MTL - Rebirth 80: Xueba’s Wife is a Little Sweet


Authors : Yin family sixth

Status : Completed

Genres : Romance

Chapters: 1320

Last update: a year ago

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She was deceived into marriage, she was used as a nanny for free, and finally she was beaten to death by her adoptive mother in front of her adoptive father's bed. Shen Mianmian's miserable life came to an end.When he opened his eyes, he turned back to the age of fifteen. Shen Mianmian vowed to get rid of the fate of his past life and take care of his vicious cousin and adoptive mother, but he was accidentally brilliant.The third-to-last scumbag suddenly counterattacked and became the place that the famous universities competed for. The teachers and students of the school were in an uproarOthers are busy studying, Shen Mianmian is busy doing small business to make moneyOthers were preparing for the college entrance examination, but Shen Mianmian bought the two most famous haunted houses in Kyoto in one go She became an outlier in the eyes of everyone, laughing at her if she bought it with life, but not necessarily with life.Others were busy looking for jobs after graduation, but the haunted house purchased by Shen Mianmian was expropriated by the government and received a considerable amount of demolition money.The person who once laughed at her couldn't help but slapped herself I asked around where there were still haunted houses for sale.Shen Mianmian, who originally had to borrow all the tuition fees, took the demolition funds and used the advantages of rebirth to buy a suitable location, built a group rental building, and transformed himself into a fat and oily charter woman in KyotoOne day, Shen Mianmian was dragged to the Civil Affairs Bureau just after collecting the rent while carrying a bag of keys."Shen Mianmian, what you owe me should be repaid." - Description from novelbuddy