Seeking Immortality In The World Of Cultivation-Chapter 228 - 220 The Secret of the Upper Sect

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Chapter 228: Chapter 220 The Secret of the Upper Sect

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That day.

He Song was originally in the middle of his cultivation.

Unexpectedly, while he was constantly absorbing the surrounding spirit Qi, an undisguised strong spiritual pressure quickly approached from a distance, heading straight towards the location of the Herbs Immortal Workshop.

Upon detecting this, He Song’s expression changed.

This spiritual pressure was at least from a cultivator in the mid-stage Foundation Establishment, or even a late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator.

And looking at the situation.

It seemed to be heading straight for the Herbs Immortal Workshop.

Although he didn’t know if the other party had any hostility, he must be on guard.

After realising this, without thinking, He Song took out his Black Tiger Seal and his Green Water Tortoise Shell Shield.

At the same time, a few Foundation Establishment Realm Defense Spirit Amulets instantly appeared in his hand.

After arming himself fully, a slightly calmer He Song also activated all the array skills covering his mansion, ready to face the enemy.

In the Herbs Immortal Workshop.

Exist the Seven Kills Heaven Fire Array and Smoke Array.

He Song was confident about his strength.

Even if the opponent was in the late stage of Foundation Establishment, even if he could not defeat them, he would be able to hold them off by relying on these two Array Skills, then cast the Blood Escape Skill to flee to the Jade Immortal City for rescue.

If the opponent was in the mid -term of Foundation Establishment, he might not even need to use the Blood Escape Skill. These two Array Skills would be enough to hold the opponent back and allow him to easily escape.

The way of array skills.

If the strength of the person who comes is not much stronger than the one who set up the array, it is actually quite hard to break through.

This was also the reason why He Song considered Array Tao as his trump card.


Just when He Song had fully prepared, and under the premise of ensuring his safety, he was observing who the person was.

The rapidly approaching spiritual pressure from a distance had already appeared outside the Herbs Immortal Workshop.

Outside the workshop,

As the tunneling light disappeared, a graceful figure emerged.

He Song, who had been waiting for the arrival of the person in his mansion, sighed in relief when he saw the figure revealed after the dispersed tunneling light in the distance.

The person was none other than Master Qingyue.

Upon seeing that the person was Master Qingyue, and confirming that she was the true Master Qingyue and not an impersonator through the Qi Observing


He Song packed up all the items he had taken out for protection.

However, even after packing them up, He Song still placed these items where he could retrieve them at any time.

With this,

Even if he had made a mistake, he would be able to react quickly and arm himself instantly.

“Master Cang Song, Master Qingyue has come to visit. Please show yourself.”

Outside the workshop, Master Qingyue condensed her breath, and transmitted her words into He Song’s mansion via divine sense. The “Master Cang Song” she spoke of in her mouth, Was naturally He Song.

He Song’s dharma title was Master Cang Song.

Though Master Qingyue was familiar with He Song, they did not share a deep friendship.

Addressing him as Master Cang Song was normal.

Inside the mansion,

He Song heard this.

After making sure there were no secrets in the mansion that could be discovered by Master Qingyue, he showed himself and invited Master Qingyue into his mansion.

The arrival of Master Qingyue caused a stir outside the Herbs Immortal Workshop again.

However, it seemed that because the Foundation Establishment Masters had been visiting frequently lately, the loose cultivators of the Herbs Immortal Workshop had already gotten used to it.

The commotion this time was somewhat smaller than the last. Once the two of them sat down in the guest hall,

The aroma of the spirit tea began to spread throughout the room.

After exchanging pleasantries, Master Qingyue and He Song quickly started talking about the main topic.

“I would like to thank you, Master Cang Song, for advising my eldest disciple in advance.”

Looking at He Song, Master Qingyue clasped her hands, a hint of gratitude flashing across her face.

Nine years ago.

When Chu Shuangshuang really returned to her side with Ping’er, she understood that what He Song had promised her was not empty words. Ping’er personally invited He Song to join her on a trip to Mountain Immortal City.

The two great Foundation Establishment Masters personally persuaded Chu Shuangshuang to return.

She was of course aware of this.

She also understood the effort He Song put into this matter.

She had not visited to express her gratitude before because she was entangled with worldly matters and could not get away from Jade Immortal City. freewe bnovel .com

It wasn’t until the Outer Disciple Competition of the Thick Earth Sect a few months ago that she finally managed to free herself.

But she had to go and help Ping’er look after the Wolf Immortal Pavilion.

As a result,

It wasn’t until Ping’er returned with Yue’er that she finally became free.


Whether it was Ping’er, Yue’er, or even Chu Shuangshuang, all of them spoke highly of He Song.

Under such circumstances, the idea of thanking He Song personally gradually intensified in Master Qingyue’s mind. Until today,

She personally came here to thank He Song.

“You are too polite, Master. I am acquainted with my fellow disciples,

Shuangshuang and Ping’er, and we have a deep friendship.”

“For such a small matter, even if you didn’t ask, I would have gone there personally.”

“There is no need for you to personally visit to express gratitude.”

Shaking his head, He Song didn’t want to take credit.

He went to persuade Chu Shuangshuang because when she left the Thick Earth Sect, she had mentioned that she wanted to see him again, and he had agreed.

