MTL - I Don’t Want To Fight Anymore After Wearing An Outer Room-Chapter 548 Old husband and young wife?

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  Chapter 548 Old husband and young wife?

  Wen Jiuxiao naturally didn't meet anyone at the entrance of the Gongyuan, only Xiaoman, the servant next to the eldest son, was waiting here, "Third Master, the young master has returned home."

  Wen Jiuxiao turned around and left. When he returned to the mansion, the eldest son had already rested. Yu Zhi is arranging flowers, holding scissors in his hand to trim the flower branches. Zhuang Zhuang sat next to him and helped pass the flowers, his eyes were fixed on the pile of flowers, his eyes were calm, as if he was thinking about which flower to pick?

   Huahua is also there, holding scissors in one hand and leaves in the other, cutting vigorously, with many "strange shapes" falling at her feet.

   What a happy picture.

   "Father!" Hua Hua's eyes were sharp, she was the first to see her father, and she was very happy, "Come quickly, Dad, mother will arrange flowers for my brother."

  Yu Zhi just inserted the last big red flower in the middle, Wen Jiuxiao looked over, "What are you talking about?"

  Yu Zhiben stepped in casually, seeing him asking this, his heart moved, and he said: "This is called 'leading the number one'." There is no better meaning than this.

  Wen Jiuxiao raised his eyebrows and nodded, "It's also suitable for the occasion." Surrounded by flowers, the largest and reddest flower in the middle is indeed very prominent.

   "Third Master also thinks it's okay, Huahua, send it to your brother's room. He can see it as soon as he wakes up, so I'm happy." Yu Zhi handed the vase to the girl.

   Huahua is the most happy to do such a thing, so she just went there.

   "Why is the third master coming back late?"

  Wen Jiuxiao paused holding the teacup, "Something unexpected."

  Yu Zhi was just asking casually. Hearing what he said, he didn't think much about it. He only dragged Wen Jiuxiao to discuss, "Zhouzhou has finished the exam. Mr. Chen said that he will definitely win, but it's just about the ranking. I plan to make more clothes for him. He has grown up too. Slowly there will be more."

   After saying this, his eyes slipped on Wen Jiuxiao, "Third Lord, let's do some bodywork together."

  When she said this in the past, Wen Jiuxiao always refused. This time she also habitually waited for Wen Jiuxiao to refuse, but she heard him say: "That's fine!"

  Yu Zhi was taken aback for a moment, but soon recovered his natural state and asked, "Do you have any requirements for the style?"

   Indeed, but Wen Jiuxiao didn't know how to express it. He pondered for a while, and then said: "Madam decides... well, that kind of waist here..." He saw the eldest son wearing it, but he couldn't find the right words to describe it.

  Waist? What's wrong with the waist? Oh, I got it!

   "You want the one that shows your waist?" Yu Zhi suddenly realized.

  Wen Jiuxiao nodded slightly reservedly on his face, just like that, with a thin waist, and a very young person... oh, young...Wen Jiuxiao added, "The color should be brighter."

  Seeing Yu Zhi looking at him in surprise, Wen Jiuxiao felt a little uncomfortable, "The dark color is hot."

  This reason is really perfunctory, the corner of Yu Zhi's mouth twitched, and he kept looking suspiciously at Wen Jiuxiao.

  This person is not quite right today. The first sentence, "Madam decides," followed by a request that the waist should be shown, and the color should be bright. This has never happened before.

  In the past, most of Wen Jiuxiao’s clothes were black. If you wear one suit, it’s black; if you wear two suits, it’s still black;

   It's not that Yu Zhi doesn't care about him, it's really... Can black clothes make flowers?

   Oh, not all of them. Wen Jiuxiao's official robe is not black. When he was the Shaoqing of Dali Temple, his official robe was dark red. When he was the county magistrate in Shanyun County, his official robes were green. Now the official residence is the second rank, and the official robe is purple.

  Wen Jiuxiao looks best in red, and purple is not bad, but green is hard to describe, it can only be said that it is all supported by appearance. But if a mortal grows a little more ugly, and if he is a little fatter, he will become a green toad.

   I really don’t know what the court thinks, how can there be green official robes? There are also different shades of green and different levels.

  Yu Zhi tentatively said: "How about making you red? You look the most outstanding in this color." It's also autumn, and the maple leaves all over the mountain are turning red.

   "Listen to Madam." Wen Jiuxiao readily agreed.

Obviously this person is calm, but for some reason, Yu Zhi could hear the excitement from this short sentence, and couldn't help but said: "The township examination is over, and it's time to announce the results soon. Scholars like to wear blue shirts. How about making you a suit of this color?"

  Wen Jiuxiao was very moved, but said: "Does it look frivolous at my age?"

  Yu Zhi glanced at him, followed his words and said, "That's right, you should dress more solemnly at your age."

Wen Jiuxiao paused while drinking tea again, the corners of his mouth were bent, his face was expressionless, but he was in a bad mood visible to the naked eye. It's green."

  This person is trying to convey that he is not old at all? He didn't care about his age before, no wonder he wanted to be brighter and show his waist again. It's probably someone who accidentally poked his sore spot.

  Yu Zhi suppressed a smile and turned his face to the side, so duplicity, the awkward Wen Jiuxiao is too cute.

"Okay, then I'll make one for you too. No, two, you and Zhou Zhou have two green shirts. The third master has been practicing martial arts for a long time, and his figure is not fat at all. With wide shoulders and narrow waist, you are taller than our son If you wear it better, it will definitely look better than him." Yu Zhi praised vigorously, without conscience, "When the people who come to announce the good news see you standing with our son, they may think they are brothers."

   Speaking of the latter, Yu Zhi himself laughed.

  Wen Jiuxiao also laughed, but he agreed very much, "Indeed, there is such a possibility."

  He is obviously young and powerful, so how can he have anything to do with "old"? What kind of eyes did those officials think that he and Yu Xiaozhi were old couples and young wives.

  Hmph, he and Yu Xiaozhi are obviously a golden boy and a jade girl, a match made in heaven!

   With such poor eyesight, it's no wonder he couldn't get promoted.

   Didn't Wen Jiuxiao's carriage almost hit someone today? Later, although there were inspectors who took over the matter, the fault was caused by these officials. I was muttering something about "little wife", if it was just "little wife", it would be fine, but then I said "old husband and young wife"...

  Although Wen Jiuxiao was in the carriage, he could hear clearly.

  That's why there is such a release.

  Go to Xiaoxiang Academy to see the update!

   He Hezhen is very busy. The eldest daughter is going to compete in the science and art festival tomorrow, and she is favored by two teachers. One asks her to paint Chinese paintings, and the other asks her to dance. I'm too busy, so I can only choose to dance.

   The youngest son will sleep together tomorrow, so he has to prepare various things for him, and he has to buy a small flashlight. He said that he will go treasure hunting at night... I just don’t know if I will feel homesick if I live in kindergarten at night



  (end of this chapter)