Seeking Immortality In The World Of Cultivation-Chapter 227 - 219: Planning

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Chapter 227: Chapter 219: Planning

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Other cultivators had short lives.

For the sake of opportunities, breakthroughs in their cultivation, becoming stronger, and living longer.

It was understandable for them to take risks under such circumstances.

Just like Meng Guan.

If Meng Guan hadn’t taken that risk back then, he might still be stuck in the Bamboo Mountain Immortal Pavilion, merely waiting for death.

How could he have his current status and position?

But He Song was different.

He was an everlasting being, as long as he could endure and slowly cultivate, he would eventually become immortal.

With this in mind,

If He Song acted like an ordinary cultivator, getting easily riled up and meddling in everything, how could he endure and slowly cultivate?

Perhaps it was because of a moment of impulsiveness, meddling here and there, that led him to his death.

If he were to die, wouldn’t that be a huge loss? Such a thing,

Naturally, the cautious He Song would never do it.

That’s why,

Even though he was already considering whether he should leave as soon as possible, He Song’s expression betrayed nothing.

He even told Ping’er to rest assured.

Nobody could tell what He Song was thinking at this moment.

“Sigh, it seems we have no choice but to do this.”

“However, we are currently within the original territory of the Seven Star Sect, bordering other sects besides the Four Sects. I don’t know if this place will become a battlefield in the future.”

“If one day war breaks out, you and I will be close enough to help each other, so we won’t be caught fighting alone.”

“By that time, with Master’s support in Jade Immortal City, and our unity, our safety should be assured.”

Seeing that He Song had no other sources of information, Ping’er didn’t say anything else, but shared her plans for the future with him.

Perhaps she wanted to alleviate some of He Song’s psychological pressure with this,

Letting He Song know that,

They were close enough to support each other,

And that Master Qingyue could also come to their rescue in Jade Immortal City,

Thus, even if war broke out, the safety of this place could still be guaranteed, So that He Song could feel at ease and continue to guard here.

In this way, the Wolf Immortal Pavilion she guarded would also be safer.


Ping’er didn’t know,

What He Song had done in Drevious crises like this.

If she did know, she wouldn’t be talking to He Song about this now. novelbuddy.(c)om

Listening to Ping’er’s arrangements for the future in case of war, He Song remained noncommittal.

At the moment, it was just the Four Sects grouping together, and the real war might be just an illusion.

He was currently at the critical point of breaking through to the Mid-stage Foundation Establishment, so naturally, he couldn’t just run away at the first hint of trouble without even seeing the shadow of the event.


Even if Ping’er didn’t say these things to him today, as long as he didn’t hear any big moves in the next few years, he wouldn’t leave.

But if something big happened within a few years or after that, and war seemed imminent, He Song would naturally make the most advantageous decision for himself.

By then,

All the arrangements Ping’er talked about now would have no effect on He Song.

His own safety, Was the top priority,

As for other matters,

They were far less important than his own safety.

“Junior sister, don’t worry. The Four Great Sects alliance doesn’t necessarily mean war will break out.”

“The two Immortal Pavilions you and I guard, with the protection of Jade Immortal City, are naturally safe.”

“Instead of thinking about these issues, we should focus on improving our own strength and becoming stronger.” “That way, we can better protect ourselves.”

He didn’t make any promises,

Nor did he make any commitments,

He didn’t even say that he would shelter her from the wind and rain.

He Song’s words were watertight,

Seemingly reasonable and quite effective.

But if thought carefully, he realized that all He Song said were just empty words.

Striving hard in cultivation, improving one’s strength, and better protecting oneself,

Is something probably every cultivator understood.

Other than that, the Four Great Sects alliance doesn’t necessarily mean that war will break out in the short term.

Moreover, once war breaks out, with the protection of Jade Immortal City, the safety of the Wolf Immortal Pavilion and Herbs Immortal Workshop would not be too low,

If the situation becomes dire, Jade Immortal City would definitely recall all the Foundation Establishment Masters from the surrounding Immortal Pavilions to concentrate their strength to avoid being defeated one by one.

In this way, even if war does break out, He Song and Ping’er’s safety would still be somewhat guaranteed.

Unless a Golden Elixir Master takes the field,

Otherwise, Foundation Establishment Masters would be the main force on the battlefield.

With their current strength, as long as they weren’t terribly unlucky, they wouldn’t face too much danger, Even if they couldn’t win,

They should be able to run.

After chatting with Ping’er for a while, they talked about the alliance of the

Four Sects. Time slowly passed,

A few hours later,

Ping’er finally asked to take her leave.

He Song did not try to keep them.

After sending the two of them out of the mansion, he watched as they boarded the spirit boat and flew into the sky.

It wasn’t until the two of them had disappeared into the horizon on the spirit boat that He Song returned to his mansion and sat down.

