Necromancer Of The Shadows-Chapter 755 Escape (Part 1)

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Chapter 755 Escape (Part 1)

?"My apologies, Sir Lucian, I forgot to bring my essence stones. Please wait here for me, I will bring them in just a few centuries..." Cedar said to Lucian with an embarrassed expression on his face, and before Lucian could register his words, silver light flashed, and Evan and Cedar disappeared from the star city.

Seeing Evan and Cedar suddenly disappear, Lucian stood in the middle of the room with a blank look on his face. He looked at the empty storage ring in his hand and his eyes flashed with confusion for a moment. freewe(b)

"He will bring the Essence Stones in a few centuries…" Lucian muttered and tried to process the words spoken by Cedar before disappearing. The sudden turn of events overloaded his mind, so it took him about a minute to realize that Cedar and Evan had tricked him

"Those two fu*kers..."


Lucian crushed the empty storage ring that Cedar had given him into dust, and a deep red aura started to emanate from his body. His red eyes flashed with Bloodlust, and his breathing quickened.

Remembering the words that Cedar spoke with an embarrassed expression on his face before disappearing, for a moment, Lucian even felt like Cedar was genuinely feeling guilty and would really come back in a few centuries to give him his one hundred and three million essence stones.

But when his overloaded mind processed the words a 'a few centuries', his anger reached a completely different level.

"I will kill you bastards..." Lucian roared in anger and his aura of Rank Three Core Evolver burst outward, destroying the entire room.

"Arghh..." The winged woman who was standing outside of the room was blown away by Lucian's aura and crashed against the wall of the auction house. The winged woman was just a Beginner Level Rank One Core Evolver so when she came into contact with Lucian's aura, all of her bones snapped and her life force became extremely weak.

'Who the fu*k did I mess with to receive such a violent treatment...' This was the winged woman's last thought before she lost consciousness.

"Damn it, damn it..." Lucian tried to look for Evan and Cedar using his spiritual senses, but he wasn't able to find them anywhere within the range of his spiritual senses.

"If the president or the manager find out about this..." Lucian's face lost all of its colour and a look of fear flashed on his face.

Lucian was the vice manager of the auction house, and the manager and the president were currently out of Star City due to business, which is why they did not show up even though they were auctioning a rare item like the Enlightenment Stone.

"I need to recover the Enlightenment Stone before the president and manager come back, otherwise..." Lucian muttered as he rushed out of the room.

When he came out of the room, he saw the winged woman lying in a puddle of her own blood, with some broken teeth, but he completely ignored her and moved forward.

Because of the explosion that happened when Lucian released his aura earlier, the security guards were already rushing towards his location.

In just a few seconds, Lucian met with the guards who were rushing towards him.

"Sir, are you alrig_" The leader of the guards was a Peak Rank Three Core Evolver. When he saw Lucian was fine, he sighed in relief and wanted to ask what had happened.

But before he could ask anything, Lucian rushed towards him like a mad bull and shouted, "Contact all of our people in the Star City and search for these two bastards!"

Lucian said and showed images of Evan and Cedar using a crystal-like tool. When the leader of the security guards heard Lucian, he was taken aback for a moment. But looking at Lucian's grave expression, he immediately understood what was happening.

'The Enlightenment Stone is gone...' The guard leader thought and quickly contacted all of their people in the Star City.

In just a few minutes, people related to the Blood Moon auction house started to look for Evan and Cedar all over the city.

Although Evan and Cedar disappeared, Lucian knew that it would be impossible for them to teleport to a faraway place due to the interference of the Space Sealing formation.

''If I succeed in capturing those two bastards, I will be sure to give them a punishment worse than death...'' Lucian said in a hateful voice and gritted his teeth.

The commotion that happened earlier was not small, so Arden, Solara, and Thomas also noticed something was wrong. When they saw Lucian's pale face, all of them could already guess what had happened, but they still went towards him to confirm their guess.

Although Lucian didn't want to tell anyone about what had happened, he knew that it was impossible for him to hide such a matter from Arden, Solara, and Thomas. All three of them were not normal people and they had great influence. Moreover, Lucian thought that if Arden and others helped him in finding Evan and Cedar, it would be much easier for him to get back the Enlightenment Stone. So when they asked him what was the matter, he told them everything that happened after he brought Evan and Cedar into the private room.

Although Arden and the others had already guessed that the Enlightenment Stone was stolen by Cedar and Evan, they were still shocked when Lucian confirmed their guess.

The owner of the Blood Moon auction house was a Rank Five Core Evolver, so they couldn't believe that two people who were not even Rank Three dared to steal something from Lucian who was working for a disaster class existence.

After hearing that Evan and Cedar had run away, the person who was the most shocked was Thomas.

Earlier, when Cedar bought the Rank Three airship using three million high-level essence stones, Thomas had confirmed that Evan and Cedar were not normal. So, he called a mid-level Rank Three Core Evolver to help him capture them. But now that they had escaped, all the preparations he made to capture Evan and Cedar were wasted.

"Can't you ask the president for help?" Solara asked after hearing Lucian. "He is a Rank Five Core Evolver, so I am sure it wouldn't be difficult for him to capture both of them, even if they escaped from the Star City?"

Lucian shook his head upon hearing Solara and sighed. "Both the president and the manager went out of the Star City to take care of some business and will not come back until next week."

"Oh..." Arden and the others nodded in understanding when they heard Lucian, finally understanding why the manager or president of the auction house didn't show up even after the Enlightenment Stone was stolen.

Around half an hour later, Lucian received a call from the leader of the guards who had left earlier.

After talking with the guard leader, Lucian's face turned ugly and he rubbed his eyebrows.

"Alright, just let me know if you find something," He said and ended the call.

"They didn't find them?" Thomas asked after Lucian ended the call.

"People are already watching over all the entrances of the Star City, and there are even people searching for them around the city, but there is still no clue about them," Lucian said, feeling a headache.

'What should I tell the owner of the Enlightenment Stone?' Lucian thought inwardly, unsure of what to do.

When the owner of the Enlightenment Stone brought it for auction, Lucian was very excited because the manager of the auction house was out of the Star City. At that time, he thought that by auctioning the Enlightenment Stone before the manager came back, he would be able to earn a fat commission, but he had never thought that something like this would happen.

'If I don't solve this problem as soon as possible, the reputation of our auction house will fall, and the president...' Lucian thought to himself and shivered just thinking about the consequences if he could not solve this problem.

"I think I can help you in finding them..." Just when Lucian was despairing, he heard a calm but at the same time cunning voice. Lucian quickly looked at Arden, who had just spoken and saw him looking at him with a smile on his face.

Seeing Arden's smile, Lucian could tell he was planning something, but at the moment, he was in a complete pinch so he ignored his cunning smile and asked in a hopeful voice.

"Master Arden, do you really have a way to find those thieves?"

Thomas and Solara also looked at Arden with surprised looks on their faces, wondering what this lump of metal was planning.

Seeing the desperate look on Lucian's face, Arden smirked and nodded his head.

"Did you forget?" He said in a calm voice. "Other than the Enlightenment Stone, that guy also brought the airship created by me."

When Lucien and others heard Arden, a look of realization flashed on their faces and they immediately understood what he was saying.

"Are you saying you can find them using that airship?" Thomas asked, thinking that he might still be able to capture Evan.

"I do have a way, but I will need your help because it is not easy to find them just by using that airship," Arden said, looking at Lucian.

Lucian's eyes lit up when he heard Arden could find Evan and Cedar so he immediately nodded his head. "Don't worry, Master Arden, I will do everything within my power to cooperate with you. Just tell me what you need."

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