However, because he was in the cave mansion he had created at the time and was unable to return, he changed his plan to personally visit later.

The second reason is because Ping’er personally came to visit, inviting him to join her in visiting Chu Shuangshuang.

The third reason is because he had promised Master Qingyue to persuade Chu Shuangshuang to come back.

These three main reasons combined were the motive for He Song to look for Chu Shuangshuang.

It was not simply because he had promised Master Qingyue that he made such a trip.


The main persuader was actually Ping’er.

He was just there to make up the numbers.

For this type of credit.

He Song didn’t really want it.

Faced with He Song’s refusal, Master Qingyue pondered for a while and ultimately did not say anything more.

She just silently recorded the favor He Song had extended to her.

She naturally approved of what He Song had done.

Now that He Song did not want to take credit for it, she could only record this act of friendship.

If there is a chance in the future, she will definitely return this favor.

Having cleared one concern.

After contemplating for a moment, Master Qingyue then spoke again.

“Do fellow cultivator know, why the Four Great Sects suddenly united, and the five Masters have gathered, what is their purpose?”

The first purpose of Master Qingyue’s visit naturally is to thank He Song in person.

The second purpose, after learning from Pinger that He Song had no other sources of information, presumably was to share the news she knows with He Song.

Why did the Four Great Sects suddenly unite?

Why did the five masters gather together?

What are they guarding against?

Or, what are they worried about?

These secrets should not have been told to He Song by her.

But after thinking, Master Qingyue eventually decided to share the secrets she knew with He Song.

In this way, at least He Song won’t have any doubts about these matters, and also won’t become suspicious because he doesn’t know the full picture.

Nor will he be unwittingly involved in these affairs. “This, I don’t know.”

Looking at Master Qingyue, He Song had a premonition.

Perhaps, he soon will learn some secrets that he had never known before from Master Qingyue. novelbuddy.c(o)m

Master Qingyue, now already at the mid-stage Foundation Establishment.

Adding up the days, maybe it’s almost time for her to reach the late Foundation Establishment Stage.

A Foundation Establishment master who has been in the Thick Earth Sect for a long time like her would know many more secrets than him.

Since Master Qingyue had already started speaking.

The secrets she will talk about next will naturally be heard by him.


He could use the information heard from Master Qingyue to judge how to handle himself in the future.

“Just listen to me carefully.”

With the fall of Master Qingyue’s voice, He Song soon heard from her some secrets he had never heard before.

As it turns out,

Above the Thick Earth Sect, Golden Sword Sect, Pure Yin Sect, and Jade Flower Sect, these Four Great Golden Elixir Sects,

There is an Upper Nascent Soul Sect.

The Nascent Soul Upper Sect of these four Golden Elixir Sects is called the Sun Faction.

The Sun Faction is a Nascent Soul Upper Sect, with Ancestor Yuanying in charge.

The Sun Faction siphons off a lot of resources from the numerous Golden Elixir Sects below it. These Golden Elixir Sects, in turn, draw upon the resources of Foundation Establishment Clan and Immortal Cities.

Foundation Establishment Clans, Immortal Workshops, Immortal Cities, further drain resources from various loose cultivators, city cultivators, etc.

Such layers of oppression have created the prosperous flourishment of the Nascent Soul Upper Sect.

The influence of the Four Great Golden Elixir Sects is essentially the sphere of influence of the Sun Faction.

However, the Four Great Sects is just on the outskirts, located to the north of Sun Faction.

In other directions on the Sun Faction’s territory, there are many other Golden Elixir Sects, similar to the Four Great Sects, controlled by the Sun Faction.

These Golden Elixir Sects are, of course, bled by the Sun Faction like the Four Great Sects.

Outside of the Sun Faction,

There are naturally other Nascent Soul Upper Sects, rooted on top of various Golden Elixir Sects.

At the same time, like the Sun Faction, they support the Golden Elixir Sects on the outermost ring to serve as a buffer zone against other Nascent Soul Upper Sects.

The Seven Star Sect, previously annexed by the Thick Earth Sect, was actually under the control of another Nascent Soul Upper Sect, the God Locking Sect.

The Seven Star Sect is a demonic sect.

The God Locking Sect, as the Upper Sect of the Seven Star Sect, is naturally a demonic sect as well.

The reason why the Seven Star Sect agreed to retreat previously was because the Sun Faction and the God Locking Sect reached some sort of unknown cooperation, therefore the Seven Star Sect retreated so readily.

The God Locking Sect also didn’t take any actions after the Seven Star Sect was annexed.

If the two Nascent Soul Upper Sects hadn’t reached an agreement,

The event concerning the Thick Earth Sect annexing the Seven Star Sect that He Song saw, naturally would not have happened.

However, the situation has already been settled.

The sudden alliance of the Four Great Sects is not because the God Locking Sect wanted to renege and take back the original areas of influence of the Seven Star Sect.

Everything is because of the instruction of the Sun Faction, the Nascent Soul Upper Sect.

Only under the direction of the Nascent Soul Upper Sect Sun Faction, could the Four Great Sects quickly put aside their grudges.

The five Golden Elixir Masters within the Four Great Sects also began to move frequently.

Judging from their actions, the Four Great Sects now seem to be even closer than blood brothers..

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