Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)-Chapter 3809 - 883 - Return of the Princess

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Chapter 883 – Return of the Princess

Northern Badlands:

As Shi Feng brought his hand down, the Abyssal Eye on his finger emitted a pitch-black radiance. In the blink of an eye, darkness enveloped a 1,000,000-yard radius, depriving everyone within the affected area of their sight and even the rest of their five senses.

A moment later, countless dazzling stars rained down from the pitch-black sky, causing powerful explosions as they bombarded the land. After innumerable stars had ravaged the mountain range, a 100-meter-tall, one-horned demon could be seen escaping the remaining wisps of demonic mist in a miserable state.

Pitch-black scales and spikes covered the one-horned demon. The mana it exuded was strange, its form sometimes illusory and sometimes solid. Everyone who sensed this strange mana felt death loom over them. Currently, though, most of the one-horned demon’s scales and spikes had been stripped from its body, and dark green blood oozed from its wounds.

Meanwhile, although everyone was shocked by Shi Feng’s ability to force the Northern Badlands’ Taboo Boss out of its habitat, the shock was short-lived, quickly overwhelmed by the instinctual fear they felt at the sight of the one-horned demon.

[Tosas, the All-Consuming Demon (Mutant)] (Primordial Demon, Divine)

Level 239

HP 1,600,000,000,000,000,000

The simple data presented elicited gasps from everyone present. Red Frost and those who were facing a Taboo Boss for the first time were especially shocked by Tosas’s HP.

“Is this a Taboo Boss?” Xiao Yilong felt despair when he saw Tosas’s 15 HP bars. He suddenly understood why even apex powers were powerless against the Greater God’s Domain’s Twenty-Two Taboos. Despite Tosas being only a Level 239 Taboo Boss, he could not see any hope of players killing it.

Normally, an ordinary Level 239, Tier 6 Boss only had 200 quadrillion HP at the maximum; Tosas’s HP was eight times greater. However, that still wasn’t the most important point.

A Mutant!

This was what made Tosas a true headache for players.

Mutated monsters had incredible learning capabilities. A Mutant that lived long enough could match the combat standards of a fifth-floor expert. With such a combat standard, a Mutant could nullify most of the combat techniques of players, forcing them into a melee. Unless players had a significant level advantage, the Mutant would quickly overpower them with its extraordinary Basic Attributes.

“Were you damned humans the ones who ambushed me?” Tosas demanded, glaring at Shi Feng’s team with its six eyes and completely ignoring the bellowing Level 226 Frostflame Sacred Dragon. Then, it raised one of its hands and swiped at the empty space before it.

Suddenly, everyone felt the world around them spinning. Before anyone realized it, one of the Frostflame Sacred Dragon’s wings had disappeared, and its 1,000-meter-long body spiraled uncontrollably to the ground.

“Be on full alert for its movements! Activate the Tier 6 Divine Runic Domain Spell to resist its True World!” Purgatory Jade shouted as the team fell out of the sky. “It has likely mastered a World Law related to space and can attack us from any distance!”

At Purgatory Jade’s words, many of those present immediately understood what had happened just now.

Tosas was only Level 239. Even if it was a Taboo Boss, its attacks shouldn’t be fast enough to evade their detection completely. In that case, there was only one explanation for this situation—Tosas’s attack trajectory was outside of their perception.

Shi Feng looked at Purgatory Jade in surprise. He hadn’t expected her to identify Tosas’s unique World Law so quickly. This led him to think that Kowloon Demon hadn’t been exaggerating about Purgatory Jade and that the woman had indeed pushed a Level 240 Taboo Boss to the brink of death in the past.

A spatial law, is it?

While freefalling, Shi Feng got a mild headache as he looked at the stationary All-Consuming Demon.

Not all unique World Laws mastered by Taboo Bosses were equal. Those related to space were especially tricky to deal with.

Take Tosas’s ability to attack from any distance, for example. Regardless of where the All-Consuming Demon stood, its attacks could always reach their target. Its attacks could also come from any direction. Even if players saw it attacking, they wouldn’t know where to direct their defense. Tosas’s attack method completely ignored defensive and evasive maneuvers.

The only good news was that Dark Cluster had heavily injured Tosas. Although its 1.6 quintillion HP had only dropped to 1.5 quintillion, it no longer had battle recovery. Its mobility should have also plummeted. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have stopped attacking after crippling the Frostflame Sacred Dragon; it should have followed up with more attacks to reduce the number of threats.

“That despicable Primordial God’s power!” Tosas was visibly dissatisfied when it saw that it had only heavily injured the Frostflame Sacred Dragon. “But this is it for you ants!”

After Tosas finished speaking, an invisible ripple spread from it and covered a 10,000-yard radius in an instant. Meanwhile, Shi Feng and the others started to lose Basic Attributes rapidly, and the gap in Basic Attributes between the two sides widened even further.


Suddenly, Tosas pulled a longsword enveloped in Soul Fire out of its chest, clearly intent on permanently erasing the ants before it.

When everyone saw the flaming longsword, almost all of them trembled instinctively.

As for Shi Feng, he knew he couldn’t afford to conserve his cards when he saw Tosas preparing for an all-out attack. He hastily took out the Primordial Dragon Legacy Crystal and summoned the Dragon Princess Kalisha. fre(e)webno(v)el

Currently, Kalisha was Shi Feng’s strongest trump card against Taboo Bosses. Although Kalisha had yet to fully recover, she could already rival Primordial Gods. In comparison, while Tosas might be close to reaching the standard of Primordial Gods, it still wasn’t one.

Thus, Shi Feng decided to take a gamble.

He wagered that the current Dragon Princess was stronger than the All-Consuming Demon!

The summoning of the Dragon Princess was instantaneous. The moment Shi Feng initiated the summoning, a colossal figure descended from the sky. Before this colossal figure, even the Frostflame Sacred Dragon looked like a little snake.

This colossal figure belonged to none other than Kalisha.

Following Kalisha’s abrupt appearance, Tosas canceled its attack and stared solemnly at the Dragon Princess.

“A Primordial Dragon?”

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