Possessed 10 Million Actors-Chapter 166:

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Chapter 166:

‘Incredibly stable. Perfect.'

Director Katahiro, watching the filming scene on the screen, wore a satisfied smile.

"The Most Painful Predestined Relationship in the World" was such a crucial project that Katahiro paid attention not only to the filming but also to the actors' performances.

Naturally, he didn't let any scene pass without scrutiny, leading to murmurs among the staff and some actors saying, "Director Katahiro is too meticulous."

However, even Katahiro couldn't find fault with Jinseok's acting. To be more precise, he couldn't criticize it.

‘Felt this before, but Kang Jinseok's acting is different.'

It was challenging to pinpoint what that difference was. Still, Jinseok's acting undeniably possessed a charm not found in other actors, captivating both actors and staff alike.

Thanks to Jinseok's performance, the actors who played alongside him also delivered a performance one or two steps higher. Especially Inoue, who breathed in sync with Jinseok, appeared flawless from every angle as the female lead.

‘I'm looking forward to the upcoming shoots even more.'

Katahiro spoke with a deeper smile, contrary to his inner thoughts, in a somewhat calm voice.

"Okay, cut. Great job. Take a 10-minute break, then let's do it again with a different angle."

Upon hearing Katahiro's words, the surrounding staff expressed relief.

"We'll take a break!"

"Inoue, come this way. I'll fix your makeup!"

While the staff exchanged words, Katahiro couldn't understand their conversations. Seeing the interpreter standing next to him not saying anything, he seemed to be moving well in response to Katahiro's instructions.

Moreover, Katahiro's attention was solely focused on Jinseok.

‘I'm not thinking about working together in the current shoot, but… Maybe it would be nice to work on the next project. It might be challenging for a while as the next project is likely Hollywood-bound.'

Katahiro was so immersed in Jinseok's acting that such thoughts crossed his mind.

Meanwhile, the 10-minute break passed, and one staff member approached Katahiro.

"Director, everything's ready."

"Ah, yes. Let's get back to shooting. Before the flow is lost."

And the filming resumed.


When Jinseok was shooting in Japan for a while.

Jang Sunho was in a constant state of anxiety due to the story about the orphanage director who raised Jinseok.

‘The actor got into a fight and hospitalized a student…'

When Jang Sunho was young, there were times when he gathered with others and got into fights. He couldn't remember the reasons well, but he fought with students from other schools, and once, while playing soccer with the next class, they ended up fighting for no apparent reason.

In those days, such incidents were common.

However, he had never fought to the extent of sending someone to the hospital.

‘This is troublesome.'

Regardless of the reason, fighting alone was never good news for an entertainer. Moreover, the fact that Jinseok, who already had a good image, "hospitalized another student during his school days," was even more fatal.

‘The best solution would be to silence everyone who knows about this… But practically, that would be difficult.'

Now, it wasn't someone else but KL Entertainment trying to put Jinseok in danger with this information. Resolving it amicably seemed challenging as the relationship between them was not good.


Jang Sunho, sitting in the office, sighed looking up at the ceiling. At that moment, someone walked in.

"Oh? Team leader, haven't you left yet?"

It was Go Seoyoung, holding a convenience store plastic bag in one hand.

"What's going on these days? You seemed really busy. You look busier than usual, and you seem to have less free time."

"Nothing special."

Actually, there was something ‘special,' but Jang Sunho didn't bother to tell Go Seoyoung. He thought it would be better if as few people as possible knew about this matter.

While putting the plastic bag down at his desk, Go Seoyoung glanced at Jang Sunho.

"You seem to have something on your mind. Do you know how scary the team leader looks these days? It's getting to the point where even the usual scary person is frightening now."


"Yes. So, the team members are having a hard time approaching you these days."

‘Did I unintentionally let it show?’

Jang Sunho sighed slightly, giving a bitter smile. At that moment, Go Seoyoung, with a concerned tone, asked,

"Is there really something troubling you? I don't know what it is, but just tell me. Sometimes, talking about your worries can be a solution."

‘Is it okay to tell Assistant Manager Go?'

