My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!-Chapter 2777 Spiritual Plant

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Chapter 2777 Spiritual Plant

The Little Fatty tightly grasped the sand brambles in his hand and swiftly flicked his wrist.

Slap! It left a distinct mark on the desert terrain, causing hidden thorns to swish out from the sand and brambles.

With a mere thought, those concealed thorns converged from all directions, attaching themselves back onto the brambles.

The Little Fatty was astonished by this revelation.

"These brambles can be reused!" he exclaimed.

Qiao Mu nodded, her petite head bobbing. "Keep them well. In crucial moments, they might prove unexpectedly useful. Fire below a level-seven spiritual fire cannot incinerate them."

"Okay!" Everyone happily stashed away the sand brambles.

Even Duan Yue and Mo Lian found it somewhat amusing and decided to keep a piece each.

"Is the flow of time here the same as on Fish Orchid Planet?" The Little Fatty inquired.

Qiao Mu nodded in affirmation. "Yes, it is."

She was already contemplating the idea of relocating her crane, Huanghe, here. In that case, it could effortlessly wreak havoc by exploding cauldrons while she concocted pills!

Meanwhile, on Fish Orchid Planet's deserted island, Fairy Huanghe, tirelessly refining concoctions, inexplicably shuddered and sneezed.

Huanghe pondered, /Why do I have a foreboding feeling?/

Qiao Mu returned to the vicinity of Paradise Planet's treehouse, dug a pit, filled it with water, and indulged in a refreshing bath. Later, she instructed the sapling to cover up the pit.

After changing into clean clothes back at the treehouse, they departed from the Star Domain alongside the others.

"We need to accelerate our journey," The Little Fatty exclaimed with a facepalm. "Tomorrow is March 15th!"

In other words, if they didn't hurry, they might truly miss the registration and testing deadline!

Qiao Mu swiftly suggested, "Then let's set off."

Duan Yue nodded. Just as he was about to retract his defensive barrier, a rather clueless individual clumsily collided with him through the transparent barrier.

Even through the barrier, the audible thud was unmistakable.

Everyone couldn't help but feel exasperated.

The clumsy person picked themselves up from the ground and leaped up, their head towering more than 20 feet above the ground.

Little Fatty and his companions couldn't help but shield their eyes with their hands.

With another resounding thud, this individual crashed into the barrier once more, before sliding down and tumbling to the ground.

Dusting off his backside, the young man stood up. Positioned outside the barrier, he realized it was obstructed by what appeared to be a quilt, preventing him from seeing who was inside.

Puzzled, he flicked the barrier in front of him.

The petite stoic girl approached and peered at the young man through the barrier.

She was actually rather attractive, with delicate features that seemed somewhat familiar.

"Isn't this Nine Qin…" Duan Yue recognized him and let out an exasperated sigh.

Their defensive barrier had been in place here for several days. Even someone not particularly astute would have known to circumnavigate this area.

"Do you really think you can fly out of the defensive barrier's range by going higher?" Duan Yue couldn't help but find the situation comical.

Duan Yue and Mo Lian had established a dual-layered defensive barrier. Not only would a group of individuals with spiritual realm cultivation be unable to break through, but even divine realm experts would have to carefully consider whether attempting to breach it would result in a detrimental backlash.

The petite stoic girl furrowed her brows, and an involuntary frown appeared at the corner of her petite mouth.

/He was likely not in a pleasant mood upon hearing the Qin surname!/

"Why is there a defensive barrier here?" The individual muttered to himself, "What an incredibly strong barrier! Can I even break through it?"

After taking a few steps alongside the defensive barrier, this individual gathered all the spiritual energy within him and made a determined charge forward.

Qi Xuanxuan stared at him, dumbfounded, as if he were a complete fool.