My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Chapter 673 : The New King Of Hell.

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Chapter 673 673: The New King Of Hell.

Chapter 673: The New King Of Hell.

Hell, middle floors.

After the Horseman's battle against Alucard, Hell was thrown into chaos.

Alucard, the conqueror, as he was 'affectionately' nicknamed by the demons, advanced through hell, riding his faithful horse Despair, doing what he knew best.


Alucard's demon hordes grew with each conflict, each city he passed through, and the demon hordes grew even larger.

After War's defeat, there were no doubts. There was no demon that could stop or prevent Alucard's conquest of Hell.

All of the demonic elites were currently in the human world fighting a war that their own king started; even their own king was in the human world.

The probability of the demon king, the incarnation of evil, Diablo going back to hell to deal with the threat?


For high level demons to go to earth, it's not a simple task. Diablo needed to sacrifice an entire country for him and his elites to be summoned, so if he went back now, he would be trapped in hell, and his whole plan would go down the drain.

To more informed demons like Zagan, that was obvious.

Diablo won't come back... Not now... Not until the planes in the human world are conquered.

And they knew something, too, while Diablo and his elites couldn't return, hell was in Alucard's hands.

Alucard's own food.

It wasn't long before a horde of hundreds of thousands of demons was seen heading toward the lowest floors of hell.

Hell shuddered as if an earthquake were happening, where the horde of demons would pass; everything was dragged with them.

Be they cities or demons.


Submission or death, the question was clear, the answer even more obvious.

And that was the result.

Pillar demons knelt down without a fight, high level demons that were once subordinates of the pillar demons, petty demons that were once citizens of the pillar demons' cities. All kinds of demons of various ranks were there, and they were all following behind a man who was galloping ahead on a black horse.

His long black hair was covered in a mass of miasma, his skin was extremely pale as if he were dead, and he had intense blood-red eyes. In the man's hand, a large Greatsword covered with pure miasma could be seen, and right behind him were three female demons who followed him, either flying like Helena and Vepar or running like Vine.

It was obvious that the three women had the highest ranking right after Victor himself, and no one complained about it for many reasons, but the main ones were.

First, due to the power Victor gave them, they became as strong as the top 10 pillars.

Second, they had proven themselves capable of their position.

Third... Fear.

Nobody questioned Alucard; nobody would dare.

If he says right, you'll go right without question.

That was the authority and power that Alucard had gained through his actions.

Alucard narrowed his eyes as his vision saw a gigantic gate in the distance. This was the gate leading to the lower levels of Hell.

The place where the rank 10 pillar demons lived, the place where the king of hell lived... And that gate was closed, something that never happened; at least that's what the memories Victor pulled from the hundreds of demons he consumed said.

"The gate is closed… Rank 10 pillar subordinates must have closed it as a precaution." Vine spoke.

"What do we do? We cannot cross if the gate is closed." Vepar spoke.

"… We can demand that-."


"...." The three women shuddered when they heard Victor's tone, and they quickly looked at the man and saw him raising his greatsword to the sky.


Miasma, black and immaculate, exploded from Victor's body into the sky, causing the demons behind him to look up in shock.

No matter how many times they saw it, the power Alucard wielded was... awe-inspiring.

Envy, and lust for power, always grew in the demons when they saw Alucard doing feats that no one in hell had ever achieved before.

And it looks like, once again, he's going to do something that will rock all hell.

And they weren't wrong.

As the miasma gathered on the greatsword, the weapon turned into pure darkness, as if Victor were holding darkness itself in his hands.

Roxanne's energy surged within him, forcing even more into the Greatsword. Soon the greatsword became the weapon with the greatest power of destruction ever seen in hell, and the proof of that was the next act.

"A mere gate will not stop me." Victor swung the greatsword vertically.

The world was silent for two seconds, and, in those seconds, it seemed that darkness descended on everyone as they all became blind and deaf.

As the seconds passed, the noise of the explosion came, taking the silence along with the darkness.

And the image that followed…

It was an image that all the demons present here would never forget.

The lower gate of hell, the gate that was said to have been created by Lucifer himself and that no one had ever managed to harm, the gate that separated the highest placed demons from the rest of hell, the gate that gave access to the city where the king of hell lived.

That gate has been split in half, and the passage that was once closed was now open for all to enter.

"... Holy fuck …" Vine muttered in disbelief as she felt the wind of miasma from the lower floors of hell hit her face.

"I know I should get used to it. After all, he did something similar in the confrontation with War, but… It will take some time." Helena muttered in a tired tone.

Something Vepar fully agreed with. It was just plain tiring to watch someone break so many unbreakable 'facts' to hell.

It was a fact that hell could not be harmed. No matter how many fights the demons had, hell as a dimension would never suffer.

A fact that Victor broke in the fight with War.

It was a fact that the gates of hell that separated the lower floors from the upper ones could never be broken or breached. The gate was an artifact itself that was created by Lucifer, a gate that used Hell's own energy to sustain itself.

A fact that Victor broke again.

'... Although, after he permanently changed the landscape of hell, this feat shouldn't be something surprising.' Vepar thought wryly to ease her shock, but it was obvious it wasn't working.

During the entire moment, from Victor's attack to his declaration, the man never stopped riding toward the lower floors.

He was like an unstoppable force of nature, and nothing could stop him.

"Those who aren't confident enough to withstand the Miasma of the lower levels, wait outside."

And when his order reached the ears of all the demons, several lesser demons stopped flying and moved away from the door a little.

