Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts-Chapter 4390 Once More Seeing Little Crane

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Chapter 4390 Once More Seeing Little Crane

This time, Long Chen refined pills in the outside world. When the Pill Flame rose, the Earth Cauldron’s aura circulated, and it absorbed the primal chaos qi crazily.

Long Chen was completely focused. It was his first time refining pills in this kind of environment. He had to observe how primal chaos qi affected the refinement.

After all, the Pill Sovereign memories might contain countless pill formulas, but that was far from enough for refining pills. After all, the intensity of the flame had to be adjusted based on the changes in the outside world.

Other than that, Long Chen needed the fastest speed, so he was searching for the most optimal refining method to teach Huo Linger.

Long Chen quickly realized that he had overthought it. The Earth Cauldron’s runes flowed and started refining on their own, causing Long Chen to frown several times. The Earth Cauldron was refining on its own, but…

“What are you doing? This is wrong!” Long Chen tried to change the flame several times but was interrupted by the Earth Cauldron.

“Big Brother Long Chen, the Earth Cauldron wants us to refine the pills according to its own method,” said Huo Linger suddenly.

“You can communicate with it?”

“I can grasp some simple emotions.”

“Fine then.”

Long Chen let it be. The Earth Cauldron refined the pill on its own, and he had no way to intervene. However, he knew that this refinement would likely end in failure.

The Earth Cauldron quivered. After that, the lid opened, and nine pills flew out. They were all middle-grade World King Pills. For an ordinary alchemist, if they managed to refine nine middle-grade pills on their first attempt with a new pill formula, they would definitely be overjoyed.

However, this was unacceptable for Long Chen. How could he eat this kind of medicinal pills? Let alone middle-grade pills, even high-grade pills had almost no effect considering his resistance to medicinal pills.

“I told you that this wouldn’t work…”

Long Chen finally voiced his discontent, but he shut his mouth halfway through. Quite a bit of rust now fell from the Earth Cauldron.

Long Chen came to a sudden realization. The Earth Cauldron’s goal was not to get him pills that he could consume; it was to help itself.

“Fine, I understand. You can keep going!”

Long Chen didn’t force it. He had Huo Linger and the Earth Cauldron continue refining like this to help the Earth Cauldron recover.

If the Earth Cauldron could recover a bit of its power, it would be able to help Long Chen immensely. Hence, he departed alone, leaving behind enough medicinal ingredients for them.

In any case, the Earth Cauldron had his spiritual seal on it, so it could just find him later. There was even less that needed to be said about Huo Linger. As long as they were near each other, their souls were linked.

The Earth Cauldron was absorbing a huge amount of primal chaos qi during its refinement. While the primal chaos space had an immense amount of primal chaos qi derived from the corpses and primal chaos spirit stones, these resources were limited. On the other hand, the primal chaos qi of heaven and earth was limitless and free. Naturally, Long Chen wouldn’t waste the primal chaos qi within the primal chaos space.

Long Chen then went to the main High Firmament Academy. The place he had just been in was actually the realm of the Battle God Palace—a secret world at the back of the academy.

The Battle God Palace's location was a closely guarded secret of the High Firmament Academy, and only a select few within the academy were privy to this information. After all, the Battle God Palace was their secret weapon.

Long Chen had to go through two transportation formations after leaving the world of the Battle God Palace to secretly return to the academy.

When the Elders guarding this place saw Long Chen, they jumped in shock, unable to believe their eyes. Clearly, the likes of them were not informed that Long Chen had returned to the Darklight Heaven.

“Greetings, Dean Long Chen!”

Those four Elders hastily bowed to Long Chen after recovering from their shock.

“Elders, I just got back. It is a secret of the academy, so help me keep this secret,” said Long Chen.

“Don’t worry, we understand!” said the four of them.

Long Chen departed. After that, to make it more convenient to get around, he created a mask for himself.

Created using the runes of his violet blood, this mask was capable of changing his form, rendering people incapable of discerning his true appearance or aura.

Once he finished preparing, his Kunpeng wings unfurled on his back, and he soared into the sky like a shooting star. Upon reaching a tranquil, dense forest, he slowed down. He looked around for a long time but didn’t see what he was looking for.

“Big Brother Long Chen, are you looking for me?”

At this moment, a melodic voice filled with delight echoed, and auspicious clouds filled the sky. A graceful crane glided toward Long Chen, radiating with rainbow light.

In an instant, this serene forest became covered in auspicious light, akin to a wonderland.

“Little Crane, you’re not sleeping!” Long Chen was pleasantly surprised. He had only come to test his luck.

For some reason, upon returning, he felt an urgent desire to see Little Crane. Perhaps in his heart, he already viewed her as his little sister. Come to think of it, he and Long Xiaoyu hadn’t seen each other for a while, and Xiaoyu was a little girl just like Little Crane.

In fact, Long Chen felt a wave of emotion swell within him now. He knew that after so many years had passed, his little sister had grown up. But in his memory, Long Xiaoyu was still that little girl.

“Big Brother Long Chen!”

Little Crane flew over to Long Chen and transformed into a girl before throwing herself into his embrace, her large eyes full of delight.

“Big Brother Long Chen, you really are the best! I was dreaming of you coming back, and then I sensed your aura! The dream wasn’t lying to me! You really did come to find me!”

Little Crane’s black and white eyes seemed to be the purest, most beautiful gemstones in the world. Gazing into them seemed to cleanse a person's soul, causing them to forget all the pain and suffering in the world.

“Your big brother has always been thinking of you. The world is in chaos, and I was worried that you would be bullied by bad people, so I’m relieved to see you well,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen was always worried about this little girl. While he knew that the rainbow crane race was an auspicious beast of the Heavenly Daos, the world was in chaos now. Perhaps they had been protected by the very Heavenly Daos before, but even the very heavens had changed. All kinds of monsters were running rampant, and no one could be unrivaled forever.

“Big Brother Long Chen, you really are the best, hehe!” Little Crane looked at Long Chen happily. “That’s right, big brother, bring me out to play! I’ve always wanted to see the outside world.”

“The outside world is full of bad people. Are you not afraid of them?” asked Long Chen.

“I’m not afraid! I know you will protect me!” declared Little Crane.

“That’s true. However, I need to kill people from time to time. I don’t want your pure eyes to be stained by slaughter,” said Long Chen sadly. He didn’t want Little Crane to see the cruelty of this world.

“My mom told me that the rainbow crane race has its own mission, and she has agreed to let me see the outside world,” said Little Crane.

Looking at her pure face, Long Chen knew that she wasn’t lying. “Alright, then I will bring you out to play for a few days.”

Long Chen laughed. Carrying Little Crane on his back, he flew off with his Kunpeng wings. With Little Crane’s tinkling laughter in his ears, he smiled.

“Boss Long San is back! People of the Darklight Heaven, quiver in fear!”

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