My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Chapter 884: Reaching Divinity. 2

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Chapter 884: Reaching Divinity. 2

Adaptation, predation, immortality.

A set of skills that, when combined, became deadly.

But for Victor, none of that mattered, so what if the enemy could adapt to him? So what if the enemy could eat another being and become stronger? Couldn't he do the same?

This information in Victor's head was being completely filtered, and all he wanted now was to get past that wall that prevented his progress.

He was so close... So close... But at the same time, so far away...

So, nothing else mattered. He didn't care if the Elder God's son turned into a bizarre appearance, and his adaptation powers grew stronger.

He didn't care if the Elder God was attacking in conjunction with his son.

He didn't care about anything... All he wanted was to fight.

Fight, fight, FIGHT!

Ikor created a spear of Power and threw it towards Victor.

Victor dodged the attack, only for Var to appear next to him and hit him in the face.

His body was hit, but he didn't care. After all, in the next moment, his body would already be healed.

Every encounter the three beings had, rumblings were heard all throughout the expanse. Every encounter they had, something inside Victor awakened and grew.

And then, the change began to happen. Victor's body was covered in Golden Power, and the energy of a concept began to enter his soul.

The first to awaken was War... But it was not a specific war like Athena, who was the goddess of Strategic War, or Ares, who was the god of Violent War.

Victor had WAR and everything that encompassed that concept.

With the connection of this concept, Victor's powerful soul began to nurture his connection.

Many war gods tried to stop Victor's progress, but when they felt what kind of monster they were fighting, they had no choice but to lower their heads and let him pass them. Because of this, even if he had just become a god of War, he was already the highest-ranking god of War.

Victor opened his eyes wide. In his mind, he saw the 'wall' that prevented his progression being broken. Victor punched the giant wall and destroyed the entire thing.

"... I'm finally here." Victor's smile grew wider, even though Ikor and Var had attacked and pierced his body, sending him flying.

Victor didn't care; his entire existence was in ESTABLISHMENT!

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" His laugh echoed throughout infinite space, causing spatial distortions as a new divinity was born.

Destruction: unlike the war divinity, he did not achieve any proficiency in this divinity as he was just a beginner.

Unlike War, which he already understood a lot due to his memories, he needed to understand important aspects of destruction to progress further.

But he didn't stop there. The next was Negativity itself, which he awakened, as he became the ONLY god that represented Negativity.

It was common sense that Negativity was a concept only restricted to world trees, but again, Victor appeared and broke this common sense by becoming the sole representative of Negativity.

And Negativity represented a whole set of skills that involved the emotional and spiritual aspects of a being, such as fear, despair, anger, loneliness, etc... All negative feelings were part of negative energy, and being the god of the concept of Negativity, makes him a god of the dark side, but...

"Spare no effort! Kill him! Fast!" Ikor growled.

"I am trying!" Var roared.

The two attacked Victor with all their strength, but Victor was no longer passive, as he defended both attacks and with Junketsu in the form of thorny gloves, he punched the two gods in the face, sinking both their faces and almost killing them both.

Due to the current state of his existence, he was unable to use his divinities since his soul was not stabilized. After all, he was still awakening.

Ikor restrained Victor's limbs with one hand and pointed his other at Victor's face.

"DIE!" A beam of Power shot out of his hand toward Victor and completely vaporized Victor's head.

But it was at this moment that Victor's next divinity awakened.n.-../-(--./(1/.n


A divinity born directly from his status as Progenitor, he was the beginning of everything.

The concept of BEGIN was as unique as END. Just like Negativity, this concept covered other smaller concepts, such as life and the perpetuation of existence. Unlike the other divinities, Victor's proficiency in this divinity was nil, proving that it was not a simple concept to understand.

By exercising this concept, Victor was supposed to become a god who was on the positive side of the scale, but... That wasn't what happened... His existence wouldn't just stop there.

Victor was in awe of all the sensations he was experiencing. If he were to describe what his body was feeling right now, it felt like he was 'floating' in an ocean of overwhelming sensations.

Victor's body recovered, and with a wave of his hand, Blood was born, as unconscious words were muttered by him.

"From Blood, I came, and to Blood, I will return."

Victor's entire existence exploded into Blood, painting the entire expanse with his colors.

"What-." Ikor and Var were swallowed by the ocean of Blood, and in the next moment, they found themselves in a completely different place.

A blood moon lay in the sky, corpses fell to the ground, and in the sky... SOMETHING terrible was there.

They couldn't process what was there; they simply knew Something was there. Even with their existence as gods, they couldn't understand what they were seeing.

"AHHHHHHH!" The two screamed as they held their heads, as the sheer madness of seeing 'that' made their souls shake.

Victor emerged from the Blood with a new divinity.


Unlike the other divinities, Blood he had dominated. If he claimed that there would be no other blood god besides him, this would become true, in the concept of Blood, Victor was at the top.

But again, he didn't stop there. As his main divinities awakened, the lesser divinities began to awaken as well.

Murder, strength, beauty, revenge, martial honor, home, family, nature, and the main one, a divinity that had never existed before, a divinity that was born from his own personality that likes his women a little 'crazy'.


