My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!-Chapter 2776 Cute Little Fellows

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Chapter 2776 Cute Little Fellows

Miss Qiao regarded everyone with indifference.

Little Fatty couldn't contain his laughter.

"Don't pretend, Qiaoqiao. We can all see Dottie's excitement in your eyes," he remarked.

"What's with that smug smile?" The others immediately turned to chastise Little Fatty. As they turned, they hastily put on smiles of their own.

Little Fatty stared at his two-faced teammates in bewilderment.

Turning back to face Qiao Mu, they adopted serious expressions and offered words of encouragement. "Just make sure you advance to the next level smoothly."

Qiao Mu pursed her lips and responded with a simple "yes."

Everyone suddenly found it difficult to continue the conversation with the young girl.

Several pairs of eyes shifted towards Crown Prince Mo, who wore a radiant smile.

Crown Prince Mo stepped forward and gently held Qiao Mu's petite hand. "Qiaoqiao, are you hungry? Would you like something to eat before we depart?"

Qiao Mu looked down at herself, feeling self-conscious about her less-than-fresh state. She hadn't had the opportunity to bathe in several days, yet this man still reached out to hold her hand. She couldn't help but feel a bit embarrassed.

Her bright eyes sparkled as she responded, "Let me take you somewhere."

Curiosity filled the air. "Where?" everyone wondered.

In the next instant, the stars shifted before them, and they all found themselves in a vast desert.

Gasps of astonishment filled the air as they beheld the boundless desert with swirling yellow sand.

"Oh my, what is this place?" Qi Xuanxuan exclaimed in awe. "Is this like that sea?"

Qiao Mu nodded, her petite head bobbing with a hint of delight in her eyes. However, before she could take any action, they noticed dust swirling at the end of the desert.

As they approached, an eerie feeling settled over everyone. Countless sand scorpions of varying sizes emerged from the depths of the desert, forming a formidable line about one-third of a meter away from the group, resembling an army on the move.

Qi Xuanxuan shivered.

"If these little critters decide to swarm us, we'll be buried under an avalanche," someone muttered in concern.

But the desert held more than just sand scorpions; it concealed snakes, insects, rats, and ants, promising endless surprises.

Qiao Mu extended her small hand, revealing a peculiar celestial sphere.

"This is a commonly encountered spiritual plant," Qiao Mu explained before tossing the celestial sphere into the air.

In an instant, the countless thorns on the celestial sphere detached themselves and shot toward them. Yet, in this desert, Qiao Mu's presence was godlike, rendering these creatures powerless to harm her.

Just as the thorns came within a foot's reach, they all dropped to the ground, swept away by the swirling yellow sand.

After a tense moment, Little Fatty and the others finally breathed a sigh of relief. When they turned their gazes toward Qiao Mu, excitement overcame them.

"Qiaoqiao, you're incredible!"

"Are there any more of these spiritual plants we can use?"

After a brief pause, Qiao Mu harnessed her divine consciousness, producing several sand brambles in her hands.

"These are for you to use," she said, offering them to her companions. They observed that the brambles were covered in thorns and barbs, yet the ones they held felt surprisingly pliable and harmless.

After Qiao Mu tamed these spiritual plants with her divine conscious, she could distribute them to everyone to use. It was very simple, and they didn't need to contract with them. Besides, even if they ended up in other people's hands, it was useless to other people.