Paintings of Terror-Chapter 288: Look Ahead, Live Through With All Your Might

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Chapter 288: Look Ahead, Live Through With All Your Might

Throughout the entire morning, the group rummaged through the houses in the residential area, conducting a thorough search.

However, with limited manpower, even after Fang Fei, Gu Qingqing, and Wu You joined in later, the progress remained slow. v9IqQo

By noon, Qin Ci, Wei Dong, and Luo Bu returned with some water-containing plants and two rabbits. “The rabbits were caught by Radish,” Wei Dong handed the rabbits which were still moving and struggling to Ke Xun. “This kid is quite skilled. He’s very professional in setting hunting traps. We’ll go back into the forest in the afternoon. There are still several traps we haven’t checked. Maybe they caught some other animals. We came back early because we don’t want you all to get worried.”

“People are good at different skills.” Hearing this, Shao Ling praised Luo Bu, who was wiping sweat on the side. “Each person has their place where they shine.”

Ke Xun took the rabbits to process them. He skinned them, drained the blood, and removed the innards. Meanwhile, Luo Bu and Wei Dong had already set up a fire outside. Ke Xun took the meat over to roast.

“The blood on the meat can’t be washed off, so it might taste quite gamey,” Ke Xun crouched by the fire, sweating so much his clothes were soaked, so he took off his shirt and went bare chested. VBGQv9

The others didn’t like the heat and stayed far. Some were squeezing water from the plants into containers, some were inspecting suspicious items brought out from the houses, and some were using bedsheets and branches to build a makeshift awning from the sun — considering the tragic events of last night, nobody wanted to stay indoors, even if it was hot outside.

Tian Yang was still sitting in a daze outside the house from last night, and Wei Dong brought him a cup of plant juice, looking at his face with complex emotions.

He was covered in that black blood, and no one knew what the consequences might be. But no one dared to take the risk of letting him come into contact with everyone else, so he was just silently and tacitly excluded… but what else could be done?

Wei Dong felt this painting was exceptionally cruel. yBN QZ

It wasn’t just the method of death, but the feelings of loneliness, helplessness, and abandonment caused by his companions avoiding him, were even worse than death itself.

To even have to suffer such psychological torment even before death.

“Let me help you build an awning,” Wei Dong tried to make his tone sound normal, as to treat Tian Yang the same as he treated everyone else.

Tian Yang slowly raised his head to look at him, then smiled bitterly. “I’m not worthy of your pity… You still hate me…” AIzBdS