My Vampire System (WN)-Chapter 2478 Bad Luck After Luck

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Chapter 2478 Bad Luck After Luck

Behind the golden temple, there was a large structure behind it, where the back of a waterfall would flow into a giant hole in the ground. The hole itself though, was almost a whole other world, filled with plants, minerals, rocks, caves and more. 

Softly a figure, covered in white clothing from head to toe, had landed in the area. He was softly floating down and before his feet touched the gress, it looked as if the grass was being pushed out of the way to avoid itself being crushed.

"On the surface everything seems to be the norm here." Luce said, looking around. Life was still flowing into the objects just like before, and there was no sign of a battle. Walking around he tried to locate where the Champion would be. 

He walked through, pushing large branches out of the way, and observed the strangest of features. Large giant sized gems that looked like tablets. 

A field of snow that melted into pieces of rock rather than water. It was certainly a strange place, yet he was still unable to find what he was looking for. 

'The energy in the area, it's different, but not because of any certain thing but the items themselves… have they really escaped?' Luce thought. 

Eventually, going through a thick dense forest, there was an opening that could be seen. A part where the trees didn't grow so close together. When breaking through, there was a single giant tree, with its leaves spanning the area above. 

Vibrant green grass led up to the tree, and sitting right by it, was the person he was looking for Pultra. 

The two of them had made eye contact, and Luce appeared with a smile on his face. Or what one would guess was a smile since the bottom half of his face was covered up, only allowing for his eyes to be seen. 

Pultra stood up at that point and had a smile on her face, but behind that smile was a heap of emotions running through their mind. 

'This is bad… Sil made me a clone just in case this type of situation would unfold but now it looks like someone is checking in on her now of all times.' 

The Sil clone did as instructed if this was to happen, with his telepathy ability he got in contact with Pultra, but before he did, a question had been asked. 

"It's nice to see you, how are you doing?" Luce asked. 

'Pultra, there's someone here right now!' The Sil clone said. 'I'm going to relay the question to you, and then you just need to say what you want me to say back.' 

The Sil clone did just that as Pultra understood, but based on the first question, she thought it was a little strange. 

'How am I doing?' Pultra replied. 'The guards have never asked me something like that. If they were worried about the escape wouldn't they just ask if I had seen anything. Sil, can you describe what this person looks like? In the meantime, just say this….' 

"What do you expect?" Sil replied. "A life down here, is it something you would enjoy?" 

After repeating the lines, Sil immediately went to describe the person in front of him, and the worrying look on Pultra's face inside the cave started to sink more. 

"Is something wrong?" Shinto asked, noticing a shift in the air. The Champions, although unable to control the red mist energy in the air, their powers were strong enough that it would react to emotion as well.

"The clone that Sil left behind in my place, it appears that Luce has arrived." Pultra said. 

Both of the Champions gulped as they heard this. Although many of the demon kings had come into existence after Immortui had bested and beaten them all. There were two demon kings that were by Immortui's side at the time. 

They had not taken part in the fight, but the fact that they were treated even above the other regular demon kings, mostly going wherever Immortui went, the power that they imagined they held was frightening. 

"Wait, he's in front of the Pultra, doesn't that mean Luce is on this planet as well. There are two demon kings!" Calva stated. 

The group that had left, they certainly were strong. One demon king might be difficult, but two, and one of the stronger ones at that. They were starting to wonder if they should have gone along with the others. 

"You now need to buy time as well, Pultra." Calva suggested. "Long enough for them to defeat Bisha before Luce gets involved. If we play this right, we might be able to get the blood of two." 

Pultra nodded, as she closed her eyes to focus talking to the Sil clone. 

"There seems to be a lot of disturbance in our world." Luce went on. "And they have met with a few of the champions all over. Calva has been freed and is nowhere to be seen. Shinto, he was nearly convinced to join them. 

"If we are following their patterns, it would also mean that they would have come to you, correct. So I'm here to ask, has anyone appeared in front of you?"

Pultra smiled and went back toward the tree, sitting down as if there was no bother as she gave her answer. 

"What do you mean exactly? There have been many Yaks and you have just appeared in front of me. Are you really asking silly questions right now?" Pultra asked. 

Although working under Immortui, the champions always had a distaste for working for them. Which is why whenever they could, they would attempt to try and bad mouth the others in such a way, which was Pultra was acting the way she was now. 

"You know what I mean." Luce said, as he lifted a single hand, white bright light started to gather. It wasn't glowing like that of celestial energy. Instead it looked blank and was swirling in his palm like paint. "Now is not the time to play dumb, has anyone out of the ordinary come to visit you, recently?"

Giving a slight pause while looking at the attack, Pultra answered. 

"No, otherwise why would I still be here?" 

"That's exactly what I thought." Luce replied, and moved his hand out. The attack left his hand hitting Pultra's body. When it did, it expanded covering the entirety of Pultra's body before absorbing it in, turning into nothing but a white mark that was now laid out on the floor. 

"That… wasn't the real Pultra, as I thought. We've been tricked." Luce thought. 

He could tell the flow of energy around the area was different from the last time he had been here. The reason why his search was difficult was because he couldn't feel the additional energy that was given off from Pultra when being used to grow things in the area. 

Although the one in front of him looked exactly like Pultra and sounded like her, there was no energy being given off from her body and being absorbed to the things around them. 

"This means there really could be trouble at the production facility." Luce said. "It looks like I chose the wrong place." 



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