Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer-Chapter 1804: Search

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Shijin's father reached Magman city soon.

Unlike the other three clan masters that sent envoys into the city, he didn't bother trying to keep any decorum. He directly tried to barge in through the front gate.

Only the Magman clan leader got the news immediately and came to the gate to stop him.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"Get Maya out right now. And the child of my clan. I know they are with you."

"What the fuck are you talking about? I don't have Maya or children with me."

"Quit your acting. Do you think I am a fucking idiot? I know you also got the information about Maya's location before. My clan members are dead because of that weird divine light and the next thing I know I get the news that Maya and the kids are in your city.

I don't think I am mistaken here."

Magman clan leader gritted his teeth exasperatedly. This is exactly what he feared would happen and it did.

He knew that once the news reaches out that Maya is in his city, particularly to the other four clan leaders who lost the forces in that cave, they wouldn't hold up and to his dismay, the news first went to the most of unreasonable and unruly guy of the bunch.

But that is not all, while he is arguing with this annoying man, three more people came along with some of their elites.

The three other clan heads.

They joined in on the fun.

At this moment, Sam who is sitting in the inn casually is looking at a large crystal screen as the whole scene played out.

Maya also looked at it and is dumbfounded.

"What is happening? Why are they all here?"

She is a bit nervous. After all, some of the clan heads that are outside are the reason that she had to suffer for so long.

"Well, I am playing the game lucifer laid out for us. It's just that I am really good at playing these kinds of games and I have a lot of experience."

"Are we going to be okay?"

"Don't worry about it. Right now, if we are really caught here, the one who suffers the most is the Magman clan leader.

He cannot really explain how we entered the city and unless he does that, no one is going to believe that he is not the one who dragged us into this."

Sam said as he took out some juice from the storage and gave it to Maya.

"Sit down and relax. We have plenty of time now."

"But I thought we need to move every three hours."

"Not necessarily. We would have to move every three hours after a while, but in this instance, we are going to stay. This would be fun to watch, so don't miss out. Just let your children rest and watch this."

Sam said with a smile and then he took out some of the virtual projectors and let them show some of the animations of atoms and other stuff which looks cool to the eye.

The kids that are awake are staring at them in fascination.

After that, he took out two Blood scales that he got from Nagas a lot of time ago. He hasn't used these blood scales in a really long time. In fact, he has piles of great weapons that he didn't get to use at all.

"Maybe, I need to give some of those to my students next time. They are just moping around in my storage."

He muttered as he started carving some inscriptions on the scales while watching the show play out outside of the city.

Time seemed to have vanished as he took in the hilarious scenes.

The clan leaders are all trying to get into the Magman city, but they didn't want to force themselves in.

After all, they are not exactly sure about the situation and they are very sure that even a little spark here might ignite a full-blown war.

So, they are all arguing like little children in the playground.

And luckily for the Magman clan leader, he is not being one-sided here. Of course, that doesn't mean people are supporting him, it is just that these clan leaders don't really get along well.

They are throwing shade at each other.

But internally Magman clan leader is burning up. He just hoped that Sam and Maya would disappear from the city as soon as possible. Little did he know Sam didn't want to do that at all.

He just sat back and kept on carving inscriptions on the two scales.

Time passed and soon the three hours is up. The location of Sam and Maya is going to be revealed to the next set of clan leaders.

At this moment in different areas within the planet, a new set of clan leaders got the news about Sam and Maya's location.

An hour later.

The magman clan leader is still feeling a bit conflicted. He is not willing to let these people into his city and just by seeing how adamant they are, he has to let them in. After some thought, he came to a conclusion.

Sam and Maya are currently runaways, even though they might have appeared here to cause him trouble, at the core they wouldn't dare to be captured by the clan leaders. It would be completely against their plan.

So, to get rid of these clan leaders, he could only take a gamble. He turned to the clan leaders and spoke.

"You guys are all powerful, so you should understand why I don't want you to come inside. But since you are all suspecting me, I can take your trusted members in. The formation will still be active and you are going to stay out of the city.

If you are okay with that, then I can take your people in."

"Okay then. I don't have a problem with that."

"I am okay with that too."


The clan leaders agreed readily because they believed that the Magman clan leader wouldn't be stupid enough to do anything to their clan members.

Magman clan leader took a deep breath and was about to take them in. But at that moment, a few people landed from their flying beasts.

The clan leader felt his headache. This is a new batch of clans that came just now and not a single one of them have a child. They are all desperate in the war at the moment.

Sam looked at the scene and smiled.

At this moment, there are exactly a dozen blood scales in front of him. He took out a few more things six puppets from his storage and attached a blood scale to each of them. The puppets then flew away from the inn in stealth mode.

He then took out a seventh puppet and started making some modifications to it.

"Get ready Maya, keep the kids close, we are about to leave the city soon."

Maya took the virtual projector away and started readying the kids. Sam looked at the Magman clan leader and led the subordinates of the other clan members to look for them in the city.

At this moment, these clan leaders even let their spies be exposed from within the city.

When the subordinates wanted to go into the inn and search, the Magman clan leader spoke up.

"This is the one place that the guardian wouldn't be in. This is where he was spotted first. So, even if he came here, it would be stupid of him to come back and stay here."

"No offense clan leader, but we have to check it ourselves."

The subordinates didn't listen and decided to see for themselves. They talked to the manager and told him to deactivate all of the formations so that they could have an easier time sensing it. The whole inn was thoroughly searched.

But there is no one there.

Magman clan leader heaved a sigh of relief. Even though he knew for sure that Sam wouldn't be here, he still felt that there might be a minute possibility. He didn't even want to give a chance to the possible reverse psychology.

The search went on. After some persuasion from the clan leader, they agreed up split up a bit and the search was a bit faster.

The only good thing is that the city is in lockdown and most of the places are empty, so they didn't have to search too much there.

Within an hour, they are already near the headquarters of the clan.

By now, the Magman clan leader felt a bit relieved. He knew that Sam is fearless, but he felt that no matter how daring he is, he wouldn't go as far as hiding in the clan grounds directly.

That would be too much and too easy for people to spot him. He hoped that his speculations are true and took the group in and as they searched one place after another and there are no results, the clan leader felt a bit assured and relieved.