When all his divinities fully awakened, the stability of the soul began to happen, and that was when the problems started to happen.

Victor's rise did not go unnoticed. He was like a beacon that caught the attention of the administrators of existence.

Upon observing this 'anomaly' occurring, the primordial entities were genuinely confused.

"Him again!!" The judges of the abyss roared in unison.

"Hahahahahah, I knew that when he woke up, it would be extraordinary, but I never expected this." The Universal Tree that encompassed all of existence laughed in amusement.

The Owner of Limbo narrowed his eyes. "... Why am I not feeling a rejection of the system? What is happening?" As the one who was directly responsible for the balance of everything, he would be the first to feel it, but he wasn't feeling anything... How was that possible?

"It's because Negativity and Positivity are supporting him." Death spoke.

These words caused silence to fall in the place outside the realms.

Negativity and Positivity, two primordial gods who existed in a state of semi-

consciousness, despite not being conscious, could still make decisions that affected the entire cosmos. On a scale of importance, they were at the top of everyone because, without them, nothing could exist.

Proof that Negativity was supporting him? They didn't need any. Victor's own divinity was proof of that fact. No one in existence had acquired a divinity related DIRECTLY to Positive and Negative Power.

The moment Victor awakened this divinity, it was a direct warning that the collective consciousness of everything that was Negative in the universe chose him.

Not only that, but Victor also awakened the concept of BEGIN, a concept directly related to positivity, a concept so important that on the scale of importance, it was second only to the divinity of positivity itself.

Unlike the concept of END that was given directly by Death, this concept was only given by the positive sub-consciousness of existence itself.

Originally, positive and negative energies would not be as strong on the scale of importance; the powers of END and destruction could easily surpass it if someone like a world tree was attacked. However, the matter changed when more energy and density were put into the concept.

The divinities of positivity and Negativity were defensively at the top because, without them, nothing would exist.

So, in terms of importance, everything started this way: primordial chaos, Negativity, and positivity, then Infinity, Death, The Universal Tree, The Judges of the Abyss, and The Owner of Limbo.

Another being began to form, and this being was covered in violet energy.

"Infinity…" The Universal Tree narrowed its eyes when it saw that all the primordials were present just because of a single being.

The primordial entity responsible for the continuous expansion of creation displayed its presence in front of everyone.

'And to think he would get this recluse's attention.' Just like Death, Infinity didn't meddle much in the affairs of the cosmos, only when it was extremely necessary or if it was something he was interested in.

"A god of chaos…" He muttered with a neutral but still incredulous tone.

The moment those words were spoken, Victor's existence was established, and... A cosmic horror descended into existence.

Thousands of eyes spread throughout the dimension created with the Power coming from Victor's body.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" The two Elder Gods screamed even more as they tried to understand what they were looking at.

Suddenly... Everything stopped... Existence was frozen.

Victor slowly opened his eyes, and with that gesture, everything expelled from his body began to return inside him, the cosmic horror was controlled, and it began to retreat.

Consequently, his body started to change as his wings and body began to grow.

A metamorphosis was happening.

100...200...500...1,000...2,000....when his body started to grow larger than an entire planet, he suddenly started to shrink. Until it stops at 500 meters.

Instead of becoming ridiculously gigantic, Victor decided to compact his dragon form to gain more Power and density. After all, size wasn't everything.

A roar sounded, and existence trembled before a new dragon god as everyone saw the majestic appearance of the dragon.

"Wrong, Infinity... It's a Chaos Dragon God, the only being who holds both the powers of the positive and negative sides of the scale." The Universal Tree had spoken.

Just as the dragon appeared, it slowly began to disappear and return to its humanoid form.

The 500-meter dragon form was his true appearance, the one that was registered in his soul, the one he felt most comfortable with, but as everything was new, he had no proficiency at all in being a gigantic dragon.

"...What an enigmatic creature," Infinity commented.

"While it is something akin to a cosmic horror that will drive Everyone who sees it to madness, it is a majestic dragon that represents existence and life." Seeing this duality in balance in a single being was simply uncomfortable.

"We need to do something… his existence is clearly breaking the balance. He has become something worse than Diablo!" The Judges of Abyss spoke.

"...Wrong, his existence does not break the balance, take a closer look."

When the judges of the abyss looked more closely with their powers at Victor, they saw existence being balanced by force. Instead of being someone who breaks the balance as Diablo aimed, he is a being who helps the balance itself.

"…This… What is this? What is this chaotic existence?" The Judges of Abyss were genuinely confused and didn't know how to proceed.

This duality of order and chaos was crazy. At the same time that its existence caused unborn chaos, it generated order and balance in everything around it.

"It has become a fundamental pillar in balance." The Owner of Limbo spoke.

"Agreed, I can feel it from here... His very presence brings balance to this threshold of the universe. If he sleeps here for a few years, this entire place would become a new galaxy." Death spoke.

"He is indeed extraordinary. I have never seen a being awaken 5 major divinities at once while also awakening 10 minor divinities." The Universal Tree commented.

