My Vampire System (WN)-Chapter 2477 The Yak King

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Chapter 2477 The Yak King

Sitting in his large throne Bisha, the Yak demon king, was tapping his finger away at the side. There was a recurring problem that Bisha had staying in the red space, and that was the fact that he was bored. 

The other demon kings, they all had their little projects they worked on, the hunting games and the pit. While Bisha himself had a more serious task to handle, something that could only be handled on this planet. 

The materials for building the large ships were rare and only found on this planet, but the largest issue was with the planet itself, as there were no inhabitants. There was only the Yak and insects on the planet. 

So, Bisha was unable to set something up like the others did. Even if he had requested some to be sent his way, Immortui didn't want him to be distracted from the task, since his role was extremely important. 

On top of that, Luce, another demon king, one of Immortui's right hand men, had informed him that there might be trouble happening soon and they should prepare. All of this anticipation, it was making Bisha feel the effects of his boredom more than usual. 

"You have been doing this for thousands of years, but you can't wait for a few days?" Luce commented, knowing the impatient look on his face.

"Excitement is just something that I haven't felt in a long time." Bisha replied. "I believe you feel the same way, we are close to entering a new world and finally I can leave this place." 

A large banging was heard on the golden doors. 

"Come in!" Bisha ordered. 

Pushing the door open, a Yak had entered through the doors and immediately got down on his knees, bowing down with his hands together towards Bisha. 

"I'm sorry to disturb you sir, but you told us to report any unusual activities, which is why I am currently here." The Yak said. "We asked each team and group to give us a report to see if they have noticed anything, but we are unable to get in contact with the production team. We have tried several people but there has been no reply, do you wish to send one of ours there?"

Immediately Bisha stood up from his seat. 

"Oh, a problem, at a time like this, that isn't good news." The words and the smile he had on his face, didn't match each other. 

"We don't know the number of intruders that have arrived." Luce said. "I think it might be best if I go check on the champion. That could very well be their target." 

The entirety of Luce's body started to turn white, lighting up the whole room until it had almost blinded everyone. When the Yak and Bisha could see again, Luce was nowhere to be seen. 

"And he says that he isn't excited? He is even more impatient than me." Bisha smiled. "No need to send anyone, I will head there myself."

The group had descended from the cave a little nervous compared to before, having now strayed from the original plan they had in mind. They were going through the forest, same as before, and Chris and Edvard were taking the lead, having already scouted the area. 

They weren't using Russ' ability to enter another's mind and copy the teleportation power, because for the fight that was coming up, they would perhaps need all his MC cells. In a way though, they were thankful that they still had Russ, because he could do the same things as Sil did, just not as well.

"If we're going for the Yak king, then our target is the large golden palace right?" Edvard suggested. 

"That would be our best guess, and the champions had mentioned when they got Pultra that's where they would be." Chris replied. "We will go through the building workshop. There's a direct path that leads into the main city. We won't have to worry about anyone spotting us." 

From these words, they knew that Chris wasn't joking when he had mentioned that he had gotten rid of all witnesses. Either way they had to take the quickest route, it was a race against time.

They had to get the blood of the four demon kings, for as long as Sil could hold off Immortui. 

"Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky, and Sil will defeat Immortui for us." Edvard said. "We've been unlucky in this whole thing so far, it's about time we had some luck come our way." 

Reaching the building site they quickly descended from the trees, and entered the large area. It went on for acres of land, as three giant objects were placed all over the area. Stationed behind were the wave-like rocks that looked like giant waves that were as big as mountains. 

When in a place like this, it was truly when they realised the place was called the Planet of the Giants. What they did notice though, in the building area many of the tools had been destroyed and there was dry blood in several different places.

"Heck, you didn't even try to make it look less obvious you were here." Russ commented. "If Immortui didn't find us, they certainly would have found out about us eventually."

It was true that Chris had been a little too confident in the fact that he had gotten rid of everyone nearby, and with everything that had happened it was near impossible to clean up the entire place. 

Ignoring Russ' words, Chris ascended one of the giant ships that were being built, he climbed up it, and the rest followed using their own methods. The ship was so large they looked like little ants climbing up the side of a car. 

Eventually they had reached the top, where the giant canons, weapons, and large crates were on the deck. They ran to the edge as Chris looked out trying to search for the path before. 

"So that's the giant temple, yep, I would definitely say the demon king is there alright." Hikel commented. 

"Up!" Peter shouted. 

All of them tilted their heads up wondering why Peter would shout such a word, and that's when they could see something getting closer and larger by the second. Each of them jumped out of the way, as they realised what it was. 

Out from the sky, the giant Yak landed right on the edge of the ship deck. Immediately the whole bottom half had lifted up in the sky. It was so forceful, that every single one of them was chucked up into the sky. 

"It didn't take long to find the root of the problem at all!" Bisha shouted. "Now it's time to get rid of the problem." 

The demon king of the Yak demon race, a race of giants had come to them. 



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