Jang Sunho considered for a moment then exhaled slightly and smiled wryly. When he did, Go Seoyoung asked with a worried voice,

"Do you really have something not good going on? I don't know what it is, but tell me first. Discussing your worries can be a solution, you know."

Go Seoyoung has been a reliable person to work with for a long time. Except for the times when she drank and caused a scene, she was an excellent colleague.

Soon, Jang Sunho opened his mouth with a serious expression.

"I heard a story that Actor Kang Jinseok was involved in school violence during his school days."

"Actor Kang Jinseok involved in school violence? Was Kang a bully?"

"Not exactly. It's not about bullying someone or taking money. It's about hitting other students hard enough to send them to the hospital. There's quite a bit of evidence."

"Surprising. Kang doesn't seem like the type to hit others. But what about the evidence?"

"Medical records and handwritten reflection letters by Kang Jinseok. The director of the orphanage where Kang was raised confirmed the authenticity, even though these details weren't in his student record."

Sunho showed the documents given by the Director. Copies of hospital records with the names erased and a duplicate of Jinseok's handwritten reflection letter.

As Go Seoyoung examined the documents closely, she raised her eyebrows and said to Sunho.

"Isn't this just kids fighting and getting hurt? My younger brother used to get into fights and come home with injuries all the time when he was young."

"I wish it were that simple. The student who claimed to have been beaten by Kang Jinseok ended up in the hospital. There were about four students who said they were hospitalized after being hit by him. And there's another, bigger problem."

"Another problem?"


Sunho closed his eyes, sighed, and spoke with a mixed tone of frustration.

"KL Entertainment also has this information."


"Whatever the reason Kang had for hitting the other students, KL Entertainment will somehow turn Kang Jinseok into a villain. Reporters won't fact-check and will write articles about it."

"Well… that might happen. So, is that why you've been so serious lately?"

"Yes. If you have any good ideas, I'd like to hear them. You, being a former reporter, might be more of an expert in this kind of media play than I am."

Sunho spoke with a serious tone throughout.

After listening to Sunho's words for a while, Go Seoyoung, with her chin in her hand, asked hesitantly,

"But, Team Leader, isn't this a bit strange?"

"What do you mean by strange?"

"These days, any bit of celebrity gossip gets dug up, especially their past. Since social media is so active."

"That's true."

“Why is this kind of story coming up now?”

Jang Sunho momentarily paused at Go Seoyeong's words.

"Come to think of it, you're right. Kang Jinseok has been a star for quite some time now… If it were a negative story about him, it would have surfaced earlier."

While Jang Sunho was lost in his thoughts, Go Seoyeong continued speaking.

"What's even strange is that KL Entertainment has this information but hasn't taken any action yet. We're currently shooting our company's original work, so it would be an opportune time to expose Kang's school violence scandal."

"That is true."

"By any chance, do you know why Kang Jinseok hit other students?"

"No. The orphanage director doesn't know either. Apparently, at that time, there was a sudden increase in the number of children at the orphanage, and they were quite busy. I went to the school Kang Jinseok attended, but the school had merged with another, and the teachers had scattered everywhere."

"Hmm… Something seems off."

Go Seoyeong bit her nails, a habit she had when deeply contemplating something.

After thinking for a while, she spoke.

"Team leader, I'll look into this."

"You're going to investigate?"

"Why not? Don't you trust me?"

"It's not that, but honestly, I've searched diligently, and there was no one who knew about this incident. It seems like only the parties involved know about it… I was planning to ask Kang directly later."

"Is Kang Jinseok working on another project during this time?"

"Of course, after the shooting is finished."

"Then, it might take some time. This is a time bomb; we don't know when it will explode."

Go Seoyeong was right. This was a time bomb set by KL Entertainment. Jang Sunho was well aware, and that's why he had been saving every second to find out the whole story.

However, he hadn't found any decisive evidence.


After pondering, Jang Sunho spoke with difficulty.

"Do you have any good ideas?"

"Yes. I'm Go Seoyeong, after all. I used to cover stories like this. Don't worry too much."

