My Simulated Road to Immortality-Chapter 156 - 145: The Mysterious Ways of Fate

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Chapter 156: Chapter 145: The Mysterious Ways of Fate

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The so-called Lan Yu Sect does not refer to the descendants of Immortal Lan


Rather, it specifically refers to the vast powers associated with Immortal Lan Yu that have grown inextricably.

Immortal Lan Yu ruled Yuandao State for thousands of years, with countless cultivators under his command.

They occupied key positions in the Alliance of Thousands of Immortals of

Yuandao State.

Although Immortal Lan Yu has fallen, the Lan Yu Sect remains unshakable.

It still has absolute rule, and others cannot move it in the slightest.

However, there are no challengers from the outside.

Among the Lan Yu Sect, internal strife began to stir.

The root cause is that everyone wants to be in charge.

When Immortal Lan Yu was alive, everyone naturally respected him. But now, with the Immortal fallen,

None of the various factions within Lan Yu respect each other.

To seize the position of the speaker, they began to fight fiercely.

At one point, a God Transforming Cultivator even fell as a result.

As for the number of Nascent Souls and Golden Cores that died, they were countless.

The remaining forces of Yuandao State watched the internal conflict within the Lan Yu Sect.

Without a leader, they were seriously injured.

Thus, they all developed their own plans.

They secretly formed alliances and took advantage of the chaos to divide up the territories of the Lan Yu Sect.

Especially the lucrative positions of the Array Strategy Hall supervisor and the Symbol Hall’s procurement, which were ruthlessly snatched away by them. The Lan Yu Sect woke up when the others saw that it had lost a large piece.

All the factions were finally willing to sit down and talk properly.

After some discussion, it was decided by all factions that whoever could obtain the “Tiandu Transformation Technique” would be seen as the leader by all.

Originally, they were all at the God Transformation Stage.

It’s not that whoever fights the best will win everyone’s favor.

Factors such as personal connections and controlled resources must also be considered.

But under the constant pressure from outside, the factions of Lan Yu urgently need to end the internal troubles and elect a leader.

And the will of Immortal Lan Yu became the point that everyone agreed on.

The Unity of Dao True Technique is incomparably noble.

Furthermore, it has now become the leading staff of the Lan Yu Sect.

The intensity of the struggle can be imagined.

Seven years have passed, and there is still no final winner.

There are two peerless geniuses whose strengths are evenly matched and hard to distinguish.

One is named Du Guxi, and the other is named Du Gushi.

Both of them are cultivators at the God Transformation Stage and are twin brothers adopted by Immortal Lan Yu more than five hundred years ago.

They are gifted and talented, and have both accomplished the God Transformation Stage within five hundred years.

During this fierce competition, countless cultivators scrambled for the “Tiandu Transformation Technique,” but in the end, it was these two brothers who had the last laugh.

But even brothers can’t share the Unity of Dao True Technique.

These two have fought dozens of times over the years and still haven’t settled the outcome.

God Transformation Stage fights are extremely rare.

Let alone top-level experts like the Du Gu brothers at the God Transformation Stage.

So every time they compete, they attract countless cultivators to watch.

After listening to Feng Shu’s introduction, Li Fan nodded slowly.

“When I came, I saw two groups of people fighting for the Lan Yu Relic from afar. I wonder what this Lan Yu Relic is?”

Feng Mu explained, “Before Immortal Lan Yu fell, aside from setting up the inheritance of his techniques, he also put all his possessions into little blue boxes. He scattered these throughout Yuandao State, leaving them to the destined ones.”

“These blue boxes are what people call Lan Yu Relics. Although they were left by an Immortal, the items inside the boxes can be anything. It could be a powerful Magic Treasure, or it could be a mundane jade pendant.”

“After all, these are external possessions and are not as valuable as the Unity of Dao True Technique. Therefore, the attention they attract is far less than that of the ‘Tiandu Transformation Technique’.” “But it still caused quite a bloody storm.”

Feng Mu sighed.

The two were already at the place where Du Guxi and Du Gushi were fighting as they talked.

It was a circular building made of white jade, suspended in the sky, known as the Heavenly Capital Martial Arts Arena.

It was said that it was built by the Immortal Lan Yu himself for his subordinates to spar.

Once the combatants enter, the white jade becomes transparent, projecting the scene inside the arena onto the sky dome. (f)reenovelkiss

This allows cultivators outside to clearly see everything happening within the Martial Arts Arena.

The arena itself forms a space, incredibly sturdy.

Even cultivators at the God Transformation Stage can use their full strength without restraint, without worrying about causing damage.

After the end of the battle, the white jade emits pure white light to heal the injuries of the combatants quickly.

Every feature is designed for the martial contest.

At this moment, numerous cultivators have already gathered around the Heavenly Capital Martial Arts Arena to watch.

They all were looking up, pointing, and gossiping with each other. On the Sky Dome, the scene of the Du brothers’ battle occupied most of the vault of heaven.

“The one in white is Du Guxi, and the one in black is Du Gushi.” Feng Mu, Imowing it was Li Fan’s first time here, kindly explained to him.

Li Fan looked from afar, only to see both figures crisscrossing, barely able to see the two black and white threads intertwining.

Each collusion formed a strange twisted vortex.

The vortex would calm down after a moment.

But with the continuous exchanges of the Du brothers, the vortex in the Martial Arts Arena never ceased.

It seemed like a very dangerous area of waters.

Compared to the simple and brutal battle scene between the incarnates from the Misthaven Ocean, this battle between the Du brothers seemed a tad bit more abstract.

But gradually, Li Fan also figured out the tactics used by them.

Du Guxi used defence as an offense; his offense and defense were perfectly balanced.

As for Du Gushi, he was very sharp and extremely offensive.

Both of them have similar strengths, and they probably knew each other quite well.

No wonder they had fought so many rounds but still couldn’t determine the victor.

The fierce battle was underway in the sky.

The cultivators below were watching with great interest.

At this moment, Li Fan noticed the expression on the face of Feng Mu next to him suddenly becoming weird.

Just as he was curious, a conversation slowly floated into his ears.

“Born of the same mother, they should be loving each other. Now, they are fighting each other for a technique. Alas, even though they are at the God Transformation Stage, I still look down upon them!” freeweb novel. com

“My brother’s words are a joke, that’s the Unity of Dao True Technique. Its preciousness is not something us mere Foundation Establishment cultivators can comprehend!”

“What about the Unity-Path technique? Is it the only one in the world? We two sworn brothers are always thinking about each other. Why can’t they do the same being biological brothers?”


“Wiat, why are you making that face, my brother? You just rest assured, if we find a technique one day, no matter how precious it is, I will definitely give it to you first. I won’t compete with you!”

The way they were talking was upright and just, causing others to admire and respect them.

Li Fan felt that their words sounded somewhat familiar.

He quickly looked in the direction the voices were coming from.

When he saw the faces of the two, even he, who was usually so composed, couldn’t help but laugh out.

It turned out that these two men were acquaintances of Li Fan.

They were: Kou Hong!

And Dao Xuanzi!

In this life, they met almost twenty years ahead of schedule.

Li Fan couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

“It really is….”

“Destiny, it is truly mysterious..”

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