My Simulated Road to Immortality-Chapter 157 - 146: Purchasing Thousands of Immortal Array Banners

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Chapter 157: Chapter 146: Purchasing Thousands of Immortal Array Banners

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Li Fan was having private sighs here, but his light laughter just now aroused Kou Hong’s dissatisfaction.

He flew over, staring at Li Fan, his tone was not good: “Fellow Taoist, why are you laughing?”

Feng Mu’s face changed; this foundation establishment cultivator did not seem to be someone easy to provoke.

He seemed to suggest handling things with force.

Li Fan, however, was not afraid, he sighed deeply and said: “Fellow Taoist, you do not know, I usually consider my knowledge wide-ranging, but I did not anticipate that today’s Immortal Cultivation World still had cultivators like you who have high moral character and are not distracted by techniques.”

“I feel so ashamed!”

“May I know the fellow Taoist’s name?”

Li Fan was deliberately asking.

Upon hearing this, Kou Hong softened his expression a bit and proudly said: “My name is Kou Hong.”

Then he pointed to Dao Xuanzi next to him and said: “This is my brother, Dao Xuanzi. ”

Dao Xuanzi did not come over, he was just watching Li Fan and Feng Mu from afar, nodding slightly.

Li Fan became serious and said: “I didn’t realise it was Kou Hong and Dao

Xuanzi in person! I’ve heard so much about you!”

Kou Hong saw Li Fan’s reaction and was a bit puzzled. Then he looked at Li Fan with suspicion, not quite believing: “Have you heard of us brothers?” Dao Xuanzi was also a little stunned and took a closer look at Li Fan.

Unfortunately, the other party used an Invisible Talisman to hide his cultivation, so they couldn’t see his real abilities.

“Of course. Kou Hong is proficient in Taoist techniques and the Way of Artifact Refining; and Dao Xuanzi has a transcendent level of swordsmanship, with a Rusted Sword Dao Xuan’s unmatched power. How could I not have heard of it.” Li Fan replied seriously.

Kou Hong and Dao Xuanzi were flushed with embarrassment.

Dao Xuanzi quickly came over and said: “Fellow Taoist, speak softly. The two God Transforming Immortal Monarchs are still fighting above us, such compliments are not appropriate.”

However, Kou Hong quickly regained his composure and was overjoyed: didn’t expect our brothers’ reputation to reach Yuandao State.”

“May I know your name, friend?”

“My name is Li Fan.”

The two of them immediately struck up a conversation.

The more they talked, the more Kou Hong found Li Fan agreeable.

The topics and temperaments were all to Kou Hong’s taste.

It felt like a natural best friend, and they had endless common topics.

Moreover, this person’s claim of being well-experienced was not an empty boast.

He effortlessly listed various secrets of the Immortal Cultivation World, many

of which were unheard of by Kou Hong and Dao Xuanzi.

Array Techniques, Refining Tools, Spirit symbols, Elixirs, this person seems to have dabbled in everything.

Especially in the field of Array Techniques, his attainment was remarkable.

Kou Hong was fond of Refining Tools and knew a bit about Array Techniques.

But compared with this person, it’s like an apprentice and a master, there’s too much difference.

This person’s words were often like a sudden enlightenment, resolving all kinds of confusion that Kou Hong had encountered in his self-study of Array Techniques.

It left a deep impression on Kou Hong, leaving him in awe.

Moreover, different from the interaction with Dao Xuanzi.

During the conversation, Li Fan would occasionally throw out seemingly unintentional flattery.

This made Kou Hong feel elated and uncontrollably satisfied.

As a result, he found him increasingly pleasant, a feeling of instant camaraderie emerged.

Dao Xuanzi kept quiet on the side while listening to their conversation, nodding occasionally as he agreed with them.

Feng Mu looked at this scene and found it strange. But this strangeness disappeared instantly, very well hidden, undetected by Dao Xuanzi and Kou Hong.

In this way, the group chatted while watching the battle.

The Battle of Gods continued for another two days, during which they kept chatting without a break.

