My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Translation )-Chapter 2603 - 2683, The Final , 4000 Words

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Lin Lei smiled. "since we've gathered all of them, I'll leave with you immediately. If you want to settle it, then settle it as soon as possible. "

She did not say the next sentence. If she wanted to die, then they would die together. If she was left alone, she really could not live alone.

Song Yi nodded and then looked at the children.

"I'll tear open the void now and send you all out first. "

Everyone nodded.

At this moment, a black hole suddenly appeared above their heads and sucked everyone in.

The power was too strong, and Song Yi had no time to stop it.

Then, everyone lost consciousness.

After an unknown amount of time, great changes happened outside. Spirit world, DEMON WORLD, Netherworld... ... And so on ...

The heavenly Dao blessed many people, allowing them to increase their cultivation.

Those who were about to die also gained a new life... ...

The spirit monarch looked at the golden light in the sky and knelt on the ground for a long time.

People like him were everywhere. Everyone knelt until the golden light in the sky disappeared.

Line of Heaven.

When everyone woke up again, they were already at the entrance of the mystic realm.

The mystic realm was already closed, as if it had never been opened.

Izzy searched through the crowd, but he did not find Song Chenxi. He thought of the black hole at the last moment. He began to feel uneasy.

"everyone, look at the sky. Is there an exit? " Someone shouted from the crowd.

Izzy looked up at the sky. Indeed, a time tunnel had appeared.

"If we go out from this intersection, will we be outside? "

"I don't know! "

The crowd was restless. Some people had stayed here for their entire lives. Now that they were faced with a choice, they didn't know what to do. They had to make a good choice.

Izzy looked at the exit in the sky and flew up. He wanted to go out and see the outside world. Only by going out could he meet them again.

There were many people who went out of the exit.

The exit didn't stay for long. It closed again in about 15 minutes.

Those who didn't make a decision were filled with regret.


Song Yi opened his eyes and saw a sea of red flowers around him.

Where was Lin Lei Where were the children?

Song Yi stood up and wanted to find them.

At the same time, Lin Lei also woke up. Then she found herself in a water area.

She swam from the water to the top and found that she was surrounded by a sea of red flowers.

Song Yi sensed Lin Lei's aura flying to the water from afar.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. They were both worried that something would happen to each other.

Lin Lei saw Song Yi and immediately reached out her hand. "quickly pull me out. We have to find the child. "

Song Yi nodded and pulled Lin Lei out of the water.

Lin Lei's body was completely soaked. She used a cleaning spell to dry all the water on her body.

"Wife, do you know where we are? "

"I don't know. When I woke up, I was already in the water. There is no end to this place. The surroundings are filled with fiery-red spider lilies. Could it be that we have gone to hell? "

The spider lilies were commonly known as the flower of Hell. They could also be called the flower of rebirth. The fiery-red scene was extremely spectacular.

Song Yi said, "The flower of Hell has never appeared in my memories. "

Lin Lei was about to speak when a man's voice came from the sky. "Ye Qingming, Yun Xi, you have won the bet. The new heavenly axiom will be rewritten by you in the future. "

Song Yi and Lin Lei looked at each other in disbelief.

"You don't have to doubt it. Actually, everything is a test for you. The heavenly axiom enforcer must have a sense of responsibility... "

Lin Lei's eyes brightened as she continued to ramble on. The heavenly axiom had said so much just to tell them that they had already won this battle.

They had thought that there would be a big battle, but nothing had happened.

After Song Yi knew that he was capable, he checked the child's location and saw that they were already in the spirit realm. They were on their way to the spirit palace.

[ I've said so much, have you all remembered it clearly? ]

Song Yi waved his hand towards the sky. "You can leave now. I don't want to listen to you anymore. "

TIANDAO: ... ...

Forget it, he had already said what he needed to say. In the future, the rules of Tiandao would no longer concern himself.

After living for so many years, he could finally unload the burden on his shoulders. Tiandao was very excited. He wanted to find a good place and live a normal life. God knows what he had been through all these years... ...

