My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Chapter 883: Reaching Divinity.

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Chapter 883: Reaching Divinity.

How long had he been fighting...? 100 years? 1000 years? 100,000 years? He didn't know. He hadn't cared to find out.

In this confusing place where everything existed and yet didn't, the perception of Time became completely distorted.

Concepts like Space and Time became utterly irrelevant here.

The only thing he knew was that he was fighting. Fighting without stopping.

Fighting against four enemies who worked together very effectively.

"...What an irritating creature... Even with four of us, it's not enough?" He heard Ikor mutter.

Something he wouldn't have picked up on if his senses weren't so sharp now.

He didn't know how long he'd been fighting, and he didn't care. The only thing he knew was that right now... He was so focused on the battle that he couldn't perceive anything else.

"He's getting better... No, he's refining his Techniques... We need to eliminate him, Father!"

"I know, and I'm trying! If only it were that easy."

Listening to the exchange between father and son, thoughts about his discoveries came to his mind.

The Elder God's son has many abilities, but one in particular he found especially troublesome. The Extreme Adaptation ability: Anything that killed him once couldn't kill him again.

It was such an annoying ability that when Victor killed him with a specific method for the second time, he didn't dare to kill him again until he discovered the source of his immortality.

The source of the ability he came to discover was his father, the Leader of The Elder Gods.

His father not only had this problematic ability but also had an ability that he mainly found strange at first but, over time, came to understand.

The ability to store a type of energy of his choice. Using this ability, he stored within himself the Positive Energy of The World Tree. Because of this, even though he was so far from the planet, he could still use this Energy.

However, there was one small detail: unlike Victor, who had Roxane within him to help him recover the Negative Energy he spent,

Ikor didn't have that. His reserves of Positive Energy were limited, so he was trying as much as possible to save his Energy.

A fight that should have been quick had turned into a battle of attrition.

Ikor looked apprehensively at Victor, who dodged Lucifer and the gorilla's attacks and then sent them flying with his fist the next moment. Quickly, his gauntlets changed into two swords, and attempted to kill Lucifer and the Gorilla for the hundredth time.

Ikor found himself forced to use some of his Energy to ensure that Lucifer and the Gorilla didn't die permanently.

In that lapse of time, Victor immediately flew in his direction, only to be intercepted by his son.

Soon, the battle returned to square one.n(/In

Ikor wondered how many times this had happened? Since Victor discovered that the key to his members' immortality was himself, he had tried various ways to get close to him and kill him.

But fortunately, the set of abilities composed of Lucifer's Darkness, the gorilla's probability abilities, and his own assistance that further increased this capability prevented Victor from getting too close.

But despite this outcome, Ikor knew... He knew that it was only a matter of time before Victor reached him and killed him.

Time was on his side; he was an Energy monster. The longer this fight dragged on, the stronger he became because his skills became more refined, and he spent less Energy executing his movements.

The Progenitor of The Dragons had completely abandoned the use of his Power; he was only using overwhelming Martial Arts, yet he was still pressuring the four Beings so much.

It was simply ridiculous.

Ikor had not only planned to seal Victor and deal with him but had also taken the best fighters at his disposal to fight him. Yet he still couldn't finish him off!

It was ridiculous! Something completely out of reality! Such a broken existence should not be allowed to exist!

Alone, he was facing all his Elites in a disadvantageous environment, and yet, he was pressuring them.

If it weren't for his support that increased the Power of his allies and his Blessing that prevented them from dying, Victor would have already been the winner of this battle.

"He is an absolute monster." Ikor had completely underestimated Victor's abilities.

'My Energy is running out... I need to finish this fight as quickly as possible.' He no longer had much Positive Energy left. If this continued, he would lose the ability to sustain the immortality of his members.

Therefore... Even if this action caused the loss of members of his Pantheon... He decided to completely abandon his support for the other Beings who were not fighting here and now and focus on his three subordinates.

Thanks to this support, his subordinates were managing to deal with Victor, so he spared no effort in an attempt to help them.

"If it continues like this... I'll need to use my trump card." Ikor thought with narrowed eyes. He didn't want to use this ability now, but it was better than losing to someone in a trap he created himself.

The battle was approaching its climax as the movements of each of the fighters became faster. It wasn't just Victor who was improving; the other two fighters were as well, but... Victor evolved faster.

Victor was like hot iron; the more he was pressed, the more they hit him, the stronger he became.

