MTL - Rebirth 80: Xueba’s Wife is a Little Sweet-Chapter 1320 finale 3

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   Chapter 1320 Finale 3

   "I do."

   Li Shiping's eyes turned red. She knew that if she missed Ruan Yiqian, she would never meet such a good person in her life. No matter what the outcome was, she wanted to be as brave as Shen Mianmian once again.

   Ruan Yiqian raised his hand and touched her cheek, "I will protect you and Qiqi from now on."


  Li Shiping nodded, her eyes turned even redder.

There was a burst of happy applause around   , Ruan Yiqian led Li Shiping out of the restaurant.

   They didn't deliberately hide or inform anyone about their relationship. Li Shiping always wanted to tell Shen Mianmian about it, but felt that it was too hasty on the phone and wanted to tell her face to face.

   As soon as this matter was delayed, it was delayed until Shen Mianmian's role was completed. When everyone had a dinner that night, Ruan Yiqian announced the news. The sweet appearance of the two who were in love made Yang Xiaoxi's jaw sore.

Several people agreed with this, because they were happy, a few men drank a little too much at night, and a few women went into the room to chat, Li Shiping expressed her worries, "Mianmian, I'm afraid Auntie Ruan and Uncle Ruan will not accept me. past."

  Shen Mianmian smiled and comforted: "Sister Shiping, you are all free to marry now. As long as you are firm, you don't have to worry about anything. When I was with Brother He, there were people who objected. Don't you think you are very happy now?"

   "Yes, Sister Shiping, you must have confidence in Brother Ruan. When you get married, Feiyang and I will also get married, and we will have a semi-wedding together." Yang Xiao said thinly.

   "Don't you want to get married for the time being?" Li Shiping was a little strange. Yang Xiaoxi changed too fast. She had always resisted getting married before, but now she suddenly wants to get married. Could it be...

   She subconsciously looked at Yang Xiaoxi's belly.

   Yang Xiaoxian blushed, "Sister Shiping, where do you want to go, I'm not pregnant, but I recently discovered that Feiyang seems to be pretty good."

   Shen Mianmian and Li Shiping laughed.

  It’s great, everyone has found their own place.

   Several men drank until the early hours of the morning. When He Nan returned to his room, Shen Mianmian was already asleep. He kissed Mianmian's eyebrows lightly, and his eyes were full of pampering and doting.

   The next day.

   Shen Mianmian slept for a long time, and when he woke up, He Nan had already gone to work.

   Ma Fenyu took advantage of Shen Mianmian's time to eat breakfast, and brought back the newspaper from outside. Shen Mianmian was bored after breakfast, so he read it for a while, and finally saw a familiar name.

  【Chinese Tang Ling’s mental illness relapses and cuts her parents down】

  The following small print tells what happened.

Probably because Tang Ling had a plan to kill people and planned to return to China to implement it in the near future, but she was discovered by her parents and locked her at home. Tang Ling's mental breakdown completely broke out. , was finally caught...

   Shen Mianmian was stunned for a while, she had long felt that something was wrong with Tang Ling, but she didn't expect that Tang Ling left to come back, to let them relax their vigilance.

   "Mianmian, are you all right?" Ma Fenyu asked with concern, seeing that her face was not quite right.

   "I'm fine." Shen Mianmian recovered, shook his head, then picked up his phone and called He Nan, "Brother He."

   Hearing her tone was not quite right, He Nan frowned, "Have you seen the newspaper?"

   "Hmm." Shen Mianmian responded lightly.

   "Her parents are all right. She was slightly injured. She was also sent to a mental hospital. She won't be released if it doesn't get better. Don't be afraid." He Nan lightly comforted her.

After    hung up the phone, it didn't take long for someone to appear at the door of the house, Shen Mianmian's heart warmed, and she stepped forward and hugged him tightly.

"What's wrong?"

  Han Nan rubbed her hair with a doting tone.

   "Nothing, Brother He, it's nice to have you."

   Hearing the breath on his body, Shen Mianmian felt very at ease. In this life, she finally succeeded in changing her destiny and was happy in her life.

   (end of this chapter)