They hadn't even entered the lowest level, and they were already shaking with the miasma's toxicity. They could only enter there when they got stronger... Something that frustrated them a lot because they wanted to see Alucard's next 'achievements'.

The man was like a very addictive drug, he did things that broke common sense, and although it scared them, it was also something fun to watch.

They felt as if they had experienced a historic moment from hell that would be passed on to future generations.

" Vine put someone to observe and manage the lesser demons. In the future, I intend to make something like a smaller city here for all those who want to enter the lower floors of hell."

"Yes, my Lord." Vine stopped following Victor for a few seconds as she looked at an elite demon and said, "You come with me for a few seconds."


Soon she left with the elite demon to do Victor's bidding.

Approaching the gate, Victor didn't even think about it and walked through it, and when he passed, he was faced with the sight of a gigantic city in the distance.

'I saw it in the demons' memories, but... It's still surprising.'

Far from what one would expect of hell, the city was brightly lit and clean.

The miasma in the place was heavy, extremely heavy, and toxic as if the gravity of the place had increased several times as well.

The lower levels of hell, contrary to what was thought, was the place that had the greatest accumulation of land to use. After all, the lower levels of hell were where the 'true hell' was.

Where the biggest sinners went and the highest ranked demons lived.

The lower levels were the central part of Hell.

Hell worked like a pyramid, while the upper levels had less miasma and fewer lands to explore.

The lower levels had a lot of miasma and extensive unexplored land.

'No wonder this dimension is huge...' Victor looked around with his vision and saw that even though this city was gigantic, there were still hundreds of unused lands in the distance. Hell was simply too massive…

Victor felt murderous intent, and when he looked at the city again, specifically at the city gate, he saw hundreds of high level demons in full armor. They looked ready for combat.

" Alucard." A powerful, booming voice resounded across the battlefield.

Victor, and the demons behind him, looked up at a tall, muscular man holding a gigantic red and gold ax in one hand.

" Stop your foolish attempts at conquest and immediately return to where you entered."

" Heh ~." Victor's smile grew.

And the demons behind him, including Vine, who had returned a few seconds ago, Vepar, and Helana shuddered.

Despite not spending much time with Victor, everyone understood that when he flashed that smile, he was either very interested or very annoyed.

And neither option was a good thing for the person involved.

Victor, still on his horse, rode smoothly towards the big city, Victor's hordes of demons following behind him.

Victor stopped in the distance and looked at the demon, his gaze as if he could see the demon's darkest secrets.

The demon managed to contain the internal tremor and the fear he was feeling and continued to look at Victor.

" Alucard -."

"I can feel your fear, Demon."


"Before you demand something from me. First, look at me like you're not about to get your pants dirty." Victor's eyes flashed, and a pressure as if gravity itself had increased several times fell throughout the city.

The once arrogant and 'powerful' man just fell to the ground as he took a deep breath, and the look of horror in his eyes was visible to everyone.


"I will only say it once." Victor's heavy voice fell around.

"Open the gates, and submit to me."

"Or I will open it myself, and when I do, you won't be among the living to tell the story."

" Now, what will you choose?"

The man, for a moment, felt that he was in a completely different place, and he was surrounded by a sea of blood and corpses.

" Answer me." He looked up at the sky and saw thousands of blood-red eyes watching him.

"HIIII!!!" Giving a little-girl scream of terror, he looked around and spoke.

"Open the gates!"

"But Lord Amon."

"Didn't you hear me? Open the fucking gates!"


'Fuck this job, fuck my father and his stupid war. I wasn't paid well enough to handle this monster!'

" Lord Amon...? Is he a descendant of Amon?" Vepar voiced his thoughts out loud.

"Apparently so," Helena spoke.

"He has the characteristics of Amon."

"Oh? Have you met him before?"

"Once in the past, when I came to visit this city with my father."

" Hmm." Vepar just nodded her head as she looked at Vine who looked at Victor adoringly.

Vepar shook her head at blatant fanaticism, even though she could understand... Only someone like her master could instill primal fear in demons.

Soon the gate was opened, and Victor's voice resounded in the place:

"Do not destroy anything, do not kill anything unless they attack first."

"If any of you try to stir up strife because of your position as a member of my demon hordes."

"I will know."

The demons who were planning to do this shuddered in fear.

Power was intoxicating, especially the power of 'numbers'.

Victor was absolutely sure that the demons would let this 'power' that wasn't theirs go to their heads.

So he already gave a warning, which would be the only warning he would give. He would not forgive insubordination: broke a direct order from him?

You will become dog food.

Simple and effective.

Demons would only follow the one with a firm grip. Kindness was not necessary, mercy was not necessary.

They were demons, sin in humanoid form.

They would only follow powerful Tyrants.

It was like that with Lucifer, it was like that with Diablo, and it will be like that with Victor.

"Spread out around the city, and create a defensive area."

"The old demonic pillars are in charge of ensuring that not a single soul leaves the city."


" Vine, Helena, Vepar. Come with me." Victor looked at the gigantic castle in the distance:

"It's time to take the throne of hell."

"Yes!" The three spoke at the same time with visible animation on their faces.

Soon Victor left towards the city's center, still riding his horse, Despair, which left burning hoofprints everywhere he galloped.

This vision was seen by all the demons present.

In Diablo's absence, a new King would be born.

And Diablo, in the future, will bitterly regret having made the decision to leave Hell... Although it's not like he had a choice, either he left Hell, or all the plans he spent years preparing would go down the drain.


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