Lin Lei tugged at Song Yi's Sleeve. "Hubby, I'm not dreaming, right? I won just like that. "

Song Yi: "You're not dreaming. The four great ancient divine beasts have already returned to their places. I'm the new law enforcer of Tiandao. "

Lin Lei: "Then what will you be managing in the future? Will you be very busy? "

Song Yi smiled and said, "I've already considered it very clearly. The new Tiandao has already been formed. We'll just follow the previous rules. If anything really happens, we'll deal with it. "

Lin Lei nodded. "MM! Your thoughts coincide with mine. The forefathers plant trees, and the future generations enjoy the shade. We don't need to worry so much. We just need to live our little lives well. "


The heavenly axiom had already chosen a suitable place to reincarnate. He had long wanted to experience the feeling of being a human. He did not hear what Lin Lei and Song Yi said. If he had heard it, he would have been so angry that he would have vomited blood.

Song Yi was the heavenly axiom's enforcer, so his cultivation level was automatically raised to the maximum level. This was the happiest thing for him. This way, he could protect Lin Lei forever.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed, and everything returned to normal. Song Yi and Lin Lei held a wedding for their children on this day.

A grand wedding was held in the spirit world. Song Yi and Lin Lei looked at their four children and held the wedding on the same day. It caused a huge sensation. Many people came to celebrate in the spirit world, the demon world, and the Netherworld.

At this moment, Lin Lei felt that she was really a little old.

Song Yi lowered his voice. "Wife, the children have already found a home. Can we find a place to rest for the rest of our lives? "

"... where do you want to go?"Lin Lei was first shocked, then delighted All these years, they rarely had the chance to be alone together ...

The children had already gotten married, and even Zhui Feng and Nangong Yuying were together. They really didn't have anything to worry about.

Song Yi said, "find a quiet place, just the two of us, and don't let there be a third person.

"I won't bring Xiao Mi and the others, what do you think? ''

Lin Lei smiled and said, "okay, then we won't bring anyone, just the two of us. "

Song Chenyang, Song Chenguang, and Lin Chenfeng were dressed in red groom's gowns and were toasting the guests. They were very happy with their wedding today and had finally gotten a wife.

Song Chenyang said, "why do I feel that my parents' expressions aren't right? Are they hiding something from us? "

Lin Chenfeng said, "what could they be hiding from us? Everything has already been settled. "

Song Chenguang said, "that's right, third brother, you're thinking too much. "

In the wedding room.

As an experienced driver, Song Chenxi was brainwashing her two sisters-in-law.

"You must remember that you can't coddle them in that matter. If you take a step back, you're dead. "

Xuanyuan Xiaoxiao and Wen Xiaoxiao were wearing red wedding clothes as they listened to their sister-in-law talk about men and women. Her words made their faces turn red... ...

The Servant girl gently pushed open the door and whispered, "Miss, the guests outside have all left. The son-in-law and the others will be back soon. Shouldn't you go back to the wedding room? "

Song Chenxi immediately stood up and tidied up her clothes before covering her head. She had become a dignified bride again. She had dug a hole for her eldest brother and second brother today to see how they would successfully consummate their marriage tonight.

"eldest sister-in-law, second sister-in-law, you must remember what I said!

I'm going back to the wedding room. You guys take care of yourselves!"

Xuanyuan Xiaoxiao and Wen Xiaoxiao looked at each other and then began to tidy up their clothes. The wedding room they were in now belonged to Wen Xiaoxiao.

After Song Chenxi Left, Xuanyuan Xiaoxiao also returned to the wedding room with the help of the servant girl.

Wen Xiaoxiao sat alone in the wedding room. When she thought of all the things that Song Chenxi had said, she immediately blushed.

With a bang, the door was pushed open. There was a veil on her head. She did not know who had entered As her footsteps approached, she knew that it was Lin Chenfeng.

"Xiaoxiao, I've finally married you. " Lin Chenfeng sighed and then reached out to take the veil off.

The woman's beautiful face was even more attractive than usual after being dressed up today.

"Chenfeng... " Wen Xiaoxiao shouted.

"Xiaoxiao... " Lin Chenfeng lowered his head and kissed her after shouting.

Something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something something.

Wen Xiaoxiao was dizzy from the kiss. When she thought of her sister-in-law's instructions, she felt a piercing pain and swallowed the words that she wanted to say.

The same thing happened at Xuanyuan Xiaoxiao's place. As the bed swayed, every time she wanted to refute, her mouth would be gagged.

Song Chenxi didn't have a good time either. Although she and Song Chenyang already had that layer of relationship. But she only had two experiences. Today was their wedding night.

Song Chenyang completely let go, and the bed made creaking sounds.


At this moment, Lin Lei left a letter for the four children. Then, she ran away with Song Yi.

The contents of the letter told them that the spirit world, the demon world, and the Netherworld would be managed by them from now on.