It was in adversity that he Evolved even stronger.

In this specific case, though, he wasn't Evolving. He was relearning to use his body completely, which resulted in his own genetic change.

His senses became sharper, his reaction time decreased even more, and his Martial Arts progressed to the point where he could switch weapons in the middle of a fight and still maintain the rhythm, achieving a desire he had always had from the past to change weapons in the middle of a fight and continue attacking.

"Kill him, kill him as quickly as possible!" Ikor ordered while providing more support with his Power to his subordinates.

But instead of surprising Victor, they were repelled by an attack from his Odachi. Then suddenly, in the next moment, he appeared near Ikor.


Striking out with a horizontal slash, Ikor's body was split open. Seconds later, his instinctive protection activated, rendering him immortal until he leaped several times backward, making room for his subordinates to act.

'Damned monster!' He roared internally as he showered Victor with a barrage of thorns.

The fight was getting increasingly dangerous for Ikor, and he and his subordinates knew it.

Once again, a high-intensity battle resumed, but unlike before, a clear difference was noticeable.

They were no longer pressuring Victor... Victor was the one pressuring them.

Ikor narrowed his eyes when he noticed a faintly golden aura emanating from Victor's body.

"He needs to die! He needs to die now!" Panic set in for Ikor as he realized what that aura was. He couldn't let Victor awaken it!

"Kill him! Quickly! Kill him now!" He roared, giving more Power and giving it his all.

But it was futile... Victor was in a trance... The fight changed once more. Instead of defending and counter-attacking, he started dodging with minimal effort.

Even the Powers thrown at him were simply deflected effortlessly.

His eyes were completely unfocused yet focused at the same time. He was in a state that everyone in the world of sports would describe as 'the Zone.'

Due to his hyper-focus, his entire body was reacting as one. His entire body was reacting in the most efficient way possible.

And the longer he remained in this state, the more that golden aura around him grew.

From Victor's perspective, it was as if that unbreakable wall was slowly breaking, revealing its secrets. He was so excited, so ecstatic that he didn't even notice his own state.

All he knew was that he needed to fight... And he must do it as best as he can.

When Lucifer and the gorilla attacked him again, a fist struck Lucifer's face, and the next moment, his Odachi cut the gorilla into thousands of pieces.

It happened so quickly that if Ikor hadn't reacted in time, the gorilla would have been permanently killed.

'He has become useless; I need to observe him.' Ikor thought. He could quickly judge that their situation was not good. They needed something to change the tide of the battle in their favor. Therefore, he used a terrible ability.

An ability that was the reason why there were so few Elder Gods.


A dark Energy, in the shape of a monstrous beast, emanated from Ikor's body towards the gorilla. Before the gorilla could react to anything, his body was consumed, and Ikor's appearance began to change, with his arms becoming more prominent and muscular.

His Positive Energy Power was partially restored, and the strength of the gorilla was added to his own.

It took him a while to reorient himself due to the sudden Power increase, and this opening was not wasted by Victor.

"Grrr...." A growl escaped Victor's mouth, and the next moment, a deafening roar echoed in the area.

"Damn, it's a breath! Father, dodge!" Var, his son, yelled.

Ikor tried to run to dodge, but the breath followed him. Seeing that he couldn't dodge it, he created a barrier that was quickly destroyed due to the destructive properties of the Violet Fire, and it struck his body.


A bone-chilling scream echoed around the expanse, and the next moment, Pure Positive Energy exploded, completely vaporizing the Violet Flames and consequently depleting Ikor's reserves.

Victor smiled when he saw Ikor's expression. He positioned himself with the Odachi pointed at him in a Martial Arts pose and raised his hand.

"Come, let's dance." Even in the Zone state, he didn't lose his taunting personality.

The Elder God looked at Victor with intense anger on his face. He no longer cared about anything; he just wanted to kill the Being in front of him. Therefore, the next decision was logical.

The scene that followed was a repetition of what happened to the gorilla. A huge mouth of a monster attacked Lucifer and consumed him; the Angel couldn't even say or speak anything. From the beginning, Ikor had completely taken control of the fight, and he was like a puppet following orders.

Two Angel Wings appeared behind Ikor, and the fight, which had been 4 vs. 1, became 2 vs. 1.

"My son... Don't disappoint me."

Var's face twisted in disgust, and the next moment, cracks began to appear on his black skin.

The second round was about to begin.