MTL - Longevity: Starting From the Luck Entry


Authors : Egami view

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy , Xuanhuan

Chapters: 256

Last update: a year ago

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-> MTL Novel is a RAW Novel that is translated by using automatic Machine Translation (MTL), so we can translate the novels faster than human translation.

Jiang Yuan traveled to a fantasy world.His father was a big boss in the county, and he originally thought that he was rich and honored in brocade clothes.Unexpectedly, his father was robbed while walking the darts, and the whole army was wiped out.Overnight, everyone stared at the Wanguan family property left by his father.Fortunately, he has already awakened the luck panel, which can be used to upgrade his own luck talent by considering other people's innate luck.Strong body (white) extraordinary physique (green) dragon and tiger body (blue) ??? (gold)Outstanding savvy (green) ? ? ? (gold)[Longevity without Borders (Purple)]: Increase your lifespan for ten thousand years and keep your youth forever![Ancient double pupils (gold)]: Born with double pupils, the human emperor's vision is equivalent to the ancient human emperor alive, with peerless talent.[Five-color divine light (gold)]: Innate supernatural powers, once sacrificed, within the five elements, there is nothing that cannot be brushed and nothing that cannot be broken![Never fall into reincarnation (red)]: It is a taboo by nature, never fall into reincarnation, and can always keep the true spirit unaware of reincarnation and rebirth.The luck entries one by one constitute the peerless genius!And he also found that he could continuously gain innate luck and accumulate upgrades.Talent has become unrivaled in the past, and gradually embarked on the road of invincibility. - Description from novelbuddy