My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Chapter 674 : The New King Of Hell. 2

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Chapter 674 674: The New King Of Hell. 2

Chapter 674: The New King Of Hell. 2

A gigantic door made of hellish metals opened, and four beings entered a large castle.

Footsteps were heard in the large castle, and leading a group of three women was a man with long black hair covered in pure fluttering miasma.

The small smile on the man's face was unmistakable, and he walked into the place as if he owned it. The group passed through several rooms until they arrived at the gigantic throne room.

The moment the man stepped into the throne room, the entire place was lit up with green flames.

The man looked at the gigantic throne in front of him, which was created to look down on beings from above, a psychological tactic that even worked for demons.

Two identical demons, one with red skin and the other with dark gray skin, stood in front of the throne, acting as protectors for anyone who dared to enter this place.

The eyes of the demons that were closed snapped open, and a red glow was seen as immense pressure fell around the intruders.

Vine, Helena, and Vepar shrank back; it was obvious that the two demons were elites far above the women themselves.

The man ignored this and continued walking while tightly gripping the greatsword in his right hand.

"I'm Zahal." The gray-skinned one spoke.

"I'm Albu." The red-skinned one spoke.

"We are the keepers of hell."

Vine and Vepar gasped when they heard the names of the two demons.

"Do you know them?" Helena asked.

"Yes. Just as they declared, they are the guardians of hell. They were here even before Lucifer fell from heaven." Vepar explained.

"The functions of the Guardian of Hell is, as the name suggests, to protect Hell from destruction, or from a 'King' who is inept who would lead to the destruction of Hell."

"...An Inept King...?" Helena asked, confused.

"Any king who threatens the existence of hell is considered an Inept King by them," Vine explained.

"... I see." Helena looked forward again as she followed Victor walking with the same confidence he entered this place with.

With each step Victor took toward the demons, the pressure, like the world had fallen on them, grew stronger.

The pressure was such that Vine, Helena, and Vepar had to stop accompanying Victor.

Victor's smile widened a little, and a red power started to come out of his body as he pushed back the pressure of the two demons.

Zahal and Albu opened their eyes wide, 'That power... It's the lady's power...' Before they knew it, they were on their knees with their heads down.

"Hail The King Of Hell, the master of life and death, the true king of hell." The two spoke at the same time.

Victor raised an eyebrow at the two demons' statement, but instead of asking anything, he walked past the demons and up the steps toward the giant throne.

With each step he took toward the throne, the throne itself shrank as if adjusting to Victor's needs.

When Victor arrived in front of the throne, the former giant throne was now of an appropriate size; its colors even changed to black and red.

Victor let go of Junketsu, and the weapon floated beside the throne as if that had always been its place, and the moment Victor sat on the throne, the entire castle began to change.

The colors and interior design changed, and in the next moment, knowledge of what this position required in the schemes of the universe flowed into his mind. All the duties of the King of Hell and the being known as 'Ruler' flowed into Victor's head.

Victor rested his head on his fist and closed his eyes, then a silence fell around him as he absorbed everything that was thrown into his mind.

In the meantime, Albu and Zahal remained kneeling, but they continued to talk.

"As expected… The throne accepted him." Albu spoke.

"Of course, it accepted him. He is the true king." Zahal spoke.

"That is more than enough proof." Albu continued.

"Indeed. Diablo is no longer needed." Zahal added.

"The keys to hell need to be returned to their rightful owner as soon as possible." Albu declared.

The conversation attracted Vine and Vepar, and they wanted to ask what they were talking about but couldn't. Now wasn't the moment. They were just looking somewhat paralyzed at Victor sitting on the most important throne in hell.

The throne of the King of Hell himself.

"… He really did it," Helena muttered the words that Vine and Vepar were thinking about right now.

"Just how long… How long did he take to seize the throne for himself?" Vepar asked.

"I don't know... Years have passed since I first met him." Vine spoke.

For demons, time was irrelevant. They don't die by age after all, not to mention that time in hell was confusing the further you got into the lower levels.

She knew that a lot of time had passed. After all, Victor didn't want to rush his 'conquest', and he always walked with thousands of demons following him, and because of that act, the conquest took even longer.

They had to travel from territory to territory in the name of this conquest, and the cities of each demon pillar were hundreds of KM away from each other.

Even though the middle hell wasn't as massive as the lower hells, it was still a lot of ground to cover by traveling normally.

"But one thing is certain." Vine said with a twinkle in her eye, "He was the fastest individual in history to usurp the throne of Hell for himself."

Victor opened his eyes as they began to emit a crimson glow:

"My authority is incomplete."

"Only when the King recovers the keys to hell from the former King's possession will authority be complete," Albu replied.

"I see that the flow of souls in hell is messed up. What is going on?" Victor asked with a familiarity in his voice that made all three women uncomfortable.

The reason for the familiarity is that Victor understood the role of the two demons in front of him in a simple-to-understand way: they were like Big Guy was for Roxanne.

The interests of the two demons in front of them were only for the well-being of hell and the functionality of hell as a dimension that punished sinners and recycled souls.

They were loyal to the King of Hell, but only until they deemed the King of Hell inept at fulfilling his own role.

"Diablo, that fool refused to become Ruler and messed up the whole system," Zahal spoke.

"Previously, that role was being played by both Diablo and Lilith, but both currently cannot exert that influence because the Ruler is out of hell," Albu commented in displeasure, obviously annoyed.

