Necromancer Of The Shadows-Chapter 847 Soul Pact (Part 3)

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Chapter 847 Soul Pact (Part 3)

Evan looked at Octavius with a blank look on his face.

"Y-you are finally here. I thought I was done for when the people who came here in the past told me you were dead," The old man said in a trembling voice, trying his best not to cry.

'What is going on? Did this old man smoke something illegal?' Evan was utterly dumbfounded when he saw the old man was on the verge of crying after seeing him and didn't understand what was happening.

Blaze and Walter were even more shocked than Evan because they couldn't understand why the old man was so happy after seeing Evan.

Of course, both of them recognized Evan's real identity as the person who stole the Enlightenment Stone from the Bloodmoon auction house and had a bounty of millions of high-level essence stones on his head.

As they saw Evan's real appearance, Blaze and Walter finally realized they were being deceived by him. Especially Blaze, who realized Evan was really just a mid-level Rank One Core Evolver and wasn't someone who was hiding his rank.

'If he is just a mid-level Rank One Core Evolver then how did he kill that beginner-level rank two demon in just a single punch...' Blaze thought with a stunned look on her face as she remembered how Evan killed the beginner-level rank two demon outside of the essence spring pond.

Evan felt Blaze and Walter's gaze on him, but he was not in the mood to entertain them as his mind was in complete chaos after hearing what Octavius said earlier.

'He was waiting for me?' Evan said inwardly and his mind ran at full speed, trying to understand what was going on.

In less than three seconds, he processed everything and reached a conclusion.

'This guy was killed... Or at the very least, his physical body was destroyed by the Shadow Monarch in the past, leaving behind only his soul. After destroying his physical body, that guy made a deal with this old man and now this old man is thinking I am the Shadow Monarch...' Evan said inwardly and glanced at the old man who was looking at him with hopeful eyes.

Seeing the way Octavius was looking at him, Evan sighed inwardly.

Honestly, considering everything that happened to him since the moment he awakened his Monarch Physique, he already realized that he might be the reincarnation of the Shadow Monarch but... Realizing something and accepting it were two different things.

He really didn't want to accept the fact that he is the reincarnation of someone else, after all, no one would be happy to find out that they are not really themselves but someone else.

But looking at the way Octavius was staring at him, Evan had no choice but to accept the fact that even if he is not the Shadow Monarch, he is definitely related to him very deeply.

'Ugh... This is complicated. I really don't want to become like that guy...'

In his dreams, Evan saw the Shadow Monarch many times and honestly speaking, they were not good memories.

In every memory Evan saw of him, he always felt like he was looking at an emotionless doll instead of a person.

Other than the times he interacted with Anastasia, in all the other memories, he was like an emotionless person whose sole purpose was either to kill someone or destroy something.

'The way he acts is very similar to the way I act under the effect of the title "The Cursed One",' Evan suddenly thought when he remembered the cold, emotionless feeling he felt when his title "The Cursed One" reacted in the past.

"Seriously, sometimes I feel like I would go crazy because of all of this sh*t..." Evan muttered in a low voice and rubbed his forehead. Just thinking about all of these matters was giving him a headache.

Seeing Evan was not saying anything, Octavius became anxious.

"You... You didn't forget about our agreement, right?" He asked in a trembling voice as if he was afraid of something.

Evan stopped thinking about his life issues and looked at the trembling Octavius.

'Now what should I do?' Evan really had no idea what agreement the old man was talking about, and he was afraid that if he said something wrong, things might become complicated.

Noticing Octavius's anxiety increasing due to his silence, he finally made up his mind.

"Why are you acting so anxious? Do you think someone of my level would go back on his words? If I didn't want to fulfilgreement with you, do you think I would have left you alive at that time?" Evan asked in a neutral voice.

Hearing Evan's neutral voice, the old man shuddered and quickly shook his head.

"O-of course not, I know you would never go back on your words. After all, you are—"

"Stop your flattering..." Evan interrupted Octavius when he noticed the old man was about to reveal his identity.

He glanced in Blaze and Walter's direction and saw they were looking at everything with narrowed eyes. It was obvious that both of them realized something was wrong with him.

'I didn't ask Octavius to kick them out along with that fatty because I thought they would come in handy if this old man tried to do something, but I don't think I need to keep them here anymore...' Evan thought inwardly and looked at Octavius. freewe

"Kick them out as well, we can't let other people know about the agreement, right?" Evan said in a neutral voice.

"Oh... You are right." Octavius nodded his head upon hearing Evan and snapped his fingers.

""Wai—"" Blaze and Walter were stunned when they heard Evan, but before they could protest, both of them were kicked out by Octavius.

Once Walter and Blaze disappeared, Octavius looked at Evan with anticipation as if he was waiting for something.

Seeing the old man's anticipatory look, Evan took a deep breath and a serious expression appeared on his face.

'It's time to put my ability to spout bullsh*t to the test.' Evan thought inwardly and opened his mouth.

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