Necromancer Of The Shadows-Chapter 846 Soul Pact (Part 2)

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Chapter 846 Soul Pact (Part 2)

When Evan used Eyes Of The Abyss to look at the cube floating in front of Octavius, he saw a strange fire burning inside it.

The fire had no defined shape or colour, and it was constantly changing. Sometimes it was in the shape of a red orb, sometimes an orange horizontal or vertical line or sometimes a small dot flashing with rainbow-coloured lights and many more variations.

Although the fire inside the cube was quite strange, the thing that attracted Evan's attention was the small sitting silhouette of a man inside the cube.

The silhouette of the man was connected with the ever-changing fire, and when Evan looked at it closely, he noticed the small silhouette looked like Octavius.

Not only that, but a wave of energy was coming out of the small silhouette, projecting the image of Octavius who was talking to them.

Through his Eyes Of The Abyss, Evan easily understood that the old man who was talking to them was just a projected image of the person who was inside the cube. free(w)ebnovel(.)com

For Evan, who had absorbed millions of souls using the soul absorption skill, it wasn't difficult to understand that the small silhouette inside the cube was a soul— more specifically speaking, the soul of the alchemist Octavius.

At first, he wasn't sure what was happening, but then he noticed an invisible red wire connected to Momon's head.

The wire was coming out from the cube in which the fire and Octavius's soul were, and if it weren't for the Eyes Of The Abyss that allowed him to see the hidden truth of the world, he wouldn't have been able to see it.

The wire was slowly absorbing Momon's energy and was feeding it to Octavius's soul, which was inside the cube and the worst thing was that Momon didn't even realize his energy was being drained.

Maybe it was because of his strange condition that Evan saw during the second trial, but Momon didn't show any kind of reaction even though he was constantly losing his energy.

Although Evan didn't care about whether Momon lived or died as he had nothing to do with him, he couldn't allow Octavius to absorb Momon's energy.

Through his observation, he realized that the more energy Octavius's soul absorbed, the stronger it became - and it was a big 'No' for Evan because he realized his skill 'Soul Absorption', that he used to intimidate Octavius wouldn't work if his soul became stronger.

After discovering that Octavius's soul was inside the cube, Evan attempted to absorb it using the Soul Absorption skill and to his surprise, although it was difficult due to the strange fire within the cube, he found he could absorb Octavius's soul using Soul Absorption if he wanted.

Octavius was terrified when he felt the danger of the Soul Absorption skill, which is why he didn't do anything when Evan tried to mess with him by calling him his great-grandfather. freew ebnove

Of course, there was a reason Evan was messing with Octavius by calling him great-grandfather.

He wanted to buy some time to understand why the old man was absorbing only Momon's energy.

Through the Eyes of the Abyss, he could see that Blaze, Walter, and himself were completely fine, while only Momon was being drained by Octavius.

After considering everything, he thought of three reasons as to why Octavius was absorbing only Momon's energy.

First, he might not be able to absorb the energy of more than one individual at a time, which is why he first focused on Momon and was planning to absorb their energy after him.

Second, Momon's berserk condition during the second trial might have been related to Octavius, giving him an opportunity to do something to Momon that allowed him to absorb his energy.

Third and lastly, Octavius could absorb the energy of only a specific group of people, and Momon fell into that category. Maybe he had a special physique, or perhaps his conceptual energy was unique.

There might be other reasons as well, but he couldn't think of anything else at the moment.

After considering these three reasons, Evan immediately forced Octavius to expel Momon as he didn't want his soul to grow stronger by absorbing Momon's energy.

At the same time, he wanted to see if Octavius would try to absorb the energy of Blaze or any other person after expelling Momon.

To Evan's surprise, Octavius didn't attempt to absorb their energy after expelling Momon, which meant the probability of the second and third reasons he thought of being correct was quite high.

After ejecting Momon when Octavius was about to begin the third trial, for some reason, Evan's instincts started screaming in danger, and he instantly prevented the old man from starting the third trial.

After stopping Octavius by stating that he wanted to add something before he started the trial, Evan's mind worked at full speed, and he contemplated whether he should absorb Octavius's soul or not to avoid the danger his instincts were warning him about.

Just when he was pondering what he should do, the memory of Cedar telling him about the Tomb Of The Ancient for the first time automatically appeared in his mind, and he remembered how the soul seals that were placed on his soul trembled when Cedar talked about the Tomb.

Evan himself didn't know why, but when this memory appeared in his mind, he stopped using the artefact mask that changed his appearance and returned to his original appearance.

Perhaps he revealed his original appearance to Octavius, who was killed by the creator of the Tomb, because he wanted to know if he was really related to the Tomb Of The Ancient in some way, or maybe there was another reason as to why he stopped using the mask, but for some reason, Evan felt it was the right thing to do.

"Ho-how is this possible?"

When Evan saw the old man's reaction after seeing his real appearance, he was one hundred percent sure that he was definitely somehow related to the Tomb Of The Ancient.

'It seems this old man was killed by the shadow monarch who looked exactly like me which is why he is shocked after seeing me...' Evan thought inwardly when he saw the shocked look on the old man's face.

Just when Evan was thinking the old man would continue to act like a fearful guy after seeing his real appearance, the shocked expression Octavius was showing disappeared, and a joyful look that was filled with hope appeared on his face.

"Yo-you are finally here. Do you know for how long I have been waiting for you?" Octavius said in a trembling voice while looking at Evan as if he was looking at his last hope.

"Huh?" Seeing the sudden change in Octavius's expressions, Evan's mind went blank and he looked at him with a blank expression on his face.

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