"... How hasn't hell been destroyed yet?"

"..." Helena, Vepar, and Vine felt a shiver run down their spines at Victor's casual words.

Looking at the three women he chose as generals, he elaborated:

"When a hell ceases to do its work, that hell is destroyed by the Judges of the abyss and the universal tree."

Vepar and Vine just opened their eyes in horror at what they had just heard.

"Abyss judges? Universal tree? What are they?" Helena asked, confused, not understanding anything.

"They are the two primordial entities responsible for the soul, judgment, life, and maintenance of reality."

"The universal tree is a tree that encompasses all existence. He is the father of all world trees and the one who deals with life, reincarnation, and maintenance of reality."

"The judges of the abyss are the entities responsible for the administration of hell, paradise, and souls."

"The two work together to keep reality and life going."

"To make it easier, think of these two beings as the leaders of two renowned clans, and the 'Rulers' who are usually the leaders of hell, and the God Kings, who are the leaders of the pantheon, are their subordinates."

"It is clear that despite being your 'subordinates', these beings have complete autonomy, as long as the system that the two created is working."

"...." Helena opened her mouth, and the next moment she closed it. She tried to say something, but she just couldn't, trying to digest what she had just heard.

She didn't even doubt Victor's words. Why would she do that? She knew her king rarely lied.

"To answer the question, My King. The situation didn't come to that point because Diablo made a deal with the judges of the abyss in exchange for billions of souls, but I'm not aware of the deal's content. Still, we presume it was an agreement for the primordial entities not to intervene in their plan for a specific period of time."

"I see..." Victor closed his eyes and thought: 'This explains many events since Diablo's invasion of The Limbo owner's territory and the passive way that the primordial entities were dealing with this matter.'

From the knowledge Victor now received, it was obvious that what Diablo was doing was disrupting the balance. 'He managed to stop Limbo while keeping the system running for a period of time.'

One thing was correct. Diablo was running out of time, he was going to make drastic decisions soon, and Victor didn't want to be trapped in hell when he made those decisions.

"Why are you calling me My King? From what I understand, the position of king of hell does not have the loyalty of you brothers. You are loyal to hell, not their king."

"You are special, My King," Zahal said.

"Our mother's energy is coursing through her veins," Albu spoke.

"You are the true king of hell." The two spoke at the same time.

"…By your mother's energy, are you talking about this?" Victor made a gesture with his finger, and a tree branch began to grow in front of the demons present.

"Ohhh!" The two demons look at the tree branch with emotion.

"So much energy of negativity and life. Only the true king is able to do that." The two spoke simultaneously as they stared at the branch with fanaticism in their eyes.

ραпdǎ Йᴏνêl(сòm) [ Roxanne? ]

[It's as you think, Darling. The guardians of hell were beings created by Earth's world tree, at least the negative part of it.]


[Since you have my energy in your body, which is very similar to my sister's, they think you are her son or something]

Victor nodded. He didn't even need to get the demons' response; their reaction of idolizing the small branch of Roxabbe's tree was proof enough.

"L-Life in hell... Life in hell... Am I dreaming?" Vine stuttered a lot.

"N-No, you aren't," Vepar spoke.

"..." Helena just looked at Victor and then at the tree branch. She repeated this action several times until she just sighed.

"Sigh..." She seemed to have given up a lot in that sigh, a feeling Victor's wives knew all too well.

[ Aya... You broke them, Darling.] Roxanne laughed.

[I forgot that it's impossible for there to be life in hell... What I did is basically impossible without having your energy.]

[ Fufufu, exactly, worship me more! Now that you will have some rest time, I want my treat!]

[I can arrange that.]

[ Yay ~!]

Victor made a gesture with his hand, and the small branch of the tree disappeared.

"What!?" The two demons screamed.


"!!!" Victor's call awakened the two demons, and they quickly knelt in servitude:

"I'm sorry, Our King."

"I will create a Garden in the future for you to protect. In return, I want you to explain to me everything the memories of hell haven't told me, including the political climate in hell."

The two demons' bodies visibly trembled; having a tree to protect? A tree from their mother? That was the greatest gift for them.

They lowered their heads even deeper into the ground, "Long live the true king of hell! We are yours to command."

"Order us to do anything." They lifted their faces and looked at Victor with a look that made Victor smile inwardly.

'Two fanatics... Good, I can work with that.'

"Very well, from now on, I hereby declare you two as the elders of hell. You will not only be the guardians but also the demons that will store all historical events in hell."

The two demons opened their eyes even wider.

A look that Victor's three generals shared as well.

"A-Are you sure? My King?" Albu asked.

"As those who have existed from the beginning, this is your responsibility and your highest honor."

"History is important. It is through studying the past and understanding it that allows future demons not to make the same mistakes."

'And it also allows me to manipulate future generations into having an image that will paint me as if I'm Lucifer's second coming in hell or even someone superior to him.' Victor wanted to control all demons, from the elite to even the lesser demons.

Fear is good, and you can control many people with it... But only respect gives you the true power of the masses.

Victor wanted the respect and fanaticism of the demons. He wanted the demons to see Victor as if he were their god.

"From now on, no one in hell can order you but me and anyone I say so."

"You will teach me everything you know about the current state of the political climate in Hell and tell me everything you know about the former king and his decisions."

"Helena, Vine, and Vepar will be important individuals in my kingdom in the future, so you will teach them as well."

"Did I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Our King. Your wish is our command, and your will is our will."


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