Two days later, the Battle of Gods above their heads finally came to a temporary end.

However, there was still no clear victor.

Du Guxi and Du Gushi agreed to battle again in a year’s time.

Soon afterwards, each of them transformed into a beam of light, leaving the Heavenly Capital Martial Arts Arena one after the other.

As the fight came to an end, the numerous spectators also gradually departed.

“I plan to return to Yuandao City, how about we go together, brothers?” Li Fan asked warmly at that moment.

Kou Hong too felt that things weren’t quite settled, he was about to agree.

However, seeing Dao Xuanzi’s eyes signal him, he could not help but regretfully say, “We’ve got some matters to attend to, so we won’t head back for now.”

“Next time we get a chance, let’s sit and have a good chat.”

“Absolutely, I’ll be sure to join you!” Li Fan answered decisively.

After they had exchanged Communication Talismans, Kou Hong and Dao Xuanzi watched Li Fan as he left, and could not help sighing, “I never expected to meet such a confidant in this Dao Origin State.”

“If we had met just a hundred or two hundred years earlier, we three could certainly have become sworn brothers,” agreed Dao Xuanzi.

“What a pity, that Lan Yu relic location only has two items. Otherwise, inviting him to join us wouldn’t have been a bad idea.”

“The Lan Yu relic again, and here I thought they found the cave mansion with ‘The Golden Seal of the Jade Realm of a Thousand Mechanisms”‘

“But on second thoughts, it’s still too early for them to discover this technique.”

Li Fan, who had departed, sensed the images from the Heaven and Earth’s Perception, feeling somewhat regretful.

Getting chummy with Kou Hong was naturally Li Fan’s way of preparing for the future.

Li Fan hadn’t forgotten, this technique he was currently primarily cultivating, would be discovered by these two approximately twenty years later.

In such a short time, it was unlikely that Li Fan would be able to reach the final stage of Foundation Establishment.

He and Kou Hong were getting along like a house on fire, almost as if they wished to become sworn brothers on the spot.

Therefore, to prevent a tragedy of brotherly strife from occurring,

Li Fan would have to find an opportunity to get rid of these two beforehand.

Upon returning, Feng Mu kept glancing at Li Fan, wistfully. Eventually, he didn’t say anything and they parted ways after reaching Yuandao City.

Li Fan headed straight to the Tianxuan Mirror.

He came to Yuandao City this time around to purchase some defensive Array Techniques.

Given Li Fan’s current status in terms of array techniques, he could fool Kou Hong with a few words, but if he really wanted to set up a Great Array that could resist enemies, he’d be out of his depth.

Currently, Li Fan still had 14600 contribution points left. freewebnove

To ensure absolute safety for advancing to the Foundation Establishment and for the further needs of guarding the Cave Mansion and protecting the Dao Rhyme antique,

Li Fan decided to spend big, buying an Array that can withstand the attack of a Gold Core expert.

He started picking right away in the Tianxuan Realm.

Before long, Li Fan noticed the description of one of the items on sale and his eyes lit up. freew ebnove

“Thousands of Immortal Array Banners.”

“A set of 365 array banners that can make up a miniature Immortal Method Formation covering the largest territory of about 30 miles. Even the Perfect

Golden Core cultivator cannot break through it.”

“When all the array banners are displayed, the covered area is considered to be under the protection of the Alliance of Thousands of Immortals.”

“Any unprovoked attacker will be hunted down by the Fairy Alliance Martial Arts Hall.”

“Note: Not recommended for use outside of the Alliance of Thousands of Immortal’s territory.”

“Recommended to buy together with the Small Tianxuan Mirror (eligible for a

10% discount).”

“Small Tianxuan Mirror.”

“Mirror clone of the Tianxuan Mirror, various versions available.”

“The most basic version only provides information search, goods purchase, and task posting and acceptance within the mirror.”

“The upgraded version includes Tianxuan Mirror space, which supports cultivation and spiritual enlightenment.”

“The supreme version, also comes with a defense feature. Capable of defending and reflecting all attacks from Nascent Soul monks..”

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