"Not to mention that two of those main divinities are the most important divinities in existence, while he awakened a completely new divine concept because of his own personality... This is ridiculous."

"…The system is correcting itself…" Infinity muttered.

The primordial entities quickly looked at the system and widened their eyes in pure shock. All the thousands of minor bugs in the system were automatically correcting themselves thanks to Victor's presence.

"...What in the name of primordial chaos is going on?" The Universal Tree commented in shock.

"I see... That's why they supported them... His presence brings order and chaos... Something that is missing in the cosmos..." Death muttered.

Victor gently floated towards the Elder Gods.

"What? You are looking at me as if you have seen something incomprehensible." Victor's smiling face distorted into a multi-eyed creature that could drive anyone crazy just by casually observing him.

That face quickly disappeared, showing his humanoid dragon form.

The two beings looked at Victor with horror in their eyes as their hearts beat faster, and their fear was clearly visible. It was as if they were looking at something incomprehensible, something they could not understand.

Due to fear, or the instinct imbued in their existence, Var and Kor looked at each other, and in the next moment, they attacked each other.

Due to being more experienced and stronger, Kor quickly restrained Var and wasted no time in devouring his son.

"You suf-"

No feelings or remorse were seen in Kor's eyes. For him, only survival mattered, and to have a chance of surviving... He needed to return to his planet.

Mustering up all his courage, he used his newly acquired Power and released a concentrated burst of Power from his hands.

The moment this energy left, he made a gesture with his hands and released his technique; this gesture caused existence to become unbalanced in this place.

Therefore, instead of the power beam going straight, it simply appeared in front of Victor as if it had teleported.

Space shattered into pieces, and the Power hit Victor's chest, sending him flying through hundreds of universes, although the Power did not damage Victor's new protection.

Moving between universes without the protection of Kor's technique is what caused damage to him.

Soon after, a portal appeared behind Victor, and he fell directly onto Nightingale's planet.

His body was completely covered in blood but without any real damage.


"Back Off!"

Kor appeared with his positive energy reserves completely reinvigorated. "Are you done, Progenitor?"

All of Victor's wounds regenerated in the next instant as he lightly hit his chest as if he were dusting off his body.

Instead of answering his question or asking what he was talking about, Victor said, "Thank you for bringing me back."

"..." Ikor's face became darker.

"What? Did you really think I couldn't react to your attack? You evaluate yourself too much, Ikor."

"I just let you hit me because I wanted to return to Nightingale." Victor made a gesture with his hands and felt his abilities that couldn't be used before starting to work again.

"Although… I must thank you; thanks to you, I had the opportunity to break down the 'wall' that prevented my progress." Victor flexed his muscles a little as a terrible pressure exploded from his chest. "Not to mention that I've progressed a lot with my martial arts."

When evolving into a god, it was not Victor's body that changed, but his soul. His soul quality is hundreds of times better than before.

Just with the quality level alone, he could already be considered a primordial god of a pantheon, all of this would not be possible without the nourishment that Roxanne provided him all this time.

The surrounding gods opened their eyes even wider as they felt how many divinities he had and WHICH divinities he had.

"By Odin's gray beard… Just what is this?" Thor commented in complete shock.

"...This...This... It's impossible! How does he have divinities on both sides of the scale!?" Shiva rarely lost his cool, but this time, the situation in front of him was so ridiculous that he couldn't help but comment.

Unlike the gods and angels, who were utterly shocked, the reaction of Victor's people was milder.

"...Well, he's Victor," Morgana spoke.

"If it wasn't something like that, he wouldn't be Victor." Scathach nodded.

"As always, he is breaking common sense." Jeanne sighed.

The gods were speechless at what they heard.

Velnorah was practically hyperventilating through her futuristic attire. Her eyes were focused entirely on Victor's existence, as she looked like a lioness who had found her prey.

Ikor's courage withered when he realized that by returning to this planet, not only did he regain his energy, but he also gave back this man's ability to manipulate existence and his lightning speed.

That is, even if he was immortal now and able to adapt to this monster... He had no chance at all.

As he weighed his options, he thought. '...I need to escape.' That was the obvious conclusion to this hopeless situation.

With a gesture of Victor's hand, Nightingale's entire space was closed. Upon reaching divinity, it was obvious that he instinctively learned to control creation more.

"You can't run away, Ikor…" Victor's smile grew: "Not only did you help me achieve godhood and refine my abilities, but you also helped me understand myself better."

"Rejoice, Ikor. You have done me a great service... And as a reward."

"You will become my food..."

"Enough! I won't die here-." He blinked his eyes, and Victor was already in front of him with his body covered in red lightning.

"Correct, you will not die. You will become part of my immortal army." Victor opened his mouth wide, and all Ikor saw was endless darkness. It even seemed like he was looking into an abyss.

And it's like they say, when you look into the abyss... The abyss looks back at you.

Ikor's entire body went cold as he saw hundreds of thousands of eyes, mouths, and hideous creatures as if they had come straight out of Lovecraft's books.


Victor's mouth closed, swallowing Ikor's entire existence.

"I know."