Trying to uplift the deflated Jang Sunho, Go Seoyeong intentionally spoke with a cheerful tone. Nevertheless, Jang Sunho remained dejected.

Undeterred, Go Seoyeong continued with a light smile.

"By the way, Team Leader, is there a bonus for handling assignments outside of our regular duties?"

"Don't treat it as a joke. It could seriously damage Kang Jinseok's image."

"Oh, come on, don't be so serious. And I'm not joking."


"Anyway, so, there's a bonus, right? After all, I'm helping our Team Leader Jang Sunho with his worries."

Jang Sunho sighed and nodded vaguely.

"Yes, sure. I'll provide everything I can. Not just a bonus, but it'll be reflected in your performance evaluations, and of course, you'll get a commendation."

"Great! That's what I wanted to hear. I'll get started right away."

"But, you did say you would do anything I asked just now, right?"

"…It was just a conventional expression. I meant to say I'll do my best to help in any way I can."

Ignoring Jang Sunho's words, Go Seoyeong closed her ears and said, "Ah~ I can't hear you, I can't hear you. You already made a promise. You promised to help with anything."

After swiftly grabbing her bag, she walked out, saying, "If I handle this, please make sure to keep that promise. The promise that you'll do anything I ask."

"Now, where should I start?"

Go Seoyeong pondered deeply as she walked out of the company. Then, looking at the still-lit office, she sighed lightly.

"Jang Sunho, that guy. If something like this happened, he should have told me sooner instead of suffering alone."

Jang Sunho heard about Kang Jinseok's school violence incident about a month or two ago. It meant that Jang Sunho had been wrestling with his thoughts alone for quite a long time.

It was regrettable. It stung that there had been no word from him during that time.

"But still… well, now that he told me, I guess he believes in me, right?"

Thinking like this, she felt lighter again. As much as Jang Sunho trusted her, she also wanted to repay him with good results.

After walking for a while, Go Seoyeong arrived at her parked car. She got in, kicked off her high heels onto the passenger seat, replaced them with comfortable slippers, and took out her phone to check KakaoTalk.

[Korea University Department of Journalism and Broadcasting 46th-50th Batch Group Chat]

"I've been lurking in the group chat all the time, but it feels a bit awkward to send a KakaoTalk now. But I can trust them, at least they're from my major."

After hesitating for a moment, Go Seoyeong sent a message.

[46th Batch Club President Go Seoyeong: Looking for someone to work with.]

[46th Batch Club President Go Seoyeong: If you help, I'll provide you with a topic to make OS Entertainment and KL Entertainment fight soon. It's not a difficult task. Promise to do it, and no withdrawal. Additional rewards based on performance.]

[46th Batch Club President Go Seoyeong: However, when writing future articles, you must write favorably towards OS Entertainment. If violated, you'll be removed, and the group chat will be reset.]

[46th Batch Club President Go Seoyeong: First come, first served, 150 people.]

After Go Seoyeong sent the KakaoTalk, replies poured in within seconds.

[48th Batch Park Daegi: Hello, senior! It's been a while. I've reserved my spot. No. 1.]

[50th Batch Reporter Lee: I'm also in line. No. 2.]

[46th Batch Oh Jaehwan: Hey, Seoyeong, count me in too. I've been getting scolded by the editor all the time lately. Seriously, I might get fired at this rate. No. 3.]

[49th Batch Kim Hyunsoo: Loyalty, loyalty. I trust Senior Go Seoyeong's pick. No. 4 reserved.]

[47th Batch Lee Soohyun: The 150th spot is the jackpot.]

[47th Batch Park Hyunwoo: The 150th spot is the jackpot.]

[47th Batch Park Hyunwoo: Ah, Lee Soohyun, you jerk. You're unnecessarily fast only at times like this.]

[47th Batch Lee Soohyun: Yup, I was first. Suck it.]

[47th Batch Park Hyunwoo: Senior Go Seoyeong, can't you squeeze me in too? I'm getting married next month…]

Go Seoyeong's KakaoTalk message triggered a frenzy of responses from reporters all over the country.

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