Paintings of Terror-Chapter 289: Once Cowardly Fleeing, Now Bravely Bidding Farewell

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Chapter 289: Once Cowardly Fleeing, Now Bravely Bidding Farewell

Tian Yang pulled the corner of his mouth, as if he was crying and smiling bitterly at the same time. He pulled out his phone from his pocket. “You don’t need to comfort me… I know, I can’t make it out…”

Ke Xun didn’t respond to his words. He just said, “Record your message. Qin Ci and the others are back. I’ll go get some food,” and walked away. 5anUpg

Qin Ci, Wei Dong and Luo Bu returned with water and food; it was still a few rabbits. Wei Dong said, “There are still two big ones in the traps, not sure if they’re water deer or just deer. We were worried there wouldn’t be enough time for you to deal with those, so we only brought the rabbits.”

“Alright, you two come and help.” Ke Xun called Wei Dong and Luo Bu over. Seeing this, Fang Fei also came over to help.

Qin Ci walked over to the still unconscious He Tang, squatted down, and reached out to touch her forehead, his brows furrowing.

Zhu Haowen followed and asked him softly, “How is it? Is it the same as Xiao Kai’s condition?” FRZdMt

Qin Ci nodded slightly, with a hint of confusion on his face. “I can’t understand the reason behind this. He Tang’s body didn’t come into contact with that black blood at all, so how was she ‘selected’…”

“How do you think Xiao Kai was selected?” Zhu Haowen asked.

Qin Ci said: “I’ve been thinking about Xiao Kai’s case all day. Initially, I thought he had malaria due to mosquito bites transmitting the virus through blood. This kind of condition develops quickly, with the body temperature rising rapidly within a short period of time.

“But it turned out not to be malaria, or perhaps not even a disease, but rather the method of death set by this painting. If that’s the case, then the reason why Xiao Kai was selected is hard to say. Similarly, the reasons why Tian Yang and He Tang were chosen may also have nothing to do with the black blood. 3FvMTC

“But I don’t understand, to put it bluntly… they’re going to die anyway, why make them have a fever before they die? Isn’t that redundant?”

“Could it be because the three of them have relatively weak physical constitution, and this time, the criterion of death is based on the strength of one’s physique from low to high?” Zhu Haowen suggested.

“But Xiao Kai’s physical condition seemed to be quite good,” Qin Ci said. “When I wiped him with alcohol, I found that he seemed to be someone who exercises regularly, much like Little Ke.”

Zhu Haowen fell silent for a moment and said, “If the selection criteria for death are not based on physical condition, then it may be related to the infrasound waves that Yiran mentioned.” UnRLpe

“Perhaps,” Qin Ci said, unable to be sure.

Zhu Haowen turned to look at Tian Yang and saw that he was speaking at a low volume into his phone, so he didn’t go over to disturb him. Taking advantage of the fact that it wasn’t completely dark yet, he hurriedly looked through the books found in the houses with Mu Yiran and Shao Ling.

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