Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)-Chapter 3879 - 953 - The Proper Way to Use the Great Lord Token

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Chapter 953 – The Proper Way to Use the Great Lord Token

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Eternal Realm, Shadowring Town, Zero Wing’s Residence:

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I’m very busy right now. Are you sure you’re not joking with me?” Verdant Rainbow asked when she saw Shi Feng enter the conference room. Even after arriving at Zero Wing’s Residence, she still couldn’t believe what Shi Feng had invited her here for.

An offer to remove a royal power from the Eternal Realm. This came as an even greater shock to her than the latest issue of the Divine Glory List. Had anyone else made her this offer, she wouldn’t have believed a single word. However, after witnessing Shi Feng single-handedly repel four royal powers in Everlasting City, she couldn’t help but wonder if he might actually have a way to eliminate Evil Nature from the Eternal Realm.

“I’m very certain,” Shi Feng said, smiling as he sat down. “I’m sure the Seven Luminaries Alliance is tired of having its NPC Cities targeted by Evil Nature, right? Because of Evil Nature, the Alliance has to commit significant manpower to garrison its NPC Cities and cannot explore many high-level maps. Now, Evil Nature has even used its Great Lord Token to persecute Zero Wing in the World Ark. Since Evil Nature is such a nuisance, why don’t we work together to eliminate it from the Eternal Realm and save us all this trouble?”

“This… Can it even be done?” Verdant Rainbow asked bluntly. “As a royal power, Evil Nature’s foundations are extraordinary. The number of Level 230-plus experts and war weapons it has in the Eternal Realm far exceeds what our two Guilds have.”

“Under normal circumstances, certainly not. But things are different now,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “So long as you lend me a thousand Level 235-plus experts fully equipped with Fragmented Divine Artifacts for several days, I can take care of Evil Nature. If you don’t believe me, I can sign a God’s Domain Contract.”

“You want that many elites? Can you not reduce your equipment requirement a little?” Verdant Rainbow was shocked by Shi Feng’s condition. It might be easy to put together a thousand Level 235-plus experts in the current Eternal Realm, but it was a different story if these experts had to be fully equipped with Fragmented Divine Artifacts.

“No. This is my bottom line.” Shi Feng shook his head.

In his previous life, after the first Everlasting City competition ended, the top ten powers had eagerly used their Great Lord Tokens to secure more territory for themselves in the Eternal Realm. It wasn’t until the Eternal Realm’s development had reached its later stages that the various powers discovered the real use of the Great Lord Tokens granted by Everlasting City. This discovery made every power that had ever obtained and used a Great Lord Token dearly regret their actions.

At first glance, the Great Lord Token’s sole purpose was to construct a Guild City anywhere in the Eternal Realm, and it was indeed a precious function in the Eternal Realm, where City Building Orders were incredibly rare. However, this function was insignificant compared to the Great Lord Token’s true function.

When the Eternal Realm had entered its later development stages, and the various powers were mostly done exploring the few Level 230 Taboo Maps available, they suddenly discovered that many lost civilization cities were hidden in these maps. These lost civilization cities could also be considered the Eternal Realm’s most precious existence.

As for the condition to activate these lost civilization cities, it was to become the Great Lord of the map they occupied. In other words, the true purpose of the Great Lord Token wasn’t to construct a city but to awaken one!

Shi Feng vividly remembered that when the Holy Race discovered the first lost civilization city, an all-out war broke out among its ten royal powers.

The war had shocked both human players and Holy Race players.

Even when the Holy Race waged war against the human race, only four of its royal powers had participated. The remaining six royal powers paid no attention to the war whatsoever. Some of them didn’t even have a presence in the Eternal Realm.

But when the first lost civilization city appeared, the situation in the Eternal Realm changed completely. All of the Holy Race’s royal powers entered the Eternal Realm in full force, culminating in a war among the ten royal powers that lasted several months. The war destroyed a significant portion of the Eternal Realm, and over a billion Tier 6 Holy Race players had suffered a true death.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just Holy Race players who had suffered from this war. Over a hundred million Tier 6 human players had suffered a true death as bystanders. Two of the Three Absolutes also got seriously injured, while one nearly died a true death. Because of this war, the human race learned how powerful the Holy Race truly was.

Even if the human race’s apex powers banded together, they’d be nothing but a joke before the Holy Race’s royal powers. Just one Epic Siege Weapon could push the human race’s apex powers to the brink of collapse. If the Holy Race’s royal powers mobilized all their Epic Siege Weapons, the human race’s apex powers would disappear in the blink of an eye.

Out of all the human race’s apex powers in Shi Feng’s previous life, the Seven Luminaries Alliance was the only one that could retaliate against the Holy Race’s royal powers. This was because it had secured a lost civilization city. As for the other apex powers that had obtained a Great Lord Token in the past, they had already used their tokens by the time the lost civilization cities were discovered. They also no longer had the ability to secure Great Lord Tokens. Thus, they missed the opportunity to obtain the Legacies of these lost civilizations.

Currently, as many of the top ten powers from the recent Everlasting City competition had already used their Great Lord Token, it was a prime opportunity for Zero Wing to secure a lost civilization city. This was because players could not seize the lost civilization city of others with force alone. freew𝚎bn𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝚘𝗺

Once a lost civilization city was awakened, other players could only seize it by occupying and reawakening it using another Great Lord Token. Otherwise, the city would never change ownership. And as Everlasting City’s competition was the only source for Great Lord Tokens, Zero Wing would not have to worry about losing its lost civilization city until the next competition.

As for which lost civilization city to go for, Shi Feng already had one in mind.

Not all lost civilization cities were equal. The Legacies they held differed in strength. Some Legacies were even exclusive to specific races. Take the Magic Civilization’s Legacy that the Seven Luminaries Alliance obtained, for example. The Legacy amplified the effectiveness of magic arrays, allowing the Great Grandmaster-ranked defensive magic arrays of cities to resist even the attacks of Epic Siege Weapons. Because of this Legacy, the human race’s various powers managed to hold on in the Eternal Realm.

However, as magic arrays were unique to the human race, the Magic Civilization’s Legacy would be utterly useless in the hands of the Holy Race and the Crystallian race. Likewise, should the human race come across a lost civilization Legacy exclusive to the two other races, the Legacy would be useless.

Of course, not all lost civilization cities held race-specific Legacies. On the contrary, most held general-purpose Legacies. Among them, the one that stood out the most was a primordial civilization city occupied by the Sun Dynasty.

The primordial civilization city in question did not hold any Legacies. The city was mostly in ruins when it was discovered, with no functional building in sight. All the city had was a Siege Weapon.


It was also the only known Inferior Legendary Siege Weapon discovered in the Eternal Realm!

Because of this Inferior Legendary Siege Weapon, the Sun Dynasty was instantly acknowledged as the Holy Race’s number one royal power, becoming the envy of all other royal powers.

Now that the threat of other powers seizing Zero Wing’s lost civilization city did not exist, Zero Wing simply needed to have the ability to capture the primordial civilization city.

From what Shi Feng had heard, the Sun Dynasty had relied on a thousand Level 240 experts fully equipped with Fragmented Divine Artifacts to capture the primordial civilization city. Hence, requiring only Level 235-plus experts was already a concession. If he were to reduce the equipment requirement as well, he couldn’t guarantee they’d be able to capture the primordial civilization city.

“Are you willing to make this transaction, Miss Rainbow?” Shi Feng asked the hesitant Verdant Rainbow.