Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss-Chapter 843 - : 843 Courting Death

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Chapter 843: 843 Courting Death

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“Don’t hurt him!” A young mother handed her daughter, who was only a few months old, to the person beside her. She cried and begged He Xi, “He’s only seven years old. Don’t hurt him. Can I be your hostage?” I promise I’ll listen to you.”

He Xi looked at her, then at the little boy in her hands. She was unwilling to exchange. “The adults aren’t fun at all. Only the children are fun.”

The young mother’s face turned pale. “Please, he’s just a child. He hasn’t done anything wrong. Please don’t hurt him!”

He Xi smiled. “No one made a mistake. I just wanted to kill him.”

The boy was very afraid, but he was very calm. He knew that he was about to be killed by this crazy woman. He hurriedly said to his mother, “Mom, don’t cry. You have to take good care of my little sister. Also, tell her that 1 love her very much.”

The young mother’s heart was broken. She regretted bringing her two children out today. If she hadn’t carried her younger daughter, she would have definitely pulled her eldest son. She did not expect that in the blink of an eye, her eldest son would be caught by that crazy woman.

Tan Rou looked at the little boy on the stage. He was very beautiful, which reminded her of her little brother Tao Qi. This child was slightly younger than Tao Qi, but he was much more mature than Tao Qi. If this child was killed by He Xi in front of Tan Rou, Tan Rou would be a little sad.

He Xi smiled and prepared to stab the scissors into the boy’s neck. Just like how she killed cats and dogs, she stabbed the sharp knife into their necks. ‘Whoosh’, a lot of blood would pour out, and it couldn’t be stopped even if they wanted to.

Tan Rou frowned and shouted, “He Xi, what kind of skill do you have to kill a child? If you think you’re good, you should come for me instead.”

When He Xi heard Tan Ron’s voice, she immediately stopped the scissors and turned to look at Tan Rou. She saw Tan Rou standing on the stage with a smile on her face. She looked like she deserved a beating.

“Tan Rou!” He Xi’s blood boiled. “Yes, I’m going to kill you! Only by killing you will Brother Xiao Liu return to my side! I’m going to skin you alive, drain your blood, and dig out your eyeballs to soak in wine! I’ll break all your bones and boil them in a pot. After they’re boiled, feed them to the dogs!”

When some girls heard He Xi say this, they were so disgusted that they covered their mouths and vomited.

“Your hobby is quite unique,” Tan Rou commented. “But not all hobbies are good. I suggest you change your hobby in the future.”

“I only have one hobby, and that is to kill you!” He Xi said.

Tan Rou beckoned with her right hand. “Then come over!”

He Xi really came over. She dragged the little boy in her hand and ran towards Tan Rou.

Third Aunt Tao was frightened by He Xi and Tan Rou’s actions. She quickly ran to Tan Rou’s side. “Rourou, come with Third Aunt. Leave this to the police.”

Tan Rou patted her arm and said casually, “The police are too slow. If we waited for them to arrive, the little boy would have been killed by her.”

Third Aunt Tao couldn’t just watch Tan Rou take the risk. “Rourou, hurry up and leave with Third Aunt. If something happens to you, how am I going to explain it to your parents?”

“Don’t worry, Third Aunt. I’ll be fine,” Tan Rou said. She glanced at He Xi who was approaching quickly and spat out a few words, “She’s the one who’s looking for death!”

Zhuang Liu understood what Tan Rou wanted to do, so he didn’t stop her when she spoke. As long as He Xi came over, the two of them would work together to subdue her.

Seeing that He Xi was getting closer and closer, Tan Rou pushed Third Aunt Tao into the crowd. She and Zhuang Liu quickly rushed up.

Zhuang Liu took the opportunity when He Xi was not paying attention to rescue the little boy in her hand and then stuffed it to the person beside her. Then, he went back to help Tan Rou.

Tan Rou took out the thin needle hidden on her body. Under the circumstances where no one could see, she injected a needle into He Xi’s neck. Then, she landed a hard hit on He Xi’s neck. He Xi’s eyes were fixed and she could not move.

Zhuang Liu kicked He Xi from behind and sent her flying three meters away. Unable to resist, He Xi fell on the stage, only half a meter away from the podium she wanted to get on.

“Are you hurt?” Zhuang Liu’s first reaction was to check if Tan Rou was injured.

Tan Rou shook her head lightly, then praised, “Third Brother and 1 work well together.”

“I can’t do such a dangerous thing in the future,” Zhuang Liu said with a sigh of relief.

“I’m not a porcelain doll. I won’t break so easily,” Tan Rou said..

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