Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School-Chapter 1456-END - : I Am Willing!

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Chapter 1456-END - Chapter 1456: I Am Willing!

Chapter 1456: I Am Willing!

When she returned to China, Ji Haoyu had already returned to China from Country Z. Jian Ai insisted that he bring the Old Master and Ji Haoxue to the capital airport to pick her up.

Although Ji Haoyu did not understand, he did as he was told.

“Why? Did you have to make such a grand ceremony for me to pick you up?”

As soon as they met, Ji Haoyu couldn’t help but hug Jian Ai and smile.


Old Master Ji stood at the side and chuckled. “This girl might have some ideas. Coincidentally, I haven’t been out for a long time, so I’ll take this opportunity to play in the capital for a few days.”

“Sister-in-law, is it as Grandpa said? Are you going to cause trouble?” Ji Haoxue looked at Jian Ai excitedly.

Otherwise, why would she let them come to the capital from Baiyun City to pick her up? Usually, Jian Ai hated to mobilize so many people.

Jian Ai smiled but said nothing. She just stood to the side.

Behind her stood a tall man. The man’s baseball cap was lowered, and his face could not be seen with his head lowered.

However, even so, the three of them suddenly froze. The person looked up and took off his hat at the right time. It was none other than Ji Yansong, who had disappeared from the Ji family for many years.

Ji Haoyu and Ji Haoxue’s eyes widened. They looked at their father, who had suddenly appeared in front of them, in disbelief. For a moment, they forgot to react. They only stood rooted to the ground with their mouths half-open.

Only the old man could not help but tremble when he saw Ji Yansong’s appearance. He walked forward shakily and called out with red eyes, “Yansong… Yansong…”


Ji Yansong choked. Over the years, he had fantasized about returning home countless times. Now that it had happened, he was not happy. Looking at his father’s white hair, Ji Yansong only felt guilty.

The father and son hugged each other tightly and cried. Ji Haoxue cried and pounced forward to hug Ji Yansong tightly. “Dad, you’re back. I thought… Boohoo…”

Jian Ail s eyes turned red. She turned her head to look at Ji Haoyu, but she realized that Ji Haoyu was also looking at her.

At this moment, Ji Haoyu understood what Jian Ai meant when she had said ‘If you discover that

I deliberately hid some things from you, will you blame me?’

She was not hiding her secret, but that Ji Yansong was still alive.

Jian Ai said apologetically, “I’m sorry. I…”

Ji Haoyu suddenly shook his head. “Don’t ever apologize to me. I should thank you.”

He had been looking for so many years and had even given up, but Xiao Ai brought his father back.

“Haoyu.” Ji Yansong walked up to Ji Haoyu, his eyes filled with fatherly love. He sized up his son and couldn’t help but nod proudly.

Ji Haoyu hugged Ji Yansong and suppressed emotions poured out. He used extreme strength and finally said a sentence. “Dad, you’re finally back.”

Jian Ai looked at this scene and couldn’t help but cry. It was time. Everyone had returned to where they should be.

A year later, M Group successfully went public. The industries under them could be said to be blooming.

With the Jian Group’s fall, the Baiyun real estate world welcomed a huge shock. Other than East Sea Real Estate, Hongxiang Group and Century Group also became real estate leaders. The three companies stood on three sides and completely ended the era of the Jian Group’s monopoly.

Prince Qi Ye of Qiusi had no move to secretly kill Bai Zhou in recent years. With Adolf’s death and the successive failures of his previous missions, he also understood that Bai Zhou was not as simple as he looked.

However, Bai Zhou had no intention of fighting for the throne. In addition, on account of his brotherly relationship with Qi Ye, he did not want the two of them to turn against each other because of power and misunderstanding. Therefore, in the end, Bai Zhou joined China and permanently withdraw from the battle for the throne of the Qiusi royal family. He stayed by Jian Ai’s side wholeheartedly.

Another two years later…

“Duoduo, Duoduo, don’t run!”

In the hotel, a small figure ran with her short legs and rushed into a private room at the end of the top floor.


A child’s voice called out. Jian Ai, who was putting on her makeup, turned around and the small figure plunged into her arms.

Jian Ai smiled. “Slow down. Aren’t you afraid of falling?”

Duoduo raised her chubby and cute face and looked at Jian Ai. She complained, “Aunt, I’m hungry.”

“Duoduo is hungry. Wait a moment.” Jian Ai smiled and looked at Guan Tao behind her. “Tao Zi, go get two pieces of cake for Duoduo.”

Guan Tao smiled and nodded. She patted Duoduo’s head. “Shall we have strawberry-flavored cakes?”

Duoduo’s eyes lit up, and she quickly nodded.

At this moment, Yu Zhihuan, who was panting outside the door, caught up. “Duoduo, don’t stick to Aunt. Be careful not to dirty the wedding dress!”

As soon as she saw her mother, Duoduo looked as if she had seen a ghost and quickly hid behind Jian Ai.

Jian Ai couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s fine, Sister-in-law. Duoduo said that she’s hungry.”

“Just spoil her. How is she hungry? I was teaching her how to walk on the red carpet later. She got impatient from learning, so she came to look for you.”