hehehehe!” A strange smile appeared on He Xi’s face. “Kill all of you. As long as I kill all of you, I’ll be number one!”

Zhuang Liu quickly rushed to the stage to protect Tan Rou. He Xi had always disliked Tan Rou. If she wanted to attack others, her first choice would be Tan Rou.

Tan Rou took the initiative to stand in front of Zhuang Liu. She said coldly, “Let her come over. If she dares to attack me, I’ll send her to the hospital for a month. Let her go to the hospital to see if people go there for an abortion.”

Zhuang Liu chuckled. “Rourou really holds a grudge.”

Tan Rou replied, “Of course. 1 didn’t argue with her because 1 didn’t want to. Once 1 wanted to argue with her, I wouldn’t let her off easily.”

In the crowd, He Xi was still going crazy. She used a sharp knife to cut and stab, specifically targeting women and children.

Even a man would not dare to stop such a lunatic. He Xi had practiced her skills, and most people really couldn’t beat her. In addition, she was crazy now, so there was no way to stop her.

“Hurry up and stop her!” The woman, who had been very afraid earlier, pushed the man beside her. “Didn’t you say you wanted to protect me just now? Why are your legs shaking more than mine now?”

“I’m not scared,” the man said shakily as he held onto the chair beside him. “My legs are numb from sitting for too long.”

The security guards of the venue quickly rushed over. They had been security guards here for so many years, but this was the first time they had encountered someone committing a crime in the venue. They did not know what to do.

The security guards came out with a short stick for riot control. Without any other weapons, they did not dare to rush forward and could only evacuate the crowd as quickly as possible.

“Go to hell, all of you go to hell!” He Xi grabbed a little boy and aim the scissors on the boy’s neck.. “I’ll kill you, 1’11 kill you!”

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