Because Xuanyuan Xiaoxiao and Wen Xiaoxiao were both from frontline heaven. Song Yi made a new rule for frontline heaven. Every 100 years, the cave entrance would open automatically.

Then, they would have three days to meet their loved ones. Although the time was a little short, it was better than nothing.

When the four of them saw the letter, they were so angry that they could not speak. Being abandoned by their parents made them feel disappointed.

Song Chenxi said with despair, "I was abandoned by my father. It's all your fault for being so late last night. If only I could have woken up earlier. "

Song Chenyang smiled and said, "actually, father had planned it long ago. What's the use of blaming me? "

Wen Xiaoxiao and Xuanyuan Xiaoxiao were extremely excited when they heard the letter mention that the one-lane sky crossing would open once every 100 years.

Wen Xiaoxiao thought of her brother and grabbed Lin Chenfeng's sleeve. "when the entrance opens next time, I'll go back to see my brother. "

Lin Chenfeng hurriedly nodded. "Yes, my dear wife. I'll listen to you and accompany you to see your brother.

But you have to promise me that after seeing your brother, you'll definitely come back with me."

Wen Xiaoxiao nodded. "Of course I'll come back with you. Have you forgotten about our contract? We're already married now, and the contract is even stronger than before. "

Lin Chenfeng was relieved after hearing that. It seemed that the contract had its benefits.

Xuanyuan Xiaoxiao thought of her father, and her tears flowed uncontrollably. Although this place was very good, she missed her father so much.

"Xiaoxiao, when the entrance opens next time, I'll definitely bring you to see your father, " Song Chenguang promised confidently.

Xuanyuan Xiaoxiao giggled. She felt that she was very happy now.


In the city.

Izzy had opened another inn. The woman he loved had gotten married last night. He had used the alcohol to drink the entire night. It was not the right time to meet the right person. He was filled with emotions.

No matter what, he was willing to bless Song Chenxi. He hoped that he would always be so happy.


Out of the deep mountains.

Lin Lei was already regretting it. When she came here with Song Yi, all she did was eat and cook every day.

A man was like a hungry wolf that could not be fed. She had already become a bone in his mouth.

"Song Yi, if you torture me tonight, I will run away from home, " Lin Lei said weakly. She needed to rest well. At least for three days and three nights.

Song Yi fastened his belt. "Wife, don't even think about it. You won't be able to walk out of here. "

Lin Lei was so angry that she slapped the bed. Her current connection with the space was only limited to taking things from inside.

Xiao Mi wasn't around, so she had no way to contend with Song Yi... ...

Song Yi left the house feeling refreshed. He had found this place by accident. The spiritual energy was very abundant. The mountains were clear and the water was beautiful. There were many vegetables planted at the door. There were rabbits and pheasants in the forest. He could just grab whatever he wanted to eat and cook it.

His ideal life was now like this. No one would disturb them anymore.


Xiao Mi was lying on the bed at this moment and sneezed three times in a row.

"Stone, why do I feel like sister is thinking about me? Are you blaming me for not attending the wedding? "

A glimmer of confusion flashed in little stone's eyes and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"Xiao Mi, you're thinking too much. We've already sent the gifts over. It's not convenient for you to walk now. How are you going to attend the wedding.

"after the children are born, we'll go to the spirit world to see them. "

Xiao MI touched her big belly and nodded slightly. Even if she thought about it now, she couldn't do anything about it. Who asked her to have three BABY LUMPS IN HER BELLY!

Little stone knew that Xiao Mi's attention had been drawn away by the baby again. He let out a sigh of relief. He remembered that not long ago, Song Yi had talked to him alone.

Xiao MI and Lin Lei had to separate, or the space would automatically fall off and form an independent world.

He didn't want Xiao Mi to leave him, so he could only listen to Song Yi and didn't bring her to the wedding.

He had just received news that Song Yi and Lin Lei had left a letter and disappeared. He didn't want Xiao Mi to worry, so he didn't tell her about it... ...

The end of the story had come. Perhaps this ending was a little rushed and didn't write in too much detail. Everyone had a perfect ending.

The next book was expected to be written in April, and it would be the end of the world. However, Ben Da wouldn't save the end of the world anymore... ...

It would still be the sweetest, military marriage. I hope everyone will continue to support me when the time comes Next, I would revise the book and correct the punctuation and Typos in the front. First Time writing a book, thank you accompany me all the way to the end!

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