He waved his hand casually.

The Smoke Array once again enveloped the entire mansion.

When the Smoke Array enveloped the mansion, separating its interior and exterior into two separate worlds, He Song couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

“It’s been a troublesome time recently. Just when things seemed to have calmed down for a while, more incidents have occurred.”

“According to the records of major events in the Cultivation World, it has been quite peaceful. So why are things happening one after another in recent times?”

He Song felt puzzled as he recalled the records he had seen concerning major events in the Cultivation World.

In the past, the Cultivation World had not experienced any significant turmoil for a very long time.

Even wars between Golden Core Sects were relatively rare.

Mostly, conflicts occurred among Foundation Establishment Clans under the governance of the Golden Core Sects.

However, the books in the Thick Earth Sect’s Book Collection Pavilion did not record such minor events in great detail. (f)reeweb(n)

Various incidents occurred among Foundation Establishment Clans.

These had little to do with the Golden Core Sects.

The conflicts these Foundation Establishment Clans experienced were mostly for self-interest and gains.

Because the Thick Earth Sect claimed too many resources, leaving too few for the Foundation Establishment Clans.

Over time, these Foundation Establishment Clans developed a habit of fighting each other for the sake of their interests.

Conflicts among Foundation Establishment Clans have always been fierce, but they were generally not documented well.

Yet now,

When the Thick Earth Sect began to wage war against the Seven Star Sect,

When several Golden Core Sects nearby started to unite,

And when other sects turned a blind eye to the Thick Earth Sect taking over the

Seven Star Sect’s territories,

He Song couldn’t help but feel as if his Golden Elixir Great Sect had become one of those Foundation Establishment Clans that were accustomed to fighting amongst themselves for their own interests.

“Where did things go wrong?”

“Or is someone behind the scenes pushing for all this to happen?”

Compared to the previously peaceful Cultivation World, the now increasingly restless Cultivation World made He Song frown slightly.

However, his current cultivation was still too low.

He had no way of accessing information regarding that level.

As a result, he could only speculate in his heart whether someone was manipulating everything behind the scenes.

But without any news source, He Song had no idea about the specifics, and could only rely on guesswork.

And even guessing,

He couldn’t figure out much.

After contemplating the situation without making any progress, He Song simply let it go and set aside the matter.

“At least for several years, and before I break through to the mid-stage of

Foundation Establishment, there shouldn’t be any significant trouble.”

“Instead of thinking about all this, I might as well focus on improving my own strength first.”

“Once I reach the mid-stage of Foundation Establishment and have enough self-preservation power in the Foundation Establishment realm, it will be safer to run away if there is a conflict.”

“Moreover, now that I have no shortage of Foundation Establishment methods, even if I leave the Thick Earth Sect, I can still live in leisure.”

“It’s just a pity that I haven’t yet managed to get my hands on the Golden Elixir Method from the Thick Earth Sect.”

“I need to plan this matter carefully and see if there is any chance for a turnaround.”

Once he made up his mind, He Song’s life returned to its usual calm.

Apart from cultivation,

He spent his days studying Array Skills,

As well as body refining and practicing skills.

These activities occupied most of He Song’s time.

However, in his spare moments, other than enjoying tea alone, he would usually change his appearance into loose cultivator Chen Zhou and stroll around the Herbs Immortal Workshop to relax.

It’s worth mentioning that-

As he was walking around the Herbs Immortal Workshop as the loose cultivator Chen Zhou, observing the worldly affairs and listening to the clamor, He Song could quickly calm his mind.

Perhaps it was because of the difference in status that allowed him to treat Qi Refining cultivators with equanimity.

Or maybe it was because his identity as Chen Zhou was of Qi Refining stage, making other cultivators feel unthreatened.

As the loose cultivator Chen Zhou, what He Song saw and heard allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Such practice inadvertently tempered He Song’s state of mind, causing it to become more settled and pure over time.


Time slowly passed.

When He Song learned that the Four Great Sects had formed an alliance and started holding meetings with Golden Elixir Masters,

He continued absorbing the spiritual Qi in the heart of the Herbs Immortal Workshop, gradually increasing his mana.

His cultivation also progressed towards the mid -stage Foundation Establishment realm with the passage of time.

On the other hand,

After leaving He Song’s Herbs Immortal Workshop, Ping’er and Yue’er quickly returned to the Wolf Immortal Pavilion and paid their respects to Master Qing Yue, who was still helping to guard the Immortal Pavilion.

Master Qing Yue was Ping’er’s master and Yue’er’s Ancestor Master.

Having all met He Song, the only Foundation Establishment Master whom they were familiar with,

It was inevitable that they would mention him.

It was unknown what Ping’er and Yue’er had told Master Qing Yue,

But in the third month after bidding farewell to them, Master Qing Yue personally visited He Song..

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