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“I haven’t gone anywhere, but the room is stuffy, so I went outside to get some fresh air.”

After hearing what the monkey said, Lu Xiaoxiao looked at the monkey suspiciously and saw the envelope in the monkey's hand. She asked, "What are you holding in your hand?"


 “Bring it over and show it to me.”

“There’s really nothing, I just picked it up in the corridor outside.”

“Since it was picked up, I’ll see if there’s nothing wrong with it.”

After hearing what Lu Xiaoxiao said, the monkey calculated the time for Zhang Xu to leave. Seeing that it was enough time for Zhang Xu to return to the underground venue, he handed the envelope in his hand to Lu Xiaoxiao.

He opened his mouth again and said to Lu Xiaoxiao: "Actually, this letter was given to me by the boss."

 “What about others?”

"already left."

Lu Xiaoxiao didn't understand anything after hearing what the monkey said. Her face turned dark immediately. Then she glared at the monkey angrily and opened the envelope to read the letter.

After she read the letter, she felt even more angry, so she directly crumpled the letter into a ball and threw it on the monkey, and then said to the monkey: "You two are really good."

"Master Xiao, the boss is doing it for your own good. How about we leave here tomorrow?"

 “If you want to leave, you go, I will definitely not leave here.”

“The boss said you will leave here with me after reading the letter.”

“You said it was Zhang Xu who said it, so go find him to reason with him.”

Hanghou immediately didn't know what to do after hearing Lu Xiaoxiao's words. If he had known that he would not have passed the message for Zhang Xu, he would not be so embarrassed now.

But since he promised Zhang Xu to take Lu Xiaoxiao out of here tomorrow, he must do it.

So he thought about it and said to Lu Xiaoxiao: "Master Xiao, boss and the others have a mission, so they must stay in the underground field. When their mission is over, they will leave the underground field immediately. So we are not here. You’ve caused trouble to them, can we go back and wait for them?”

"No, I have to stay here, but we can make Zhang Xu think that we have left, so that it will not affect him."

 “Are you sure this works?”

“Of course I’m sure. If you don’t believe me, try it?”

 “Just give it a try.”

"Wait for me, I'll get something." After Lu Xiaoxiao finished speaking, she walked towards her bag.

After she smuggled the things she needed out of the space with the help of her bag, she walked toward the monkey with the smuggled things in her arms.

When she walked up to the monkey, she said to him: "Sit down and I will change your appearance."

 “What about a makeover? Please explain it clearly to me.”

 “You’ll know in a moment, don’t move now.”

After hearing what Lu Xiaoxiao said, the monkey said hello, and he sat on the sofa motionless.

More than half an hour later, Lu Xiaoxiao looked at the completely new monkey and nodded with satisfaction. Then he said to the monkey: "Go to the bathroom and take a look at your new look."

 “Okay.” After the monkey finished speaking, he immediately ran towards the bathroom.

After he ran into the bathroom, he saw an unfamiliar face appear in the bathroom mirror, which shocked him.

 But when he saw the strange face in the mirror making the same expression as his, he realized that the person in the mirror was him.

Thinking of this, he suddenly lost his composure, and immediately rushed out of the bathroom and asked Lu Xiaoxiao: "Master Xiao, how did you do that?"