Necromancer Of The Shadows-Chapter 756 Escape (Part 2)

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Chapter 756 Escape (Part 2)

?When Evan suddenly lost his connection with Kazil, his expression changed, and he stood up from the couch.

"What's wrong?" Cedar asked with a confused look on his face when he saw Evan's abnormal reaction.

Ignoring Cedar's question, Evan used his Shadow Sense skill to connect his vision with Volac, whom he had left with Kazil earlier.

When his vision connected with Volac, Evan saw four people standing outside of an airship which was far bigger than Cedar's airship.

Among the four, he recognized Lucian and Thomas, whom he had seen in the inn the other day. On the other hand, the other two people were completely new faces to him.

'Someone from the Mechadroids Race...' Evan said to himself when he saw Arden standing with a strange-looking metal device in his hand.

Next to Arden, was a woman with long red hair. There was a silvery aura around her and it was burning like flames.

'They found our teleportation location in just two hours..' Evan thought with a grave expression on his face when he saw Lucian and others.

Suddenly, he saw the red-haired woman raise her head and look in Volac's direction. The next second, a wave of silver flame engulfed Evan's vision, and he lost connection with all the shadow undeads he had left there.

"F*ck..." Evan cursed out loud and panted heavily. Even though he was just looking at them using his shadow senses, he still felt the extraordinary power of those silver flames that instantly killed all of his shadow undeads who were hidden there.

"What's going on? Are you alright?" Cedar was stunned when he saw Evan's face suddenly turn pale, and he was panting heavily.

Evan took some deep breaths to calm down his nerves and shook his head. fr

"We are screwed. Lucian and some other people already found the location where we were teleported, and they are most likely coming towards us now," Evan said in a serious voice and rubbed his temples.

Cedar was stunned when he heard Evan and asked in a shocked-filled voice, "How is this possible? How did they find out the location where we were teleported so quickly?"

Evan shook his head hearing Cedar because even he was confused about how they were able to find their teleportation location so soon. He looked at the map that was showing their current location and a deep frown appeared on his face.

"We still need around one and a half hours to reach the Dark Forest, but if I'm not wrong, they will be able to catch up to us in one hour at most," Evan said in a grave voice, thinking about a solution.

Cedar didn't know how Evan received the news about Lucian and the others, but he didn't doubt him.

"We need to delay them for some time so that we can reach the Dark Forest," Cedar muttered, also thinking about a solution.

"Don't you have another teleportation artefact?" Evan suddenly asked, recalling the teleportation device Cedar used to escape from the Star City.

Cedar smiled warily when he heard Evan and shook his head. "It's not easy to make teleportation devices like that. Ashley gave that to me when she heard I was going to Star City. In fact, that device was supposed to teleport us straight to the Dark Forest, but the distance was cut short because of the effect of the space-sealing formation that was inside the auction house."

Evan's expression turned ugly when he heard Cedar and he cursed out loudly. "Damn it, at this rate we won't be able to escape from them."

"Do you know what is the level of the people who are coming with Lucian?" Cedar asked after a moment.

Evan shook his head, then said in a serious voice, "I don't know their exact level, but two people who are coming with him are definitely stronger than him."

When Evan used shadow senses earlier, he clearly noticed that Cedar was looking at the Mechadroid with a respectful expression, which means that the Mechadroid was definitely not weak.

On the other hand, the red-haired woman was also not normal, as she immediately killed all of his shadow undeads whom he had left there.

"Stronger than Lucian..." Cedar muttered, and the frown on his face deepened.

'Lucian is a Rank Three Core Evolver, and since Evan is saying there are two people stronger than him, then it means that they are most likely Rank Four Core Evolvers,' Cedar thought and did not know what to do.

"They will catch up to us in one hour, and we need one and a half hours to reach the Dark Forest," Evan said and his eyes turned sharp. "If we want to escape from them, we need to delay them for half an hour."

"Do you have a plan?" Cedar asked when he noticed the look on Evan's face.

Evan took a deep breath and nodded his head.

"I have something in mind. If it works, then we should be able to delay them for some time," Evan said, looking outside from the airship.

Cedar raised an eyebrow upon hearing Evan and waited for him to explain his plan.

In just a few minutes, Evan explained his plan to Cedar, who was completely dumbfounded when he heard what Evan wanted to do.

"Do you think it will work?" Cedar asked in an uncertain voice after hearing Evan's plan, thinking the chances of success were very slim.

"Do you have any other ideas?" Evan asked in a flat voice while shaking his head.

Cedar remained silent upon hearing Evan, as he did not have any other ideas.

"Alright, stop the airship. This place should be fine," Evan said after a minute, looking outside from the airship.

Hearing Evan, Cedar immediately stopped the airship, and both of them came out.

Evan looked at the empty area around them and nodded his head.

'This empty area will do the trick,' He thought inwardly, and both of them started their preparation.

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