Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts-Chapter 4391 Spherical Lifeform

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Chapter 4391 Spherical Lifeform

“Big Brother Long Chen, these new robes of yours look good. Can I do your hair?” Little Crane smiled at Long Chen. Having switched out his old robes for new ones, Long Chen appeared even more extraordinary and formidable now.

These robes were made for him by his loved ones, so Long Chen cherished them very much. He would always switch them out when anticipating a fight.

However, sometimes fights came too suddenly, and he didn’t have time to switch his clothes. After getting damaged, they would start looking worn out over time.

This time, Long Chen put on a new set of clothes to freshen his mood. Upon returning to the High Firmament Academy, he felt like coming home as a hero, so he had to tidy up.

“You know how to comb?” asked Long Chen.

“Of course I know! Here, I’ll try it right now!” Little Crane giggled and made Long Chen sit in front of her. She then undid his headband and solemnly started combing his hair. However, there was something off with her technique. “Big Brother Long Chen, let me tell you. When I was still small and just learned how to take human form, my mom often did my hair for me! I learned it all!”


Hearing that, Long Chen instantly had a bad feeling.

However, seeing how excited she was, Long Chen didn’t feel good to refuse her. He just closed his eyes and hoped for the best.


Little Crane clapped excitedly and ran over to his front side to look at her work. She was filled with pride.

However, Long Chen almost wept when he looked in the mirror. His long black hair had been turned into a pile of pigtails.

If that were the only issue, it would be one thing. The main problem was that she had put two of those pigtails in a girlish fashion meant for girls with short hair.

With Long Chen’s thick and stiff hair, these two pigtails looked like goat horns on him. Looking at his appearance in the mirror, Long Chen didn’t know how he was supposed to face others like this. Wouldn’t they laugh at him to death?

“What is it? Big Brother Long Chen, do you not like it?” Little Crane’s smile gradually vanished.

Seeing her worried appearance, Long Chen hastily forced out a smile, though it looked uglier than a cry.

“It’s pretty good! I used to style my hair like this. I was just recalling my youth.”

What else could he say? Long Chen cried out inside, but he couldn’t disappoint Little Crane.

Little Crane was really pure. She took Long Chen’s words at face value and laughed with delight, proud of her workmanship.

Maintaining a smile, Long Chen held Little Crane’s hand as they walked away. Fortunately, they were leaving the High Firmament Academy. Otherwise, he couldn't imagine how he would face people.

“Big Brother Long Chen, with those pigtails, you look even stronger! You seem taller!” praised Little Crane.

Long Chen was instantly speechless. If he didn’t know just how pure Little Crane was, he would have thought that she was trolling him.

“Then how about I give you some pigtails too?” Long Chen suddenly had a mischievous thought.

“That would be great! Thank you Big Brother Long Chen! Let’s have the same pigtails!” Little Crane directly sat on Long Chen’s leg, having him do her hair.

In that instant, Long Chen felt a wave of regret, cursing himself for thinking of treating her like this. However, he also couldn’t tell her that, so he just thickened his face and tried to do her hair. Sadly, his skill was even worse than Little Crane’s. After a great deal of time and effort, he barely managed to finish a sloppy mess.

However, when Little Crane looked in the mirror, she smiled delightedly.

Seeing her smile, Long Chen suddenly realized that beautiful things were innately beautiful, and no matter what you did with them, it wouldn’t change their beauty.

Even with her hair like that, Little Crane looked lively and beautiful. When she smiled at him, Long Chen felt his heart melt.

Little Crane put her face next to Long Chen’s and looked into the mirror. Seeing one big head and one small head with identical hairstyles, the two of them looked at each other and laughed.

Long Chen no longer felt like his hair was that ugly. Instead, he found it quite interesting. Changing his hairstyle felt like altering his mental state. He seemed to have returned to his youth when he didn't have to think about everything.

“Big Brother Long Chen, let’s go!”

Little Crane pulled Long Chen’s hand excitedly, wanting to go see the world.

“Let’s go. We’ll show this world Boss Long San’s unrivaled hairstyle.” Long Chen laughed and walked toward the city ahead with his funny hair.

As soon as they got close to the city, they saw people with various robes and strange hairstyles as well. The different marks on their skins showed that they were from different races.

This place was outside the domain of the High Firmament Academy. The High Firmament Academy no longer permitted the other races’ experts to approach, but it was different outside. Even Long Chen was bewildered by what he saw.

Long Chen saw an emaciated, furry lifeform with a head taller than its body and a long tail like a serpent.

Next to him was a beautiful woman with four arms, accompanied by a sphere rolling by her. Surprisingly, the sphere was a lifeform's armor, with tentacles extending from it and propelling it forward.

“Wow, how amazing!”

Little Crane’s eyes widened when she looked at the spherical lifeform.

It had just rolled past them when it heard Little Crane’s words. All of a sudden, two ominous eyes stuck out of it, making Little Crane jump in fright and hide behind Long Chen.

She hadn’t expected this seemingly cute sphere to actually have such frightening eyes.

“You inferior human race, shut your mouths. Just like your characters, they disgust me,” barked that lifeform.

Long Chen frowned. This ugly shit was actually so arrogant within the human race’s territory. Publicly insulting the human race here? Just who gave it that courage?

“Come over here!” Long Chen beckoned it over with his finger.

“Little fellow, are you courting death?”

In front of that provocation, the spherical lifeform’s voice grew sharper and colder. When its brutal aura was unleashed, everyone could see that it was a Heaven Venerate.

The moment it did so, it crashed toward Long Chen and Little Crane.


With an explosive sound, that spherical lifeform let out a miserable shriek.

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